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The new sanctuary of a Romanesque church:
brought to you by... Jacuzzi?

The new sanctuary of the historic church of Saint Hilaire, in Melle (Deux-Sèvres, Poitou-Charentes), parts of which date from the 11th century, was unveiled yesterday.

Congratulations to Father Jacques Lefèbvre for his wonderful taste!  (Source: Diocese of Poitiers; tip: Le Forum Catholique.) 


  1. Anonymous8:24 PM


    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Yes, indeed, Fr. Jacques is to be commended.


  2. It looks slimy/slippery, as if carved from soap. Why?

  3. Patrick8:57 PM

    This is in the diocese of Poitiers, whose bishop until just a few weeks ago was Albert Rouet, a kind of French Weakland or McManus. Let us pray for the Holy Father to give Poitiers a good bishop - a catholic bishop.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!! What else can one say, other than they've done a future Catholic demolition expert and an Architect a big business favor!

  5. Anonymous10:44 PM

    This is heresy of the utmost sense. Those involved in its conception should be reprimanded fiercely.

    Lee Lovelock-Jemmott.

  6. Anonymous11:09 PM

    That is an amorphous snow-sculpture. It also looks unsafe.

  7. Is that a penguin in the background?

  8. A frightful and egocentric Abomination, offensive to good taste, the Faithful, but most especially, to God's House.

  9. Glad everyone's following the example of Pope Benedict XVI! I'm sure that the "Benedictine candle-crucifix" arrangement on the altar will be incorporated.

  10. It does look very dangerous, especially for children.

    What children, right?...


  11. People in the Traditionalist circle love to compare the old and new papal MC - the Marinis. I think it's not too much for us now, to compare the two Lefebvres.

  12. Anonymous11:24 AM

    It is a sign to everyone that The True church is gone and is being replaced with the very 'nothing' it represents.

    Another Con-silly-airy deformity.

    These things should always be shown side-by-side with beautiful and Traditional Catholic inspiring Churches that are worthy, so people will not forget .

  13. Anonymous12:55 PM

    And according to modernists, changes like this are to avoid those cold, distant, strange Traditional Altars... yea, right!

  14. When you think that things are getting better..... how pathetic!
    Some people, particularly in France, Belgium and Austria, are permanently stuck in the '60s. The egos of these architects and planners are reigning high.
    What a waste of money, time and energy.

  15. The only thing missing is the abomination of desolation.

  16. The article underneath is entitled "All about Abortion" for a moment I thought it referred to the photo of the soap sculpture. No disrespect meant.

  17. Anonymous3:39 PM

    One possibility is that we could send in some traditionalists with electric irons and buckets. They could just melt this soapscape and then fill the residue into the buckets. Then they could dump the buckets into the sewer. Everything has its place.


  18. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Horrible, if I were in tha parish and Church it would upset me every time I went to Mass. That is something these builders should think about. Upsetting the Faithful, even those who may not express it, who just sit there and pray while hurting is an awful thing to do to one's spirituality. Shame on them. They are disconnecting us from all that is familiar and comfortable. Shame.

  19. Anonymous5:45 PM


  20. The only thing missing from the banner across the front is a DO NOT ENTER sign...IMO of course.

  21. a consolation is to ponder which will be the first to be consigned as rubble, the church or the altar.

  22. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Oh the horror, the horror!

  23. Is this hotel taking bookings?

  24. Anonymous7:38 PM

    I don't fully understand the "abomination of desolation" but I am struck that the tabernacle is not in the picture or near the table (former altar). The new architecture is hideous and void of the piety of the past. Is this not an abomination of desolation?

  25. My Goodness ! It looks awful.

    If anyone is interested, I will go there and take a couple pics and add my comments, I know Melle well, not too far away. This area is in the heart of French Protestantism and is reputed to be a bastion of masonry as well.

    One well-known former resident is Ségolène Royal, whom opposed (in quite a ridiculous fashion, she was caught lying) Nicolas Sarkozy for the Presidency of France in 2007. She was well beaten, after a very clumsy TV debate, but still hankers after the spoils of the Presidency. Mother of four (but never married to the father, the current Secretary of the Socialists, Francois Holland) she is still trying for the top job, but without a hope. Fourth of eight children born to Catholic parents in eight years, she describes marriage as a bourgeois institution.

    The ancient town of Melle, which used to have silver mines, is on the ancient pilgrim roads to Santiago and still welcomes pilgrims, although only some 10% make the pilgrimage for religious reasons, so it seems.

    Three beautiful Romanesque (11th & 12th C) churches are in the town, well maintained, but do not exactly have a Catholic feel about them. They are often used for secular musical concerts and I once saw an obscene picture projected on the outer walls of one of them.

    So, Melle is a suitable place to profane a Catholic Church, God save me.

  26. Anon. 16:06 said:

    "Horrible, if I were in tha parish and Church it would upset me every time I went to Mass. That is something these builders should think about."

    Oh, they do, anonymous, they do!!


    Nowhere to kneel
    No Tabernacle
    No candle red
    Just marble crackle

    A sepulchre
    Deathly white
    To help good souls
    Despair, take flight

    That's WHAT they want
    That is their plan
    Then mock, "You dis -
    obedient man!"

    But in the depths
    Of doctrine deep
    Sails the Ship
    That will not sleep

    Full of disobedient
    Obeying Christ
    In priests that keep

    The Barque of Peter
    On its course
    Though her bowels be bricked
    By a sinister source

    Then damn the torpedoes
    Will blast through the block
    Full speed ahead

    No sepulchre whites
    Disobedience, despairs
    Only seas of gold Masses
    Steered by an Archbishop's Peres!

  27. DefensorFidei4:09 AM

    Unfortunately, hideous "modern" churches continue to sprout in Western Europe. Here's a blog that regularly reports on this continuing "trend":

  28. Anonymous4:10 AM

    2 things
    1/ How will Father get into the sanctuary with out falling on his fanny?
    2/ Anyone got a sledge hammer?

  29. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Frankly, I've seen worse - not that that is any commendation, of course. But on the bright side, I bet that it will be gone soon - the moment a hippy's sandal will slip on it, to be precise.

  30. Gratias8:10 AM

    Very difficult Introibo ad altare Deo.
    We must restore tradition. We are the remnant.


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