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The future of the restoration in America?

We recently brought to our readers' attention the news that -- and subsequent pictures of -- the FSSP would be ordaining seminarians in the minor orders. (See the pictures here. -- CAP) On Candlemas, the SSPX Superior General, Bishop Fellay, visited his United States seminary in Winona, Minn.

You may click here to view some photos of numerous young men receiving their cassocks, tonsure and minor orders.
Please pray for these men.
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David L Alexander said...

I will pray that these fine young men (and that they are) will one day be reconciled to Rome, and to the Successor to Peter. From where I sit, it's a win-win.

Anonymous said...

What has any of this to do with the FSSP, which among other pesky details is in union with the Church?

Anonymous said...

Lord Jesus Christ give us holy priests.

Our Lady of Lourdes pray for all the faithful priests left in the world today. Not too many of them.
To your Maternal protection we entrust them.

Hope Springs Eternal said...

We pray to restore all things in Christ!

P.S. Does anyone know of a Tridentine Mass(es) in Lima, Peru?

Long-Skirts said...

"The future..."


Your hand, I'd kiss
But not for this,
The mundane games
Men play.

Your hand, I'd kiss
For doing this,
Absolve my sins

Your hand, I'd kiss
But not for this,
That any man
Can do.

Your hand, I'd kiss,
For doing this
God's strong,
His choice, the few.

Your hand, I'd kiss
But not for this,
Like any
Virile male.

Your hand, I'd kiss
For doing this,
Place Him between
Lips, pale.

Your hand, I'd kiss
But not for this,
Your strength
Exudes each pore.

Your hand, I'd kiss
For doing this,
Your prayers,
I do implore.

Oliver said...

Restoration of what? The conciliar church is merely widening her base by embracing what Bp. Williamson calls liberalised tradition.

Cruise the Groove. said...

What has any of this to do with the FSSP, which among other pesky details is in union with the Church?

As is the FSSPX

Christopher J. Paulitz said...

Anon 5:04, I mentioned the FSSP in this post because, frankly, I want people to starting seeing the SSPX, the FSSP, the Institute and others in the same light.

Yes, the SSPX is still in an irregular status. But, we're ALL part of one traditional movement. Or at least it should be one movement.

If we could all get past the in-fighting and bickering, and truly unite, the restoration would be right around the corner.

Gustavo Ráez-Patiño said...

Hi, Hope Springs Eternal.

Sure! San Marcelo Parish, located at the intersection of Jirón Rufino Torrico and Avenida Emancipación, in downtown Lima. We have the TLM there every Sunday at 10:30 am.

Cruise the Groove. said...

"If we could all get past the in-fighting and bickering, and truly unite, the restoration would be right around the corner."

Mr Paulitz:

Yes indeed!!!

M. A. said...

"Yes, the SSPX is still in an irregular status. But, we're ALL part of one traditional movement. Or at least it should be one movement."

Amen to that! We should form the intention of being united in their most Sacred Hearts! We can all do so much as instruments of God where He has assigned us our proper responsibilities.

As to the wicked, may he scatter them, let them turn on themselves unto their own destruction, for they are children of darkness.

Kathleen said...

God richly bless them all!

My heart nearly bursts with gratitude to Our Good God at the sight of all of them and tears of joy stream from my eyes.

God bless them all as He has certainly blessed us by giving them to us.

Anonymous said...

Pray for the soul of Dr. John Thornbrugh, academic dean at the FSSP's North American seminary who died recently -

Paul said...

I think Fr. Sandmark's interview (SSPX) on was a very good, regarding the Catholic faith and his view on the Holy Father. David, I don’t think Fr. Sandmark ever would put himself outside the Church, would you, if you listen to the interview?

Cruise the Groove. said...

Wonderful quote from Bl. Pius IX:

Pope Pius IX: “The very first elements of Catholic Doctrine teach that no one can be considered a legitimate bishop if he is not united by the communion of Faith and charity with the Rock on which the Church of Christ is built, if he does not adhere to the Supreme Pastor to whom are confided all the sheep so that he may feed them, and if he is not bound to him who has the office of confirming his brethren who are in the world. In fact, 'Our Lord spoke to Peter; he spoke to one alone to establish unity on one alone.' (St. Pacian).”.

Jamie said...

Cruise the Groove - that is a wonderful quote and indeed shows that all the Orthodox "Bishops" are not legitimate Bishops.

Also, I wonder how this quote applies when the majority of Bishops of the world (including our Supreme Pontiff) seem to speak contrary to the Papal office which is taken as a whole and not on an individual level...

Cruise the Groove. said...


Yes indeed that is an great quote.

I have never heard Pope Benedict XVI speak contrary to the Papal office.
Maybe you could cite an example when the Holy Father has not confirmed the brethren and spoken against the Magisterium.

I doubt it could be done.

Hope Springs Eternal said...

Gustavo Ráez-Patiño: Thank you so much for the information!

Anonymous said...

As one who watches the numbers like a hawk, my impression is that the F.S.S.P. is now spending far too much time in 'entrenchment mode'. It rightly alternates between periods of entrenchment and expansion but Fr. Berg seems to be following a permanent entrenchment policy now. It is time for the F.S.S.P. once again to start expanding its diocesan apostolates. After S.P., it was thought that it could concentrate on training diocesan priests to take the T.L.M. to the people. Sadly, this is just not working. Perhaps it might work better once we have the clarification of S.P.

At the moment, at least, the obstructing bishops have found ways to keep out our Mass. There are a solid thirty of the them in the U.S.A, about fifteen in France and the great majority in Canada and the Philippines and some other countries. The Canadian episcopate, my own, has been wildly successful in persecuting traditioanlists, kicking us in the face, stomping on our heads, and booting us in the unmentionables. THey seem to get their jollies telling us that we can't have our Mass. This Pope and this curia seems to be unable to deal with the Canadian bishops, particularly those in Quebec, the Maritime provinces, and Manitoba. In this Dominion, the Quebec bishops really run the Church. I was hoping that Cardinal Ouellet would be able to deal with them. Apparently, he can not.

The Philippines seems to be having a similar problem. In Ireland, there has been progress but not nearly enough. The same can be said for the Netherlands. Belgium had a better situation to begin with but the Dioceses of Bruges and Ghent continue to hold out. I should add that the great majority of Italian bishops have simply ignored the m.p., as have those in India, Indonesia, and most of Africa, while the Argentines, led by that papal contender, Carinal Bergoglio, are simply telling our Pope to get lost. Something needs to be done but the F.S.S.P. is busy adding priests to current apostolates. We need more men in the field.


Hope Springs Eternal said...

Although some folks would like to believe it, the SSPX are not the real "enemies" of the Church.

The SSPX are bold enough to say that the Emperor has no clothes!

Saint Michael Come To Our Defense said...

"...If we could all get past the in-fighting and bickering, and truly unite, the restoration would be right around the corner..."

Dear Mr. Paulitz,

I am helping a Priest acquire something that is very important towards the salvation of souls.

I applied to a part of Holy Mother Church that should have helped him.

"...who enjoy full ecclesiastical communion with the Bishop of Rome, currently His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. Unfortunately the Society of Saint Pius X does not enjoy that full ecclesiastic union, and, therefore, your request has been denied by our Bishop!..."

That was part of the response.

The Holy Father must state clearly, and without a doubt, members of Holy Mother Church may give help to the SSPX.

The Holy Father has stated attending a Mass at an SSPX Chapel fulfils the Sunday obligation of the Faithful.

Bishops of Holy Mother Church in America have handed over Convent and Monastery buildings to Satan Devil Worshippers, Yoga institutes, Culinary Institutes, and local Freemasonic governments.

But they would rather bulldoze down a Church before they allow the Mass to be said there by SSPX Priests.

The SSPX has not caused any of the bickering and fighting; the bickering and fighting has come about by the abandonment of the Faith by Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests outside of that Society.

Their attack truly is against the Blessed Sacrament. The SSPX is just their visible target.

You should read this in the light of me not being a follower of the Bishop Bernard Fellay Regime.

If anything, I could be considered a Lefebvrista.

There was no guile found in him.

Pray for Peace, but dress for War.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture!!
It simply expresses clearly the sacrality of the rite and the beauty of the pre-conciliar liturgy.
May God permit that Holy Mother Church will someday restore these rites in full, that were abolished by none other than Paul VI, who also permitted the subsitution of the Holy Tridentine Mass by the insipd NO rite. For these and other destructive attempts against the Catholic Faith wrought by a group ot heretic thologians who colaborated with him I pray that God may have mercy on his soul.

Christopher J. Paulitz said...

PKTP, the Fraternity can't expand without new priests, and that's the problem. Not an entrenchment mentality.

They have many seminarians but it's a seven-year formation. They want to expand but needs priests and bishops willing to accept them.

Martin said...

"They want to expand but needs priests and bishops willing to accept them."

Mr Paulitz,

I agree.
In the diocese where I live the bihop, for whatever reason, will not at present accept FSSP priests, even though the desire of the faithful is there and efforts have been to meet this need.

Christopher J. Paulitz said...

That is the case in the archdioceses of Washington, Baltimore and many others in the US.