Rorate Caeli

An appeal from North Carolina

A faithful reader of this web log sends us the following:
We are looking for a retired, validly ordained priest that can offer the Traditional Latin Mass [Missal of 1962 or any earlier permitted Missal] who is willing to relocate to the North Carolina area of the United States.
We ask that he not be a sedevacantist, and must be in good standing and fully regularised by the Church and be able to validly and licitly hear confessions as well.
We have a private home chapel that is furnished for the Traditional Latin Mass and a full set of vestments for Holy Mass. To reiterate,this is a private home chapel and not a parish in any way.
Please contact moderator of Rorate Caeli at newcatholic AT gmail DOT com to contact me, that we may discuss details.
Thank you.