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Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society (eleventh posting of souls)

Below, please find the eleventh posting of enrolled souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society. I've been made aware that this fledgling Society is being promoted at Traditional Latin Mass centers in America, Ireland and many other places. We're receiving names posted on lists from other blogs, sodality email lists, etc. Please spread the word!

Let us especially help spread the word and pray for these souls during Advent. While many people just think Advent is the time to put up Christmas lights and go see Santa, it's really a time of penance and preparing our souls for the coming of Our Lord. What better way than to pray for those who long to see Him face-to-face? In fact, please make it your goal to get them into Heaven by Christmas. Ask Our Lady for this special request.

Please pray for these souls with the prayer provided below as well as for the 11 holy priests who are praying the Mass of All Ages either weekly or monthly for the success of the Society and the repose of the enrolled souls. Most of them are also praying for those who are saying prayers for the enrolled souls. So keep up the prayers and the priests will keep praying for you!

A reminder on how to enroll souls: please email me at my address found in my profile on the right and submit as follows: "name, state, country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Pancetta family, Rome, Italy". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well.
Please pray for the enrolled souls and the holy priests of the Society:
"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...
Eternal God,
please bless our priests,
who are selflessly saying Masses for this Society.
Make them more greatly aware of the grace
that You pour out through them
when they minister the sacraments,
and help them to fall more deeply in love with You
after each and every Mass that they celebrate.
Please strengthen our priests,
who shepherd Your flock,
when they are in doubt of their faith,
that they may be examples of Your Truth
and guide us always on the path to You.
We ask these things of You, our Eternal Priest.
A reminder: The list below shows only the souls enrolled this past week -- not all of the souls enrolled since the beginning. If you enrolled a soul once, there is no need to enroll him again.
Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:
Mrs. Judit Foldvary, Budapest, Hungary
The Wilbert Family Michigan USA
The Szczerba Family Michigan USA
The Zenewich Family Michigan USA
Tom Savidge – Bristol, England
Marion Savidge– Bristol, England
Catherine Savidge– Bristol, England
Catherine Mulvihil– Bristol, England
Anne Haskin – Bristol, England
Tom loftus– Bristol, England
Irene Loftus– Bristol, England
Fasuta Adong– Bristol, England
DesmondBriggs– Bristol, England
Bill Fry – Bristol, England
Margeret Jones– Bristol, England
John Samuel – Bristol, England
Stuart Johnston – Bristol, England
Peter and Mary Breen – Bristol, England
Patricia Kerrigan – Bristol, England
Fr Michael Cleary – Bristol, England
Peter and Patricia Browning– Bristol, England
Marjorie Walkley – Bristol, England
Fr Tom Cass – Bristol, England
Tom Birmingham – Bristol, England
Patricia Flanagan – Bristol, England
Kay Williams – Bristol, England
Anna Chandla– Bristol, England
Teresa McMahon – Bristol, England
Dec’d O’ Riordan family – Bristol, England
Edith Lambourne– Bristol, England
Sister Chrsistina – Bristol, England
Mr Hutchinson – Bristol, England
Christine Ree – Bristol, England
Michael Collins– Bristol, England
Doug Daddy– Bristol, England
Lena Evans – Bristol, England
Bride Clare – Bristol, England
Julie Beadmore – Bristol, England
Veronica Whaits – Bristol, England
Foley family – Bristol, England
Jack Walton – Bristol, England
Gerald Kethro– Bristol, England
Lynda Phipps– Bristol, England
Kathleen Jefferies – Bristol, England
Mary Pressagh – Bristol, England
Jose Manual Fuentes – Bristol, England
Margaret Corbett– Bristol, England
John and James Gorman– Bristol, England
John Mcnerney – Bristol, England
Mary and John O leary – Bristol, England
Patrick and Ellen Gorman – Bristol, England
Jean Tranter – Bristol, England
William, Mary, Albert and Kathleen Ray – Bristol, England
lian Hogg, Hartlepool, England
Thomas Hogg, Hartlepool, England
Eugenia Erni, Metro Manila, Philippines
Bruno Bonugli, Illinois, USA
Karel Bacik, Cork, Ireland
Genevieve Elizabeth "Betty" Wilson, Florida, USA
Bonnie Kennedy, Virginia, USA
Rebecca Johns, Virginia, USA
The Velazquez Family
The Losada Family
The Saralegui Family
The Cobo Family
The Alzugaray Family
Okonski Family, Illinois, USA
Janco Family, Pennsylvania, USA
Cora Okonski, Illinois, USA
Mary Blake, N.J.,USA.
Joel Blake, N.J., USA
Marcellus Becker, Minnesota, United States
Vernon Vandeberg, Minnesota, United States
Mary O'Beirne New York, USA
Johanna Kenrick New York, USA
Martin Kenrick New York, USA
Rev. Edward Warnken New York, USA
Margaret Hartmann New York, USA
Joan Murray New York, USA
Christopher Griggs New York, USA
Anna DeVito New York, USA
Gustavo and Elena Daddi, Firenze, Italy
Nguyen family, Bien Hoa, Vietnam
Nguyen family, Phuc Tinh, Vietnam
Tran family, My Tho, Vietnam
Nguyen family, Thai Binh Vietnam
Tran family, Thai Binh Vietnam
Maria Mai Nguyen, Bien Hoa, Vietnam
Anna Nguyen, Bien Hoa, Vietnam
Phero Duong, Bien Hoa, VN
Phero Kinh Nguyen, Vietnam
Phero Tinh, Vietnam
Maria Hong, Vietnam
Maria Tuyet, Vietnam
Maria Kinh Tran, TX, USA
Phero Bai, TX, USA
Maria Tien, TX, USA
Phero Thong, TX, USA
Peter Khiem, LA, USA
Maria Khiem, LA, USA
Giuse Cong, LA, USA
Giuse Thuong, TX, Usa
Fr. John Baptiste Huynh TX, USA
Giuse Hung, TX, USA
Teresa Tam, TX, USA
Maria Marylyn TX, USA
Cuong, TX, USA
Dominic Dan, TX, USA
Vera, TX, USA
Thomas, TX, USA
Albert G. Villamor, Cavite, Philippines
Maria Isabel C. Villamor, Cavite, Philippines
Albert C. Villamor Jr., Cavite, Philippines
Elisa Karina C. Villamor, Cavite Philippines
Deanna Smith, MN, USA
Dennis B. Tabor, Norfolk, VA., USA
Matthew Coles, Texas, USA
John Norm Blair, Alberta, Canada
Barnard Jubinville, Alberta, Canada
Mary Louise Zimmer, Saskatchewan, Canada
Betty Stuth, Colorado, USA
Teresa Tardiff, New York, USA
Janice Benapfl, Idaho, USA
John Benapfl, Idaho, USA
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