Rorate Caeli

TLM in the Amazon
and Pilgrimage in Québec

(1) While the Traditional Latin Mass is ostracized by Bishops in neighboring Argentina and in Portugal, the nation which evangelized it, in Brazil a new reality is being built, step by step, following Summorum Pontificum.

The large and still sparsely populated Northern region of Brazil, the Brazilian Amazonia, will host in its largest diocese, Belém do Pará, a conference on the TLM. On August 18, a lecture will be given by Father Almir de Andrade, FSSP, of the Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei"; on August 21, a Pontifical Mass will be celebrated by Archbishop Alberto Taveira.

Congratulations to the Latin Mass community of Belém for this great achievement.
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(2)Under the direction of the Fraternal Society of St Peter, the 7th annual pilgrimage to Notre-Dame-du-Cap in historic Québec will be held on Labor Day Weekend with daily Mass in the Extraordinary Form. A promotional video is available here.


Alex said...

Great News. Thanks to Pp. Benedict XVI and the brave groups of faithful and priests who fight for the restoration of the True Faith and Church. There will also be 2 TLM in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - celebrating 3 years of Summorum Pontificum: Tuesday September 14th @ 10.00 a.m. and Sunday September 19th @ 09.00 a.m. (Solemn Mass) at the Old See - Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Antiga Sé - N. Sra. do Monte do Carmo) - Rua Primeiro de Março, Downtown. The 2 TLM will be celebrated by priests of the Ap. Adm S. John Mary Vianney. Please post/spread the invitation. Check this:

Knight of Malta said...

Indeed, it's truly amazing how many indigenous people were evangelized and formed in the faith using the Traditional Latin Mass.