Rorate Caeli

Proving the Pope right

In an act that has been almost completely ignored by the press and even the blogosphere (whether secular or religious) outside of Spain, the Spanish government decided on November 3 to ban the entry into the Benedictine-run Basilica inside the Valle de los Caidos, not just of tourists but even of the faithful who want to attend Mass. The Guardia Civil has been charged with enforcing the order, thus proving the essential correctness of the Pope's comparison of today's levels of anticlericalism in Spain with that of the 1930's.

Therefore, last Sunday (November 7, 2010), even as the Pope was in Barcelona, Mass was celebrated by the Benedictines at the entrance of the Valle de los Caidos, highlighting this dramatic violation by the Spanish government of the rights of the Church and of her faithful. This is set to be repeated next Sunday. (The Benedictines of the Valle belong to the Solesmes Congregation, known for its devotion to Latin in the liturgy and Gregorian chant.)


The Valle de los Caidos, the Valley of the Fallen, was constructed on the orders of Francisco Franco as a monument to all who died during the Spanish Civil War, especially those who fell "for God and Spain". It has long been a target of the current Spanish government, which is bent on securing "justice" for the socialist / communist / anarchist "martyrs" who fought to destroy Catholic Spain in the 1930's.

Source: ACIPrensa and La Ciguena de la Torre.


Anonymous said...

Despicable swine.

May their unjust and Godless reign end soon.

And shame, triple shame, upon King Juan Carlos for refusing to defend the man to whom he owes his throne.

Ma Tucker said...

Let God arise let His enemies be scattered the those that hate Him flee from the front of His face.

Tom Piatak said...

God bless the Benedictines of the Valley of the Fallen. May the example of the holy martyrs of Spain give them the courage to continue resisting this injustice.

Prof. Basto said...

I'm trying to understand this situation. Can any of you please enlighten me on the following topics:

a) to close the basilica, some kind of reason (however lame) must have been invoked. What was it?

b) Is this some kind of government intervention in private property, or is the basilica owned by the Spanish State? Who is the legal owner of the Basilica?

c) What about the benedictine abbey. I know it ranks as a Royal monastery. But is it owned by the State or by the Benedictines?

d) Is the closure permanent? Will people be allowed to pray for the repose of Franco's soul on the anniversary of his passing?

Anonymous said...

I was there in the early '70's before Franco died- what an impressive monument.

If you watch any of the travel shows on PBS that involve Spain you get the impression that Franco was the spawn of Satan. With that in mind, (and while I realize that he wasn't perfect) I know my take on that defender of the Faith is correct. Viva Franco! Viva la Iglesia!

Anonymous said...

There are many such instances occurring where the appropriate Catholic response is FATHER RAYMOND J. DE SOUZA's prayer of "His wrath upon their heads". The time for praying for their conversion, and for mercy on God's enemies, is closing. Earnest prayer for God's vengenance is needed.

Anonymous said...

"(...) an act that has been almost completely ignored by the press and even the blogosphere (whether secular or religious) outside of Spain". It was reported and commented on the French blog Osservatore Vaticano:

Acreator said...

The reasons to close the Basilica:
1. Some statues inside too fragile, someone can get hurt
2. The Basilica itself in too bad condition. Dangerous. (But not for the benedictines, because they were aloud to be there...)
3. ETA terrorists could come and throw bombs
4. There are thousands of corpses in the walls from prisoners of war (never found any bones though)
5. There is a mass for general Franco every 20 of November

However, the latest closing is a mystery. There has not been any explanation, and no plans for fixing the construction problems have been presented.

It is of course a political action - against the so called "chirstofascismo".

Anonymous said...

we can read on the wikipedia article about the "valle de los Caidos" this:

The Spanish socialist government closed the complex to visitors at the end of 2009, after years of uneasy relation with the monument. [1], and began to dismantle the Pietà sculpture prominently featured at the entrance of the crypt, using hammers and heavy machinery.

Cato Mauritianus said...

We can only pray for the timely restoration of Sixtus Henry to the Spanish Throne.