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Cardinal Cañizares getting some help...

The Holy Father named today, as consultants of the Congregation for Divine Worship, among others, Father Nicola BUX and Dom Michael John ZIELINSKI, O.S.B. Oliv.

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  1. Jack B.3:05 PM

    Dom Michael John ZIELINSKI was just in Chicago to support the restoration of the Shrine of Christ the King.

  2. Anonymous3:43 PM

    The vicar general from the Archdiocese of Vaduz, Leichenstein should also be pretty orthodox , his bishop is one of the most solid in Europe.

  3. Anonymous4:18 PM

    And don't forget Benedictine Father Cassian Folsom of Norcia, Italy. That priory has a daily extraordinary form liturgy - need I say more?

  4. David N.5:23 PM

    Fr. Carola, SJ is wonderfully solid also.

  5. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Taken from the Vatican website, listing the new consultors of the Sacred Congregation for the Sacraments and Divine Worship, including:

    "P. Cassian FOLSOM, O.S.B., Priore di Norcia (Italia), Professore Consociato del Pontificio Istituto Liturgico"

    How could you have overlooked this great priest hero, Fr. Cassian OSB, re-founder of the Benedictine Abbey of Norcia, the man who stood up to the liturgical lunatics and nutjobs at San the present Abbot primate of the Benedictine Order, Notker Wolfe, 70, (who is a dissenter and liturgical experimenter and fabricator extraordinaire, member of a "rock band" until well into his late 60's, and dissenter on just about every point in the Church....Primate of the Benedictines since 2000, re-elected in 2008....very much in the mold of Rembert Weakland....remember him!!) LOL!!

    Fr. Cassian single-handedly re-established the Benedictine Order at Norcia, gave new birth to the monastery there, and guided a now flourisihing community of about 22 monks (which use both the Novus Ordo, and increasingly the Tridentine Latin Mass). Many vocations (mostly American), coming to this house. Hopefully to soon get some native Italians.

    But when I saw his name in the new list, I couldn't let a great hero of Catholic tradition be forgotton!!!

  6. Anonymous6:18 PM

    None of the new appointments as consultors are liberals. All are promoters of Catholic tradition and the Tridentine Latin Mass.

    All the liturgical lunatics from John Paul II and Piero Marini are gone.

  7. More lace, more grace.

  8. Anonymous6:46 PM

    I thought that Dom Zielinski's presentation was superb and the highlight of the evening. Cardinal George's remarks, on the other hand, left much to be desired.
    Jack B.--were you at the event? What was your take?

  9. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Congratulations to Fr. Joseph Carola! He is a wonderful priest. May God bless him in this new undertaking.

  10. Anonymous1:38 PM

    "I thought that Dom Zielinski's presentation was superb and the highlight of the evening. Cardinal George's remarks, on the other hand, left much to be desired."

    The Cardinal is one reason that all desires to attend the event completely vanished.

    I am pleased with the news of these new appointments. Believe it or not, we are starting to feel the ripple effect at the parish level. Things are happening that I still find incredible, and it's all good.

  11. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Truly wonderful and good news for a change! I hardly know what to do. (Laugh, or at least smile, please!)


  12. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Its a slow day at work. Could someone start arguing about something? MacFarland? PKTP? Fr. Cekada. Anonymous? Anyone? Please? :)


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