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The murder of a Coptic Christian priest in the Upper Egyptian city of Assiut angered the roughly 3000 Copts who turned out for his funeral on Wednesday to demand that the killers be punished.

According to the slain priest's neighbors, four people had killed the Coptic cleric in his home while "chanting Islamic slogans." ... Coptic marchers also smashed the windshield of a police car that attempted to bar their way.

They delivered the body of Father Dawood Ghobrial, who had been a pastor at Assiut's Bishop Taudros Monastery, to the Assiut University Hospital morgue.
Local police claims Father Dawood Boutros Ghobrial was the victim of robbers... (Not necessarily untrue, since Egypt has been "robbed" from its native Christians for 14 centuries. Muslims will not stop until they manage to do to Egypt's Christians what they did to Anatolia's.)


Dominique said...

This is just a repeat of the police practices under Mubarak: the police systematically claimed that it was an isolated case and that it was not religiously motivated.
Will the future Egyptian government bring any change in this? It remains to be seen. Oremus.

Webmaster Gareth said...

We must be careful. In post-invasion Iraq many Catholics have been killed. I have no doubt that many were "genuine" sectarian murders, but I think very often these murders are "political" and carried out by external forces as a means to divide a country against itself. Witness Lebanon. There is no doubt that when a country totters on the edge all many of spooks and murder squads move in, to prevent any one strong group coming to the fore and threatening the special interests of the spooks (usually the "international community" i.e. the Western Powers).

As Catholics obviously we are aware of the forces out there who threaten our brethren and our Faith (eg Militant Islam), but I do worry in case we are used as a part of fratricidal civil wars for the benefit of others (early 80s Lenbanon being a prime example).

There are no easy answers.

Joe B said...

"We must be careful."

Thanks. You think it through carefully, now. Don't do anything until you're sure. After all, if we make a mistake, they might kill us or something.

Anonymous said...

"We must be careful."

Thanks. You think it through carefully, now. Don't do anything until you're sure. After all, if we make a mistake, they might kill us or something.

That wasn't his point, and you darn well know it. Would you rather a religious civil war between Christians and Muslims start in those countries from the unreflective swallowing of knee-jerk reactions to what may very well be deliberate agitation tactics sponsored by who knows what interested party?

There are powers in Western countries who are very interested in certain forms of instability in certain parts of the world. The CIA wasn't above encouraging Diem's assassination in South Vietnam, which effectively toppled what had been a completely Catholic government, now described in American textbooks as "totalitarian."

Be careful whose line you buy. The American Conservative line, especially, is highly suspicious.


bedwere said...

Agents provocateur do exist. For example, see this:

Anonymous said...

The Middle Eastern Christians have suffered the most due to the turmoil in the region ever since the founding of Israel.

The extreme bias by Western nations in favor of Israel, which includes silence in the face of continuous maltreatment of Palestinians by the Israelis, is the cause of the anti-Christian tendency in that region.

Joe B said...

"The American Conservative line, especially, is highly suspicious."

Of all the groups you could have said are "especially" suspicious - liberal, left, socialist, communist, environmentalist, etc. - oh, well, no sense arguing with a liberal. Disordered mind, you know.