Rorate Caeli

Septuagesimatide recess

Josquin des Prés
De Profundis (Ps. CXXIX)

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Johannes said...

Very beautiful setting of the Psalm by des Pres; especially the beginning - but it has the gradation and the final resolution which des Pres characteristically gives his pieces. It is among his best motets - second only to Absalon Fili mi and, maybe, the Requiem for Ockeghem. Milles Regretz remains one of my favourite pieces of all though in Old French. Otherwise Des Pres alone with Ockeghem (the whole Missa Pro Defvnctis but particularly the setting of Si ambvlam and Sicvt Cervvs; in the Missa Mi Mi the Agnvs Dei is unspeakably haunting...) and Perontinvs (a last exception, that I know of, is the Vae mvndo of Philip the Chancellor...) rise higher and are better than the frivolity (Machaut; school of Notre Dame) that marks and mars much of the plainchant of the High Middle Ages. But even then it is rare for them to do so; they do not always. Whatever inspired the trilled effeminate elongation of single syllables sometimes by multiple voices - it is not what, not how I pray. This was part of the move in my heart toward the Ambrosian/Milanese.

That introduced by sanctvs Ambrosivs in Milan was the original plainchant in the West.

Anonymous said...

Pre-Lententide, running from Septuagesima Sunday to Shrove Tuesday, is a good time to prepare for the sacrifices of Lent. For this one, I suggest that we on this blog pray for whatever sacrifices we may have to make in light of the coming Clarification of "Summorum Pontificum",regardless of what they may be. We might keep in mind that even a very favoruable Clarification, should it come, will entail sacrifices and difficulties, given our situation. If our goal is to ensure that the faithful have access to the ancient Mass for the spiritual benefit of the entire Church, we have a long way to go. The entire continents of Africa and Asia have almost no Latin Masses on any basis, even im very Catholic countries such as the Congo, East Timor, and even the Philippines. The same can be said of other Catholic places, such as Portugal and Malta, Slovenia, Hungary and, frankly, most of Latin America. Whatever the provisions for our Mass may be, it will take tremendous effort to train priests to offer it and inform faithful of its return. In my view, we, as Catholics, should always think internationally. We are all brethren in Christ and the plight of a fellow traditionalist in the Czech Republic or in Peru should be almost as concerning to us as one in our own Diocese. This Mass is for all ages and for all people, not just for France, the U.S.A., Germany, Poland and Belgium, as if some countries were somehow more important than are others. They are not, and perhaps much of a restoration must come from the 'underdeveloped' countries now that Faith and Morals have collapsed in the old centres of Europe.


Vox Clamans Ex Inculta said...

I just love Desprez. :) I'm sure I'm one of few young people who can appreciate the beauty of late mediaeval music. The way in which the harmonies come together and blend in such a haunting manner is, in my opinion, truly divinely inspired.

Anonymous said...

P.T.K.P, I don't know much but I am a realist and the reality is that even though I believe the Almighty can do anything He chooses, he will not force human will.

Most bishops and priests are not remotely interested in learning the Latin Mass or encouraging it.

You have a great intellect and you like to show all of us that you know so much.
Kudos for you, I respect that and I have no problem with it.

I do however have a problem when I see that too many people on this blog intellectualize everything even when it is obvious that the reality is a sad one.

The Church is in apostasy and I for one will not waste my time ignoring some obvious problems facing it by hoping for a restoration.

I know Christ is in control but the reality is that Rome the seat of Peter has lost the faith.

Third world countries, along with the rest of the world are suffering from the lack of faith and devotion shown by the Pope who refuses to use his Office as the Vicar of Christ and allows the Church Hierarchy to be a nest of apostates, and barbarians who have no regard for Our Lord and His Holy Church, the very people they were suppossed to shepherd.

Too much intellect can make us blind and STUPID.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 10.26:

Actually, I agree with most of what you have written here. All the more reason to devote Lent to prayer and mortification to reverse the situation. Again, even if the clarification is surprisingly good, the situation in the Church for the Latin Mass is not good. Therefore, the challenges ahead are monumental. We shall have to work for decades just to get back what was taken for granted in the 1950s, and then only on a tiny scale.


David L Alexander said...

Be honest. You guys never really take a recess. There's too much happening, and too many of us look to you.