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Cardinal Bartolucci to offer Pontifical Mass

Messa in Latino is reporting that for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception this year, the main Mass in the FSSP-run Parish of Santa Trinita dei Pellegrini in Rome will be a Pontifical Mass by no other than His Eminence, Domenico Cardinal Bartolucci (born 1917). (Note: Cardinal Bartolucci has not been consecrated a bishop. However, as Cardinal, he can pontificate. Perhaps some of our readers can elaborate on the liturgical privileges of Cardinals who are not bishops according to the legislation in force prior to Vatican II.)


Anonymous said...

Cardinals who are not bishops can pontificate. This in both the pre-conciliar and post-conciliar liturgical legislation. In the TLM and in the Novus Ordo.

By the way, mitred abbots fall in the same category, of those who are not bishops but have by law the right to pontificate.

Lautensack said...

It is quite clear that Cardinals who are not bishops receive the honours due to greater Prelates, e.g. a throne or deacons of honour (but they apply to my knowledge only outside Rome).

However, does a Cardinal who is not a bishop wear a pontifical Dalmatic or give an episcopal blessing? I really do not know.

Robin Ward said...

Under the 1917 Code of Canon Law, Cardinal deacons were not allowed to pontificate at the throne in their titular deaconries,only assist in Cappa Magna (Canon 240 para 3). No cardinal could pontificate at the throne outside his titular church without the permission of the Pope. But this may be a celebration at the faldstool.

dcs said...

How beautiful for His Eminence to undertake offering this Pontifical Mass at his advanced age.

Anonymous said...


I would be very interested to have some references relating to what you said. Many thanks.

Fr. A.M.

Luiz said...

Once he told that he has never celebrated the NOM.