Rorate Caeli


The Latin Mass Society of England and Wales is organising a pilgrimage in homour of St Margaret Clitherow, one of its patron saints. It will be held in York on Saturday 26th March 2011.
The pilgrimage will begin at 1.30pm with a Missa Cantata at the High Altar of York Minster. This will be followed by a procession from the minster, via The Shambles and Ouse Bridge to the Church of the English Martyrs in Dalton Terrace, where Benediction and veneration of the relic of St Margaret Clitherow will take place at 4pm.
Use of York Minster is by kind permission of the Dean and Chapter.
It was originally intended that Benediction would be at the Bar Convent, but because of the numbers that are expected to attend, this has been transferred to the English Martyrs’ Church.
Because of the parking restrictions in force in York, visitors travelling by car are advised to use the Park and Ride facilities. The Askham Bar car park, on the Tadcaster Road near to the A64 to the south-west of York, will be the most convenient as the buses from there pass near to both the Minster and English Martyrs’ Church. It would be wise to allow half an hour to get from the car park to the Minster by bus.


James C. said...

Wonderful! Many thanks to the Dean of York Minster!

Tom the Milkman said...

Wish I could be there! One of my favorite saints, indeed one of the greatest English martyrs. I recall her canonisation in the early 70s. I'm told by old traditionalist friends in England there are many young people there devoted to her, This post gave me joy! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Many many thanks to the dean of York Minster. Prayers for him.

Long-Skirts said...


A girl, a lady,
Wife, a mother,
From church of England
She saw the other.

The other where
Her church came from.
The other where
The fruit was plumb.

The other where
Her church beat down
And looted jewels
For earthly crown.

And watching she
Was irritated
And slowly grew

Sitting silent
In her shell
Her home a place
Where priests could dwell

Confect the Mass
Many saved
For this their limbs
And lives were braved.

Because a woman
Kept her shell
A jealous fortress
Barring hell.

And then the weak
Pried open wide
Exposing truth
The shell’s inside

Where mother, wife,
Lady, girl,
Had turned into
York’s royalist pearl.

Gregory the Eremite said...

I'd like to repeat the thanks to the authorities at York Minster for their hospitality. This is apparently only the second celebration of the extraordinary form of the mass in York Minster since the reformation.

I will be, deo volente, amongst the schola on that day. We are all beginning to get a little nervous, so please pray for us that our praise will be fashioned to the glory of God.

Ben Vallejo said...

Recall that in Scotland two years back, the Presbyterian Church of Scotland allowed an EF Mass to be celebrated in an ancient Cathedral which is now under Presbyterian possession but the local Catholic diocesan refused permission.

It is good that the Church of England is hospitable to the EF. That may be a good portent of things to come. Perhaps they may share the Cathedral with the Walsingham Ordinariate one day.

BTW The Pearl of York died because she wanted to hear Mass in Latin.