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Lent is coming... - III

Quinquagesima Sunday should serve as a reminder that we must prepare ourselves for Lent. In the midst of the great crisis in the Church, many go into Lent with little to no understanding of what it means, or how to properly prepare.
We'd like to share with our readers a free treasure to help prepare ourselves for the season. This audio Lenten mission, recorded by an FSSP priest, can help Catholics take full advantage of Lent and is appropriate for Catholics of all levels.
You may listen to it here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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Saint Michael Come To Our Defense said...

Sermons and Conrences for Lent by an SSPX Priest.

Under the heading Et Verbum Caro Factum Est.

For the edification of souls.

All for free.

No donations accepted.

Please pray for the Holy Father and all his Priests and Religious.


Flambeaux said...

Thank you. This is already proving fruitful and I am sharing the post with many folks I know who are not regular readers.

Diane said...

Great to hear.

Audio Sancto is an amazing website, especially for those whose regular Sunday TLMs are celebrated by priests not formed in tradition and, unfortunately, are lacking in sermon skills.

It has changed my families' life for the better.