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The Philadelphia 21

As provided by the local CBS station.

This massive and overdue cleanup operation was forced upon by Caesar - once again, hierarchy authorities shamefully did what was right only after the State acted.

And what makes this even sadder is that hundreds of dioceses around the world (maybe thousands, perhaps almost all) are in need of such a cleanup, but most of these pitiful and loathsome careerist hierarchs are so deeply involved in this that nothing will be done. If only they had been so diligent removing perverts, or those who protected them, as they were, and still are, when eliminating all signs of the past traditions of the Church.

Domine, ne memineris iniquitatum nostrarum antiquarum, 
cito anticipent nos misericordiae tuae: 
quia pauperes facti sumus nimis!


  1. Well said. The bishops seem to see their mess as little more than a publicity problem. Very sad.

  2. Anonymous10:27 PM

    While I agree that the clean-up is long overdue, the Archdiocesan reaction seems unjust in that all are innocent until proven guilty. That the priests should have been removed from duty goes without saying, but denied housing (without canonical or civil due process) seems inappropriate. Perhaps I am simply missing the part where these cases where adjudicated.

    Many good men have been caught up in this disgusting situation.

  3. It's sad but true that the ineptitude and stupitity of so many bishops has forced Caesar to act. I fear that some governments may use the sex scandals as a pretext to subvert the Church's institutional autonomy and wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if moves were made, at least in some European countries, to outlaw 'compulsory' priestly celibacy.

  4. Tom the Milkman11:27 PM

    We need the fire of the Desert Fathers to burn in our time. Those priests and hermits that roamed Egypt and Palestine living the lessons and injunctions, and manifold bliss! The disciple's world isn't pretty, surely the saints from the centuries of the early Church after the Declaration of Constantine preached a honeyed death in order to live, as the Psalms do. You gotta admit the early Fathers practiced a Christianity that curses the whimpering centuries as they pass now. Comes a fire that purges, as sure as daylight.

  5. Anonymous12:23 AM

    "...all are innocent until proven guilty..." is NOT the teaching of the Church; it is a principle of a particular secular legal tradition. It is necessary and proper for the Church to take the seemingly opposite approach (guilty until proven innocent) and remove instantly from positions of influence, anyone suspected of being a danger to souls. This is what the Inquisitions used to try to do. Unfortunately it has not been the usual practice of the Conciliar Church (Cardinal Benelli's term.) No comment about the particulars of this case. Louis

  6. Brian2:35 AM

    what makes this even sadder is that hundreds of dioceses around the world (maybe thousands, perhaps almost all) are in need of such a cleanup, but most of these pitiful and loathsome careerist hierarchs are so deeply involved in this that nothing will be done.

    If this observation is, indeed, true, given the hierarchical nature of the Church, would one not be forced to make the same observation about the very highest levels of the Church hierarchy?

  7. Anonymous3:05 AM

    Now that Caesar has so graciously helped the Church with ITS problems, could we ask that it turn some of its penetrating light on (say) public school teachers, youth counselors, and those other categories of folks who seem to have a far greater problem with "touching" than Catholic priests? Just askin'.

    Anonymous #2: The accused have rights under canon law and I am certain "guilty until proven innocent" is NOT an operational principle. The actions in Philadelphia seems more like "let's act fast and look harsh to cover our [sit-upons] and avoid civil action".

    Milkman: the Fire of the Desert Fathers sometimes burned out of control, producing weird heresies like Montanism. That's part of why we have monasteries with Rules both enjoining and restricting ascetic practices. The ascetic practices taught in the Baltimore Catechism would solve most of our problems, along with a continuing commitment from the bishops to screen out homosexuals from seminaries and other positions in the Church.


  8. Anonymous3:20 AM

    I failed to comprehend for years as to why the Church, at least the Latin Church, had been filled with bishops and priests who detested Holy Tradition...the TLM...Tradition.

    What kind of men would destroy their religious culture?

    A few years ago I arrived at the following:

    Only sick men would destroy their own religious home.

    Men — insiders, rather than non-Catholics — who served as stewards (Ha!) of the (Latin) Church wrecked the Church.

    That is what I believe.


  9. I am from Philadelphia and I can tell you that this is a political move on the part of the very Romanita Cardinal Rigali. He is throwing priests who had accusations that were already investigated and exonerated TO THE LIONS. I don't know all of their situations but one of the priests was suspended after the hysteria in the early 2000s but appealed his case to Rome and won. Another, who says the Extraordinary Form, was also exonerated already. Others were recently made Monsignors which is absurd to do if there is a serious skeleton in the closet that needs to be hidden.

    You have to understand, a priest is a very public person and there are always all kinds of letters and phone calls of complaints that a chancery office receives day in and day out. Sometimes they are accurate, other times the persons raising holy hell are crazy. Whenever it is sexual, it is always looked into. And if the allegation is not proven, especially if the accuser is unstable, after it is investigated, the priest is then rehabilitated after a brief absence and his reputation is kept in tact.

    It is despicable that the archdiocese, in a panic, (and after first denying that there were any credible accusations) is now giving these men over to the court of biased public opinion where their reputations are basically already destroyed.

    This is a horribly Machiavellian move on the part of the Cardinal who is in Rome basically every other week and, as far as I know, has yet to address his priests about the scandal. If and when he does though, I am sure that it will be a very smooth and political talk that will not be enough for the public media and certainly should not be enough for the priests.

    He truly lives up to his nickname of "the velvet hammer".

  10. Sacerdos indignus9:11 AM

    "If only they had been so diligent removing perverts, or those who protected them, as they were, and still are, when eliminating all signs of the past traditions of the Church."

    ABSOLUTELY CLASSIC! New Catholic has given us the quote of the century.

  11. Maybe, BFB, but it does not change the fact that the Archdiocese acted only when shamed to do so by the grand jury. Rigali isn't responsible for the grand jury proceedings...

  12. New Catholic,
    I absolutely agree with you. The grand jury investigation was the strongest on the three priests and one lay teacher who are already removed- particularly the case of Msgr. Lynn who is charged with endangering minors by way of transferring known offenders. That is one dimension.

    The 21 though (and I cannot speak for each instance because I am only acquainted with a few of their situations)seem for the most part to be dubious accusations for which these men were exonerated - and furthermore their reputations were kept in tact. The Cardinal (and of course the man is not an island acting alone) should have done a better job defending his priests in the instances where there were already investigations and rehabilitation.

    Just as there are different degrees of crime, there are different degrees of credibility of accusation. It is my conviction that they and their reputations are being indiscriminately sacrificed to try to make a very bureaucratic archdiocese look serious about the job of rooting out offenders. But where it is usually too little too late, this time it is TOO MUCH and too late. It will never be enough for the wider public and now the reputations of 21 priests are going down the toilet.

  13. Anonymous11:01 AM

    This is the fruit of 45+ years of Vatican II, it's deforms, abuses, experimentations and ruptures.

    Vatican II, and it's "fruits" are so overwhelmingly bad and even evil, that it is almost impossible to believe that the devil has not succeeded in actually destroying the Catholic Church.

    The fact that these thousands of bishops, the two hundred or so Cardinals, and the Pope (especially John Paul II), went on as if nothing were wrong is an abomination. Such corruption has never been seen in the Church before! Even the Protestant Reformation did not destroy the Catholic Church as completely as did Vatican II.

    It will take another 100 years for the Roman Catholic Church to recover from the disaster of Vatican II. If the Church still exists then at all.

    My belief is that if Vatican II is left unchecked, and if it is still lauded as a great event in the Church like this Pope still does, the Catholic Faith will only exist in the small pockets where the SSPX and other traditionalist Catholic groups --including "sedevacantist traditionalists" exist.

  14. Rorate Caeli

    I don't have an email for you so I have to use this.

    "Real Catholic TV" (internet) has a 6 min video out today that has a message which all Rorate readers would like to hear. They quote Cardinal Burke about the liturgy (NO) and its a message that demonstrates that the N.O. crowd is turning on itself and great publicity is now being given to the bad aspects of the NO "where you can lose your faith" and "lose your soul"

    Readers of this blog will see this as encouraging news.

    (go to vidoes for March, The Title is "Critical Mass"

  15. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Abusing a child is not a sin but asking for a Traditional Latin Mass, now that is a sin!

    Koom-buy-ah, m'lord, Justice 'n Peace, man.


  16. Anonymous 11:01:

    If the world is still here in 100 years, the Church will be here.

  17. The crisis in the Church as viewed by a Swiss priest.
    I know this is an SSPX video, but please let our readers here watch this. Very sad!.

  18. Xavier Rynne3:19 PM

    In the words of Cardinal Ottaviani, if the Church weren't indestructible, Vatican II would have buried it.

  19. Anonymous4:16 PM

    They are only cleaning up the sexual perverts because their GOD the media has forced them to act. What have they done about the dogmatic errors and liturgical abuses in their dioceses , nothing! because those don't interest the media.

  20. Anonymous6:19 PM


    Very moving video, thank you.


  21. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Maybe Pope Raymond Burke ?

  22. thomas tucker6:37 PM

    Wow- it actually took 13 comment to blame this on Vatican II!
    What's wrong with you guys?
    I expected it by the third comment.

  23. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Cardinal Rigali is known as the "velvet hammer"?

    No comment.

    Shane wrote: "It's sad but true that the ineptitude and stupitity of so many bishops has forced Caesar to act. "

    These men are neither stupid or inept. They know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it.


  24. Tom the Milkman7:13 PM

    Maybe Pope Raymond Burke ?

    Does have a ring to it, doesnt it!

    These men are neither stupid or inept. They know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it.

    perfectly articulated! indeed, far from inept, proof of the aptitude of these perpetrators lies precisely in the magnitude of our sorrow.

  25. @BFB,

    Who knows Card. Rigali as "the velvet hammer"? I live in Philadelphia as well and I have never heard this nickname of His Eminence's.

  26. Anonymous7:37 PM

    I, too, am deeply saddened by the sins of priests. However, again, let us laypeople not think that we have a right to throw stones. We, too, by our own sinful lifestyles, have "flung mud on the wedding dress of Holy Mother Church," to use imagery of Gertrud von LeFort.

    There is a spirit of sinful pride coming through many of these comments. We must be careful. We must remember that most of us stood in line yesterday to receive the ashes of conversion and penance.

    V. Double

  27. Had only these people taken the warnings given years earlier (e.g. Fr. John O' Connor etc.).

    Not only have souls been lost, endangered etc., but billions have been lost to pay for these court cases... money for hospitals, LTC facilities, education -- all gone...

  28. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Some may insist the only possible recovery the church may have is if it follows the orders of Our Lady of Fatima. Unfortunately, I think that will never happen, because it is seemingly impossible to get the bishops of the church to act accordingly, let alone consecrate Russia with the pope.

    It is sad to see the church continue to fall apart. And yet after the billions of dollars paid out in lawsuits to abuse victims, tens of thousands of the faithful abandoning their faith, thousands of church closings and school closings and hospital closings, our wonderful bishops still have not learned. They have not done a thing to heal this damaged church.

    The mystical church lives and will live, but the institutional church is no more. It is a facade.

    Some are very fortunate to have a couple goods priests, a few good bishops, and some tolerated TLM's, but on the whole the ship has sunk.

    Most of the bishops have knowingly sold their church and faith to the athiest multi-billioneers who rule the nations.

    A careful look at the history of the world particularly from the mid 18th century through the Bolshevic revolution will help to comprehend where the world is going.

    Hold on to your faith!

  29. Anonymous8:27 PM

    V. Double

    No comment.


  30. The blame lies squarely on the pastoral and liturgical post-conciliar outcomes. Also, we may not absolve successive papacies for allowing such an appalling situation to occur. We must put the blame where it rightly belongs. Furthermore, nothing very effective, if anything at all, is being done to arrest this disgraceful behaviour.

  31. Anonymous1:22 AM

    Anonymous "It will take another 100 years for the Roman Catholic Church to recover from the disaster of Vatican II. If the Church still exists then at all."

    What was it that our Lord said in Matthew 16:18? Oh yeah, that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church.

  32. Anonymous2:46 AM

    This is like Mordor's final assault on Minis Tirith. we need a few Gandalfs to help us out. big time.

  33. Joe B2:32 PM

    Believe me, I realize how unlikely such a consecration seems. After all, even very saintly popes have failed to do the will of Our Lady. However, she said that in the end the consecration would be done, and so it will. Don't lose heart.

    I personally don't think it would be such a controversial or difficult thing to do. I think a directive by the Holy Father that, say, publicly filmed script-provided consecrations take place in all dioceses on such a date at such a time would succeed. Not in all dioceses, but in enough. I think we might be surprised at the public support for such an event, something approaching a miraculous show of love for Our Lady, including public Rosaries outside or even inside cathedrals. It would be a small thing for most bishops to simply read the script, compared to the trouble coming from standing in the way of such a popular public movement.

    The question is, will this Holy Father develop the resolve or are we to wait for another?

  34. Father Brown (G.K. Chesterton) on forgiveness:

  35. Anonymous5:37 PM

    On a completely different note, the news story says, "of St. Philomena in Lansdowne, Pa." Interesting!

  36. Gerard9:56 PM

    I took notice of BFB's comments about the political motivations of the Cardinal.

    Doing a little more research, I found that one priest "Fr. L." had been a pastor of a parish Church in an upper middle class area and after Summorum Pontificum gave permisssion to one of his priests to say the TLM. It never happened because the Cardinal actively and personally put the kibbosh on it. 6 mos. later, the pastor was transferred, the priest was transferred to one of the TLM "ghettoes" and last time I went to confession at the parish, the priest there was so flaming and unconcerned about sin, I never went back.

    I spoke with another priest today who told me that the media is not concerned that the charges are not all sexual in nature. Some are complaints about a priest socially drinking in public.

    I can't help but suspect the possibility that the Cardinal is taking a page out of the Gospels where Christ is hung between two theives. If you want to make the innocent look guilty associate it with the truly guilty.

    Essentially,from the perspective of an anti-traditional, moderate modernist bishops, it's a way to kill two birds with one stone.

    But that's just my personal opinion based on my knowledge of the Cardinal's actions and his public reversals of previous statements.

  37. emjay3:02 PM

    Fr. Cadwallader called me over the weekend. I new something just wasn't right. A leopard can't change it's spots. He was always a great priest. I just couldn't believe his name was on the list. He told me in 2007 he was transferred to a rather large parish in northeast Philadelphia. As soon as he arrived the pastor, delegated a lot of responsibilities to him. One of which, was taking control of the rather large elementary school...100's of kids. Now that he was in charge of the school he started looking over the curriculum. He said much of it was very liberal. He took over the religious education....a priest taking over religious education...WHAT NERVE! Who does he think he is (sarcasm here). The principal who had been there for over a dozen years, and was VERY liberal did not like him introducing a traditional / conservative Catholic curriculum. She wrote a letter to the Archdiocese complaining of the change. In her letter she stated that she thought he was bad for the school and "should not be around the children". Father told me that since she used those words all sorts of buzzers started going off in the offices of the Archdiocese's. He was subjected to a battery of Psych tests. He passed them all with no problems. They then insisted he under go a Psycho-sexual test. He said it lasted eight hours and was one of the most embarrassing things he ever encountered. The test entailed that he look at what he described as "Disgusting, filthy, embarrassing" material. All in all it was a very humiliating experience. A private investigator was also hired to look into his past / present life. All three inquiries came back negative.

    He said it must have been the Holy Ghost that inspired him, b/c after the investigation he woke up w/ this burning desire to get a copy of the reports and findings. After jumping through some hoops, he was able to get signed copies of all the reports stating that he was healthy mentally and physically, that no inappropriate actions or behavior could be found and that he should be allowed to continue as a priest in good standing for the Archdioceses of Philadelphia. All of these reviewers were independent agents.

    A year of so ago the the Archdioceses got into some hot water over clerical abuse. A ahndful priests were charged and pleaded guilty. They have been all over the news. The story goes that the DA was insisting that there must be more. The Archdioceses insisted that there wasn't. Finally the DA said something to the effect of "If there's nothing to hide, then why don't you give us full access to your files". So the Cardinal buckled under the pressure and the DA came in and confiscated all the records. Any priest who was on record of having a complaint filed was put on the list. It seems like the Philly DA was on a "Witch Hunt".

    Let us pray that the Good are not forced to suffer w/ the bad and that the names of the good priests are cleared.


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