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You Report: Monthly TLM in South Korea

From regular Rorate Caeli reader Mr. Peter Kim:

Dear friends,

Confraternity of Traditional Latin Liturgy announced that the confraternity will offer monthly Traditional Latin Mass. After the first TLM celebrated with members of the confraternity last month (October 31, 2010, see this -- CAP), two priests graciously suggested more frequent offering of the old rite in Korea. They are Korean fathers who had opportunity to learn how to say Extraordinary Form of Mass during their ministry abroad.

The next EF Mass according to Missale Romanum 1962 and the article 5 of Summorum Pontificum will be offered at Wonhyoro Catholic Church (previous Yongsan seminary) at 4:30 pm on Sunday, Dec. 5th (2nd week of Advent), 2010. The Wonhyoro Catholic Church, built in early 20th century by French missionary (MEP), retain its beautiful traditional altar and architecture. Robert Koehler, a professional photographer in Korea, reported about the history of the church with pictures: Wonhyoro Catholic Church and Yongsan Seminary. (See below.) The church has been managed by sisters of Society of Sacred Heart since 1956; the church is located in the campus of Songsim (Sacred Heart) Girl's High School. Here is a direction to the school.

Mass attendants are suggested to donate 5,000 won (about 4 dollars) to the confraternity for the cost of heating and renting the church. The confraternity is also seeking for cantors/chanters and organists for the old rite. The confraternity provides Gregorian chant workshops for free.