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Mosebach tomorrow in New York

The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny alerts us to the following event:

Solemn Mass: Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
Lecture by Martin Mosebach: “The Old Roman Missal: Loss and Rediscovery”
Date: Sunday, January 30
Time: Mass at 5:00 PM; Lecture at 7:00 PM
Location: The Church of Our Saviour, New York, NY (59 Park Avenue)

A short essay by Mosebach on the Confiteor was also made available by the Society of St. Hugh of Cluny.


Knight of Malta said...

Great essay by Mosebach. He takes one slice of the TLM, the "most beautiful thing this side of heaven," and delves into its depths. Even the exteriors of what used to surround the altar have great meaning: e.g. the three steps leading to it, represending Faith Hope and Charity, the rood screen signifying what beyond it is the Holy of Holies, etc. Now our Worship Places have become Community Spaces (to borrow from Rose's book).

Mosebach rhetorically writes: "Did the 'reformers' believe at the end that they had to accommodate democratic conventions especially by emphasizing the equality of all 'saints' effected by the redemption? Or did they only want to eliminate an intricate gothic frill when they banished from the Confiteor the hierarchically structured procession of saints?"

Of course Cardinal Sticker writes that it was Paul VI's intention to make the Novus Ordo, in essence, to protestant liking. Making of it an austere Jansenist-like place of banal complacence. We are reaping what we have sown.

Tom the Milkman said...

Martin Mosebach is a real gift to the Church. For those who haven't yet read his book 'The Heresy of Formlessness', get a copy! It's one of the brilliant books of the last 20 years. It will strengthen your faith in the fight for Tradition.

Anonymous said...

A fantastic book with so much insight into what went wrong. Some times I wonder if Pope Paul VI realized how much the Mass was going to be stripped of beauty. It was not just the elimination of words to "Catholic" but the beauty that was associated with such words. I don't think he thought much about the aesthetic disaster that would unfold. That is truly a shame. There is so much to be sorry for that stems from this Pontificate. Pray for the recovery of it. If the Confiteor in any way forgave venial sins with its' recitation or even if it was a duplicate of a formula used elsewhere during Mass then it had benefit and should have remained (2nd Confiteor. It is in no way harmful, and should have been left alone. Maybe a few souls who don't catch one of them would catch the other. Or maybe hearing something twice might strike a cord of real importance within a person. Adding emphasis. Obviously eliminating it has caused certain scandal amongst quite a few people and clergy who continue to use it. That speaks volumes. Elimination was not good for the people as the Vat II Council demanded. It did not go away silently and is still one of the hot potatoes being tossed around. Something is wrong there.

Tom the Milkman said...

Anon 17:01

There are many beautiful truths in your comments. It is inescapably true that the stripping away of the Roman liturgy was not good for the people, it forged the destruction of the Roman liturgy and remains a harm to the Church. One can insist that it was misguided, yet we know that the Modernists had lain in wait since the time of St Pius X, regrouping, planning, infiltrating. At the very least we can say that Pope Paul VI's understanding did not share Pope Benedict XVI's theology of beauty. Whether it was more than a lack in understanding, one must ultimately leave to God. The novel propositions birthed in and through VC2 at the least affront the very idea of beauty, which is of God, and in that way are anti-truth. Truth is beauty, and the reduction of that idea to a question of aesthetics is a fact central to the destruction that has pursued the Church for over forty years. Thanks for your comments. They caused me to think again and anew, with renewed hope.

Tommy G said...

Will this lecture be recorded at all, or will the transcript be available?
I'd be very keen to be able to obtain a copy.

Ave Maria!