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Cardinal Schonborn and Medjugorje. Again.

The blog Te Deum has a detailed post about the events of September 23 in the Stephansdom in Vienna:

Another "slap from Vienna" as Cardinal Schonborn hosts Medjugorje "seers" at his cathedral
The cardinal was present for part of the event , and publicly praised the seers for their 'service'. There is nothing more to say.


  1. Anonymous10:56 AM

    More hot air from Schonborn the lunatic.

  2. Avis Parva1:06 PM

    Pope John Paul must have been a nutter too, then?

  3. Schönborn is a Cardinal and Bishop Fellay is considered not in full communion and without canonical faculties??? Give me a break! It's but another example of the Upside-Down Church in the era of post Vatican II foolishness. How many times will we have to ask, indeed beg, our Holy Father to put and end to this injustice?

  4. Anonymous1:56 PM

    The less said about Pope John Paul and his eccentricities the better. Koran kissing anyone?

  5. Anonymous1:58 PM

    I seer that he just doesn't get it.


  6. How many times will you have to ask, nay, beg the pope to put an end to these injustices? Until you lose your voice and then some more...

    People can fool themselves into believing this pope is traditional all they want, but a leopard never changes his spots...

  7. The Bishop of Mostar settled this many years ago: he said no. So this is outrageous of Cardinal Schönborn and I hope Rome reminds him of the Bishop of Mostar's decision.

  8. Anonymous2:41 PM

    How can anyone believe Our Lady would appear to "seers" live on TV, thus defying the authority of the Church her Son created and reigns over? Who would think Our Lady would appear and there would be mass apostacy, a declaration that all religions are equal, etc? Let's all wake up and smell the sulfur.

  9. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Remember the First Saturdays to do reparation to the sorrowful and immaculate heart of Mary.

    Lord have mercy.

    Distressed Catholic

  10. Avis:

    Whatever might have been Pope JP II's faults and virtues, he NEVER publicly supported Medjugorje.

  11. John Paul II and Medjugorje:

  12. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Paul Haley

    Did it ever occur to you that Benedict XVI doesn't think it is an injustice?


  13. Everyone: This afternoon I accidentally deleted four comments that I intended to approve. I don't remember whose comments they were, or under which blog post they were submitted -- but if you are wondering why your comment hasn't appeared yet, you might want to try resubmitting it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  14. "[Evil spirits] have at times recommended that which is good in order to hinder a greater good, and have encouraged persons to do a particular act of virtue that they may the more easily deceive the unwary..." Pope Benedict XIV, Servorum Dei beatifactione et Beatorum canonizatione.

    Medjugorje, Divine Inspiration or Diabolical Deception?

    The problem with Medjugorje is not the apparent "good" coming out of it (e.g. confessions, vocations etc.) it is the Luciferian indifferentism, relativism and syncretism engineered by the "Gospa" which is the problem.

  15. Bernadette said...

    How many times will you have to ask, nay, beg the pope to put an end to these injustices? Until you lose your voice and then some more...

    People can fool themselves into believing this pope is traditional all they want, but a leopard never changes his spots...

    But this "leopard" just happens to be the only person on earth who can with one stroke of his pen put an end to this injustice. Does that mean we give up on convincing him to act? Methinks not, however long it may take.

  16. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Jordanes, you can't fool Delphina! Just admit you had no intention of posting the comments you accidentally deleted!! (Just joking, Jordanes.)

  17. No, Paul Haley, one does not have to give up, but mind, one does it for ones own soul and nothing more...

  18. Prof. Basto1:59 AM

    I once tought Schönborn was a serious person; years ago I believed Schönborn was one of the Cardinals of the "Ratzinger line".

    How wrong I was!

    Cardinal Schönborn is a huge disappointment, an embarrassment, and someone who creates shame and scandal.

    I don't know who is worst: Martini or Schönborn.

  19. You must remember that the information given to most of these pilgrims is very selective - they have been assured that the Church approves, and ++Sconborn's recent actions will only appear to fortify that position. The subterfuge that is being played out in Medjugorje is clearly diabolical; please pray that Rome acts soon, and does so both decisively and sensitively. Remember to pray also for Cardinal Schonborn who has lost his way, and done so in such a public manner.


  20. Bernadette said...

    No, Paul Haley, one does not have to give up, but mind, one does it for ones own soul and nothing more...

    With all due respect I am at a loss to understand what you mean, Bernadette. Are we not obliged to pray for our brethren and for the souls of those attached to us? Are we not obliged to ask those in the hierarchy in a position to help us to do so? If we see an injustice being perpetrated, are we not obliged to bring it to light and ask that it be ended?

    I've heard that the Holy Father frequents Catholic sites on the internet. Is it possible that he might visit this site and be influenced by what he reads thereon? I hope so.

  21. I think my comment must have been one of the ones Jordanes accidentally deleted.

    My question:
    What is the status of Cardinal Ruini's commission? Has it begun work yet or is it still being formed?

  22. Gideon Ertner6:00 PM

    Another reason to not trust Cardinal Schönborn.

    He plays his cards well, I'll give him that: he is (or at least was) close to Ratzinger and a supporter of John Paul II on sexual ethics. This has endeared him to many conservatives. Yet he has also issued highly ambiguous statements on clerical celibacy and homosexual unions which has gained him a reputation among the liberals as someone they could potentially do business with. I know for a fact that the President of the Danish branch of 'We Are Church" is not averse to him being elected Pope.

    His support of Medj should be seen as harvesting support among another increasingly important Church group, the Charismatics, who think the world of the 'apparitions'.

    Conservatives, liberals, charismatics are all in the bag. He even has credentials among the Eastern Catholics. Only Traditionalists stand against him. I won't denounce him as evil, but he certainly is devious and untrustworthy and these are not good or comforting traits in a high-ranking Prince of the Church.

  23. Anonymous6:17 AM

    In 1993,permission was given to a representative from the Medjugorje Group to address the faithful during Holy Mass at my local parish church. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to question the guest speaker.

    QUESTION: "The events are not yet approved by the Church...What is your position if the Church rules against them?"

    ANSWER: "The Church is wrong".

    Therein dear reader lies the problem.

    Pray for Cardinal Schonborn and others like him, that their eyes be opened before it is too late.


  24. Ah Medjugorjie! The Church is still officially "non constat de supernaturalitater" pending the current inquiry. Most of its ardent supporters do not know this but imagine that the last two popes are in support such is the propaganda coup. Those of us who are justifiably sceptical are accused of being uncharitable, hateful and, indeed, rightly sceptical. Michael Davies is correct to call it possibly the greatest hoax in the history of The Church.

  25. Anonymous2:28 PM

    On the feast day of the Archangels I pray my comment won't get accidentally deleted again.

    With the way things are in the Vatican now in days, I would not be surprise if this diabolical apparitions at Medjugorje are approved by Rome.

  26. Sorry, Paul Haley, of course we are obliged to do all of the things you have listed...even though it may seem that all of our prayers go unanswered...our souls are correct and satisfied by doing the right thing...



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