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Holy Week and Easter Sunday (1962 Missal) in England and Wales

Just like last year, the Sacred Triduum according to the 1962 Missal will be offered in eight churches in England, although some of the locations have changed. (There is also the difference that in 2010, one of churches had no EF liturgy on Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday, while this year the liturgies of Holy Thursday evening, Good Friday and Holy Saturday night will be available in all the 8 churches.)

Easter Vigil, Reading. Holy Week 2010. More pictures here.

The 8 churches where the 1962 Missal Triduum will be offered are listed here. The Conventual Church of St. John of Jerusalem will also have significant portions of the Divine Office according to the 1961 edition. (H/t for this to NLM.) A ninth church -- Our Lady of the Rosary, Blackfen -- will have its Holy Thursday Mass according to the 1962 Missal.

The full list of Easter Sunday (Mass during the Day) Extraordinary Form Masses in England and Wales can be found here.

As with the post on the Pontifical Holy Week in Melbourne, the readers of our blog are invited to post in the combox on the Holy Week services that they would like to promote.


Anonymous said...

Good Friday service (1962 Missal) at St. Mary's Church in Hampton, IL, 3:00 p.m. Confessions before the service. -Una Voce Quad Cities

Anonymous said...

In Poland as usualy whole services of Holy Week an Easter Sunday in 5 localisations (Warsaw, Cracom, Wrocław, Bytom, Lublin) - the same since 3 years.
There are aloso Holy Week servces in almost all FSSPX localisations.

Anonymous said...

What about in the D.C. area? Any one have info on this?

LeonG said...

I definitely prefer the pre-1962 Missal and will be celebrating his soon.

Anonymous said...

The only (non-FSSPX) usus antiquior celebration of the Holy Week rites in Scotland will be offered by FSSP priests at St Andrew's Church, Ravelston, Belford Road, Edinburgh:

5pm Maundy Thursday: Mass of the Lord's Supper and Repose of the Most Blessed Sacrament

3pm Good Friday Liturgy

8pm Holy Saturday: Easter Vigil Ceremonies and First Mass of Easter

11.30am 3rd Mass of Easter (Sung High Mass/"Messe Diaconale")

At all masses and ceremonies a schola will offer the prescribed chant and some polyphony.

An old rite Missa Cantata is also offered at this church at 11.30am every Sunday of the year. Clips are available at youtube.


Anonymous said...

Old rite Triduum in Sotland: St Andrew's Catholic Church, Ravelston, Belford Road, Edinburgh.

5pm Mass of the Lord's Supper and Repose of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

3pm Good Frday Liturgy.

8pm Easter Vigil ceremonies and 1st Mass of Easter.

11.30am 3rd Mass of Easter (High Mass/ "Messe Diaconale").

All the above are offered by priests of the FSSP and will be assisted by a schola who will sing the prescribed chants and some polyphony.

There is a weekly old-rite Missa Cantata at this same church every Sunday at 11.30am (see youtube) and a daily Mass at the Fraternity house at 6 Belford Park.


Anonymous said...

Correction - in Poland Triduum in this year also in Poznań. (totaly - 6 localisations ED).

Anonymous said...

Holy Week 1962 Missal
St Andrews Ravelston Edinburgh
Holy Thursday 5pm
Good Friday 3pm
Holy Saturday 8.30pm
Easter Sunday 11.30am
Tenebrae St Marys Cathedral York Place Edinburgh.
Holy Thursday 8am
Good Friday 8am
Holy Saturday 8am

André said...

Will anyone celebrate the pre-1962 Holy Week? The banal celebrations of 1962 are hard to stomach.

To all those traddies who think that the 1962 Mass is the pure traditional Mass. I ask them to do some research. Bugnini said that he started he liturgical reform in 1951 and would finish his work in 1969 with the new Mass.

Anonymous said...


Holy Rosary Parish in Blackfen (under the famed Fr. Finigan) used the pre-Bugnini Palm Sunday this year

Clapham will also partly use pre-Bugnini.