Rorate Caeli

Institute of Christ the King pulls out of Agen

Today, Sunday, August 22, Canon Jayr, provincial of the ICRSP in France, visited the faithful of the extraordinary form in Agen to announce the Institute’s withdrawal from the diocese following the deplorable welcome and climate of suspicion which followed the implementation of the Motu Proprio.

Indeed the Bishop of Agen, Msgr. Herbreteau, has strictly forbidden Canon Téqui, who serves the parish of Agen to celebrate the extraordinary form of the one Roman Rite, from continuing to teach catechism classes which he had been doing successfully with some thirty children. He also places an outrageous restriction on the ministry of the sacraments. On the website of the diocese the ICRSP doesn’t even exist.

The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest has therefore made the decision to withdraw in order to do some good where it is more welcome.

This news will sully the report that the bishops are required to make for the 3rd anniversary of the implementation (or non-implementation) of the motu proprio. It shows that France needs bishops prepared to apply Summorum Pontificum without restrictive measures (such as one monthly Sunday Mass in Le Brionnais – Diocese of Autun!)