Rorate Caeli


Congratulations to XA and his staff - and to all Francophone friends of Tradition - for the 10th anniversary of Le Forum Catholique.

The FC is an invaluable "Traditional Ecumenical" space, a virtual space filled with Christian charity, mutual respect, and love for God, His Church, and our Blessed Mother - a forum of which all Traditional Catholics should be proud.

Félicitations! Et que Dieu vous bénisse!

Recess continues for some days...

...relevant news may be posted at any moment.


Anonymous said...

Seen from below, this is a splendid church. But seen from the opening angle here, it looks like something from Battlestar Galactica. This makes for a good symbol of the liturgical change. Invert truth and you get Modernism.


Mornac said...

Félicitations à mes amis au Forum Catholique. C'est en France, où le jour commence pour le Catholicisme traditionnel et c’est au FC où je trouve toujours les nouvelles « nouvelles » de la journée. Bon continuation.