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The Instruction - IV

Messa in Latino and Flemish Catholic news website Kerknet mention that the Holy See may have started sending the Instruction on the application of the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum to dioceses around the world.

The known contents, at the moment, include what we had already reported here, to which the only really new information that could be addded is that a mechanism of clear appeal to the Holy See (Pontifical Commission 'Ecclesia Dei') is established including a right to further appeal, when needed, from the Commission to the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura.

It should be a matter of days or, at most, weeks before the Instruction is made public.


  1. " . . . a right to appeal, when needed, from the Commission to the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura."

    Cardinal Burke, here we come!

  2. Superb. I was hoping for something that would allow priests, punished de facto for exercising their Summorum Pontificum, to appeal to the Vatican. I hope this is it. And who better to hear it than Cardinal Burke?

  3. " including a right to appeal, when needed, from the Commission to the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura."

    Oh great! This is gonna be fun!

  4. Yes, how marvelous that these cases are now going to be adjudicated by Raymond Leo Card. Burke! Is that perhaps the whole purpose of his being called to Rome? (As well, of course, as being elected to the Top Job in due course.)

  5. Anonymous2:31 PM

    I think this might be a good thing that the Instruction is being sent the the dioceses rather than being just released through some Vatican channel.

    Most Catholics I my neck of the woods (northern part of the Pittsburgh Diocese) are not even aware that Summorum Pontificum exists.

    Imagine if the dioceses were instructed to have EVERY parish make a public anouncement that the TLM is available to those who want it! Will it happen? Who knows...

  6. Eriugena2:42 PM

    Let everyone be ready in time (whenever it is, but it is going to be VERY soon) so that we have a proper network of good Catholics in a state of grace ready to deal with the inevitable onslaught of arch-modernists and progressives. We must be ready to act the day it is published (rather than being ready to start thinking about what to do after it is published, and especially to provide all the spiritual and moral support especially for the courageous clergy who will start saying the Mass of all time.

  7. This is good news, to be sure, but my own experience, living in the deep South, with SP is not cheery. I did appeal to Ecclesia Dei, with the novel approach that my own family of seven constitutes a "stable group." I also mentioned that there is a priest in our diocese able to say the TLM. Here is the pro-forma letter I received:

    "Vatican City, 5 February 2011

    Dear Mr.___

    This Pontifical Commission thanks you for your kind letter of 23 March 2010 in which you mention your desire for Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form in the Diocese of Charleston.

    Before making contact with your Bishop [I had already mentioned that I appealed to both the Priest and Bishop in question] this Commission requires evidence of the presence of a stable group [I gave them that evidence" and the availability of a competent priest [I provided that]. Should you be able to show such evidence you may like to forward the same to this Pontifical Commission. In the meantime you may like to request from your Bishop the reasons he was unable to satisfy your request.

    With sincere best wishes in Christ,

    The Secretariat [stamped with the seal: Pontificia Commissio Ecclesia Dei]"

    What I get from this is that if priest and Bishop oppose the TLM Ecclesia Dei, despite their sincere good wishes, can only give you the runaround.

  8. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Beware : the Apostolic Signatura is not cardinal Burke alas ... the prefect is not dealing with cases all the time. His secretary Msgr Danneels is ... and he is certainly not pro-TLM.

    Moreover recently Fr. Michel, an exemplary priest in the diocese of Evreux, was ... condemned by the Signatura.

    So if the Signatura is truly changed, apart from its head, yes it could be positive move. But otherwise ...


    nb. by the way liberals are still appointed bishops in France : business as usual.

  9. Anonymous3:59 PM

    "Knight of Malta". At least you had a reply. It is over 1 year now since writing to Rome, not even an acknowlegement in reply.

  10. Gratias6:12 PM

    Rorate Caeli and Messa in Latino certainly did their part with the 12,000 strong petition! Thank you. The founders of Wikimissa have given us a truly wonderful global resource.

    What suggestions would people have for local actions once the Instruction becomes public?

  11. Another recognition that the faithful can be heard. Deo Gratias.
    In addition this update has been read by friends before the modernists could disfigure. FYI-Problematic Google Chrome download does slopily translate Summorum Pontificum blog:

    "The text then it is almost public, we anticipate some additional content that we acknowledge and confirm that corrective actions have been made ​​to definitely positive.Deo gratias
    1) The Education puts "outlaw" all laws (dis) application issued by some bishops' conferences, primarily in Germany, to restrict the old liturgy and regimented.

    2) It confirms what we already reported on the desirability of the extraordinary form of teaching in seminaries. Provided, however, are not "sanction mechanisms" in this sense, then the rule is likely to be a lex imperfecta (as the Romans defined the laws without binding force), but nevertheless the assertion of the principle is very important and hopefully successful in the medium- long term.

    3) confirm, unfortunately, the restrictions on the non-Roman rites and ordinances invetus ordo .

    4) The preamble refers to the reports sent by the episcopate in the world after three years of implementation of the motu proprio.

    5) Most importantly, and as you know this is the archway of the whole system, is expressly ruled that the legal mechanism for the implementation of the motu proprio.Article. 7 of the motu proprio already stipulates: " If a group of lay faithful, as mentioned in art. 5 § 1, has not obtained satisfaction to their requests from the pastor, they should inform the diocesan bishop. The bishop is strongly requested to satisfy their wishes. If he does not want [the first version of the text said, "may"] arrange for such celebration, the matter should be referred to the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei .''This weak " to Pontificiam Commissionem referatur Ecclesia Dei "has now become a real administrative appeal to the Commission which will then decide on a hierarchical relation to the decision of the bishop, with full binding effect (at least de jure , then de facto , hopefully good.) Against the decision of the Ecclesia Dei, is expressly provided for appeal to the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura. There is, therefore, a procedure that is performed giurisdizionalizzazione consecration in this final power to appeal to the "Supreme Court" the Vatican (the Signature). The consecration is clear that the motu proprio provides true "rights." Sure, come to think of as a group, say, the Filipino faithful could withstand a "judicial war" that a bishop would bring particularly refractory to the end, but here it is up to us traditionalists, perhaps under the auspices of institutions with a long tradition as a voice Internationalis networks of help and legal advice.
    More updates will follow."

    Michael F Brennan
    St Petersburg, FL

  12. Anonymous7:10 PM

    All this excitement over a rumour is unwarranted and ill-considered. Look, the situation is simple. Under current conditions, most priests will not risk angering their respective bishops. Neither the P.C.E.D. nor the Apostolic Signatura nor Cardinal Burke nor the President of the United States of America can protect a priest from a malicious bishop who decides that he will never have a parish of his own or will be a hospital chaplain until the Second Coming.

    The current system with its appeals is not adequate. There is renewed talk on some French-language blogs now about juridical structures for the T.L.M. In the end, that will be necessary, even if the only one is to be for the a newly-regularised S.S.P.X. As long as we are subject to this new crop of neo-conservative bishops, we shall never have real freedom for the Mass of All Ages. From the neo-cons, we shall only have a bit less persecution than we had from the old liberals.

    There are good things this Instruction could achieve. As I've mentioned before, it could extend Article 1 to mean that, as a norm at law, every diocese shall have at least one every-Sunday T.L.M. even if not one soul asks for one. This provision would in no way limit Article 5: T.L.M.s for groups which do ask for them. Once a legal minimum is decided per see, Rome could then create ordinariates or other structures to 'help' the poor innocent bishops who desperately want to implement the new norm but 'just don't have the manpower' to do it during a time of a 'shortage of priests'.

    A group in the Archdiocese of Mobile, U.S.A., has been trying to get an every-Sunday Mass in central Alabama now for months and months and months and months and months, and they have a priest who is willing and able to help them. Justice delayed is justice denied. Archbishop Rodi is determined to block them and the petitioners could die of old age before they get their Mass.

    As I've pointed out before, if we don't get our own personal apostolic administration, personal (arch)diocese or personal ordinaraite or apostolic delegature, there is no safe future for the ancient traditions of Holy Mother Church. With some of these bishops we have, we either get our own personal structure or we would have to take extreme action, like running down the bishop with an old car.

    So we had better get back to prayer and MORTIFICATION. This is worth wearing a hairshirt for; it is worth the traditional Lenten mortifications. This is about saving the world because the Sixties Revoution must be reversed philosophically, socially, morally, culturally and, above all, in matters of faith. That's what this is about and the reversal cannot even be conceived if the ancient Mass does not have an entrenched place in the Church. We need to be sitting there waiting, like the virgins with the jars of oil. It will not be we who effect this reversal but Christ Himself. The only deadly enemy of the New Church and the New Mass is the New Church and the New Mass. They are noxious to the Faith but, thank God, they are also noxious to themselves.


  13. Sorry, the google translation above is of Missa Latino.

    Michael F Brennan
    St Petersburg FL

  14. Patrick10:02 PM is not just some "Flemish Catholic news website", it is the official Dutch-language website of the Belgian Bishops' Conference. I.e. when it says that the document has already been distributed to all the Bishops of the Latin Church, it comes from the horse's mouth.

  15. We did not say it was "some" Flemish Catholic website, but it is a Flemish Catholic website, is it not? What is wrong in that description? I mean, it is Flemish, it is (one hopes, still) Catholic, it has news, and it is a website. On the other hand, we know from several sources that no document has yet been received in all the usual places, so maybe just the decision to send it has been taken, without the actual physical distribution...


  16. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Pray for Bishops to stop obstructing the MP and instituting programs for Latin and the EF in their Dioceases. The Catholic Faithful have reacted to the freeing of the Mass in a positive way and it has brought much good. Please hear our voice. It is the way for the future. In fact programs for learning the Latin parts of Mass that "pertain to us" should be implemented in parishes for both EF and OF Masses. It is time.

  17. In the post above there is mention of a group in the Mobile Diocese working on getting the mass. I know someone who needs to speak with them about a possible development. They can send an email to Una Voce Georgia and we will get the parties in contact. Thanks

  18. Patrick7:34 AM

    New Catholic, thanks for your point. As you will notice, I left the "some" outside the quotation marks. My point was not that your reference to Kerknet was incorrect but that it was incomplete. The way you referred to it (as "a Flemish etc."), it will inevitably be understood as no more than some Flemish Catholic website, whereas it is crucial in this instance to know that it is the website of a national Bishops' Conference.
    As to why so many usual places still have not received the instruction, in my humble opinion the scenario may be this: the Holy See sends a documents to all the Nuncios, who then further it to the heads of the respective Bishops' Conferences, who in their turn are supposed to distribute them to every individual bishop. This may explain why many bishops have not seen it yet.

  19. M. A..2:10 AM

    "What suggestions would people have for local actions once the Instruction becomes public?"


    First, see if you can find others with the same aspirations. Pray to St. Raphael, the patron saint for happy encounters. Then start planning on approaching pastors.

    God bless!

  20. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Okay, now that Easter is here, let's hope the "Instruction" to Summorum Pontificum is released. We need to get this over with. Whatever is in it, okay, it what it is, but let's not drag this on. Let's get it out, deal with it and then move on--hopefully with the relief we're looking for. At the same time, somehow I doubt it.



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