Rorate Caeli

And so it begins

From several news sources:
The body of Polish missionary priest Fr Marek Rybinski was found this morning shoved in a closet with his throat slit in the Salesian school of Manouba, Tunisia.

The 33-year-old from Warsaw was last seen at around 1000h on the morning of February 17. When he failed to turn up for evening prayer that day, or Mass this morning, the Maltese director of the Salesian presence in Manouba, Fr Lawrence Essery, alerted the police.

The grim discovery was made shortly after by investigators.

Police did not comment on the motive of the murder.

The Maltese community of Salesians of Don Bosco has been responsible for the mission school for 700 children in Tunisia for over 20 years. Fr Marek Rybinski is survived by the other 2 Maltese missionaries in the community at La Manouba - Fr Mario Mule Stagno sdb and Fr Lawrence Essery sdb.
From AlJazeera:
Judging by the way the attack was carried out, the interior ministry said a group "embracing extremist orientations is behind this crime," adding that the priest's family and the Polish embassy in Tunisia have been informed.