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Confirmations and Pontifical Low Mass in Tucson, Arizona

The U.S. website of the Institute of Christ the King has posted an article and a photo gallery of the Confirmations conferred, and the Pontifical Mass offered, by H. E. Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Tucson, Arizona on November 6, 2010 in St. Gianna Oratory.


  1. Who would have EVER thought that Bishop Kicanas - who is one of the most progressive bishops in the world - would have deigned to celebrate the old rite. I wonder what compelled him.

  2. When +Kicanis was running against +Dolan, why was he being labeled as a liberal? While he may not be a traditionalist, or a trad-leaning conservative, no truly liberal bishop would ever say a traditional Mass, let alone confirm in the Old Rite.

    Phillip Carrion

  3. +Dolan has never celebrated or attended the Old Rite as a bishop. Does that say something?

  4. I think Kicanas has been generally supportive of the Institute's work in Tucson. Supposedly, Kicanas invited the Institute into the diocese.

  5. A nice story from the pre-Motu Proprio era in Tucson:

    I don't remember the date, but I know that Bishop Kicanas also attended Mass in choro in 2008 or 2009 in St. Gianna.

  6. Mr. Palad

    That old Freep story was absolutely beautiful. God bless +Kicanis for allowing prisoners access to the Traditional Mass. This just reaffirms my convictions about Abp. Kicanis.

    Phillip Carrion

  7. +Kicanas is a fan of the Traditional Latin Mass and has said it before at the Oratory in Tucson.
    It's an aesthetic thing for him.
    Most of the parishes in the Diocese are a disaster as far as Catholic doctrine goes...

  8. no truly liberal bishop would ever say a traditional Mass

    Bp. Walter Sullivan of Richmond, VA celebrated a Pontifical Mass for St. Benedict Chapel when the latter was regularized.

  9. Funny, he does say Mass there at least occasionally, and I know many people who say only the best about his support for the oratory. At the same time, his diocese, his diocesan newspaper, and my parish are absolutely silent on even the existence of Summorum Pontificum -- I'm tempted to ask them for a copy of any three-year report they sent to the Vatican/PCED about how it went as they "implemented" SP ...


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