Rorate Caeli

Letter of the PCED to Una Voce

From the official website of the FIUV: a letter from Monsignor Pozzo about its report for the third anniversary of Summorum Pontificum:


Cruise the Groove said...

Wonderful news!
What is it?

M. A. said...

"Wonderful news!
What is it?"
Hee, hee!

(Who says trads are sticks in the mud?)

Laurent said...

"This comprehensive review"?? I have read the report and was struck by the fact that it completely leaves out some countries. For example, Luxemburg, where Summorum Pontificum was preemptively wrecked by Archbishop Frank; or conversely the Czech Republic, which has seen a skyrocketing of the number of TLM places (viz. Wikimissa), in particular with the local Dominicans.

Gideon Ertner said...

Laurent, I don't think it could be any more comprehensive than it was as it depends entirely on cooperation with local correspondents.

The reason that Denmark isn't included, for instance, is that 1) there is no Una Voce chapter and 2) the TLM community here saw no need for contributing to the report, as we have a good rapport with our Bishop and prefer to handle matters personally with him.

Anonymous said...

There was reports that the Clarification letter on SP was ready and might well be issued before Christmas. Alas we wait. I pray its' constant delay is that it is being reworked yet again to provide more teeth. But really the faithful have been waiting for this and it will help us aid the Pope in implementing the MP. I hope it is coming soon.