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A Question for our Readers: TLM's @ March for Life in Washington D.C.

Originally published on January 18, 2011.:

I would like to ask the readers of this blog to list down, in the combox, the various Traditional Latin Masses that will be said in Washington D.C. (especially in the Basilica, the Cathedral, or anywhere near the Mall) on the morning of January 24, Monday. Let us help those who are going to the March for Life and would like to attend a TLM.


  1. On the website that was created to promote the upcoming Pontifical mass in April, they have a handy page dedicated to other DC-area locations that offer the EF.

  2. Don't forget the West Coast Walk for Life! We'd love to know about the Latin Masses in the area as well.

  3. Anonymous5:49 PM

    And for those here on Sunday, join us at Old St. Mary's in Chinatown for the 9 am TLM.

    We alsways have lots of the marchers in the pews.

  4. From the Archdiocese of Washington, DC:

    St. Mary, Mother of God parish will have Mass in the EF at 9 am on Sunday January 23, 2011. They are located 725 5th Street, NW Washington DC 20001. They are a block from the Verizon Center/Metro

    In addition, the pastor says that St. Mary’s will have Mass at 7 am. Also, there may be a few priests saying Masses at the side altars at that approximate time that you most certainly could attend.

    The Basilica devotes the chapel of Lourdes to the EF Mass; these again are unannounced Masses but you may be able to hear Mass said there as well on the morning of January 24th. Much of the crowd though would be at the several Novus Ordo Masses that the Basilica is hosting.

    That is all the information I have at the moment.

  5. There are multiple priests who use one of the conference rooms to say Holy Mass on the morning of the March. If you ask around, you will find at least one TLM. I am from Kansas and I would look for the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart as they always know where the TLM is being said. Sorry I can't give better particulars but truly this has always worked for me on the day of the March for Life. Sorry, I can't tell you about a beautiful church, shrine or basilica where you could find the Tridentine Mass being said.

  6. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I know Masses that will be said during the March for Life West Coast Here in SF. I know that priests form other parts do say Masses, but its usually need to know. I don't know if any are publicized, or if they should be. One can contact me and I will let them know about the current daily Mass we do have.

    phillip DOT carrion AT gmail DOT com

    Phillip Carrion

  7. Just to let the West Coast folks know that the TLM Saturday schedule at St. Margaret Mary's Church (1219 Excelsior Ave., Oakland, CA) for Jan. 22 will be at 9AM (the normal Saturday schedule is at 10am; Sunday is at 12:30PM) to give time for those going to the Walk.

    Also, the Knights of Columbus has a bus charter departing to SF from St. Margaret Mary’s Church at 10AM immediately after the 9AM Mass. The bus will drop off at the Walk for Life starting point (Embarcadero), and pick up at the Marina (end of the Walk). Return to Oakland is estimated to depart at ~4:30 PM from the Marina. Requesting donations of $20.00 per rider. If this price is prohibitive, a free will donation is acceptable. No one will be turned away for inability to pay.

  8. "In addition, the pastor says that St. Mary’s will have Mass at 7 am."
    Is this 7am on Monday the 24th?

  9. 7AM Monday

    Also, no planned public praying of the EF Office. DHS will have a "well-done" NO Office.

  10. The blog, TLM-MD, which is listed in the menu on the right (thanks!) has a listing of Sunday Masses in the region found here:

    If I have any information sent to me about Masses on Monday, I will post them as individual posts.

  11. The Wednesday low masses in the Shrine Lourdes chapel have been discontinued, I'm afraid.

  12. Anonymous10:28 PM


    I prefer my NO medium rare.

    (Sorry, I couldn't pass that up. The Dominicans are great and its probably just a matter of time until you see a Dominican Rite mass there.)

  13. I prefer the NO to be "very rare."

  14. The 7 am Mass at St. Mary's on Monday is being offered by a priest of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. I wouldn't be surprised if he offers it the newly-restored (and its a true restoration) side altar dedicated to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

  15. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Old St. Mary's TLM was standing room only with many marchers packing it tight.

  16. CAP - thank you for posting this question.

    Matt - thank you for the heads up about the Low Mass with the Franciscans of the Immaculate on Monday morning at St. Mary. Evidently lots of Sunday's attendees weren't able to make it that early on Monday.

    As able, it would be good if such information could be shared even more broadly before March for Life 2012.


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