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Bishop of Marquette to offer a monthly TLM

Fr. John Boyle notes on his blog that last Sunday, Bishop Alexander Sample of Marquette, MI offered a Pontifical Low Mass in his cathedral -- its first public pre-Conciliar Latin Mass in about 40 years -- and now intends to offer this Mass in his cathedral "approximately" one Sunday a month. 

To my knowledge this will make Bishop Sample the only reigning Roman Catholic bishop (aside from Msgr. Rifan of the P.A.A based in Campos) to regularly offer Mass publicly according to the 1962 Missal. (Some non-retired bishops  offer it more than a few times per year, but neither monthly nor on a regular schedule.).



Thom said...

This is great news! Just a small correction: Marquette is in Michigan, not Wisconsin.

Carlos Antonio Palad said...

Thanks for the correction. I mistook MI for WI!

Anonymous said...

Bishop Sample is a good man. He is one of our rising stars!

M. A. said...

When he was newly appointed, the Michigan Tech magazine had a small article with picture of him, and I couldn't help but be impressed. He appeared so young, and his vestments and the chalice were so traditional-looking.

I mentioned this then, to the Traverse City, MI, Carmel and requested prayers for him. You can bet the good Sisters have something to do with this happy development!

Anonymous said...

a very refreshing news for once.