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How about this bishop?

From the blog PrayTell, citing an article published by Der Sonntag on Black Saturday of this year:

These Easter Sunday words of a Swiss Catholic bishop suggest that the topic of women’s ordination won’t be going away anytime soon.

Markus Büchel calls for far-reaching reforms in the Catholic Church. The bishop of the diocese of St. Gallen [St. Gall] spoke out openly for women’s ordination. “We must search for steps that lead there,” he said. “I could imagine that women’s diaconate could be such a step.”

One has not been permitted to discuss women’s ordination for a good while. “We can’t afford this anymore.” Regarding priesthood for women, Büchel said, “We can pray that the Holy Spirit enables us to read the signs of the times.”

He made this explosive statement in the St. Galler Pfarreiblatt [St. Gall Parish Paper]. Sabine Rüthemann, media spokesperson for the diocese, confirmed: “The interview is authorized. What Bishop Büchel said is what he means.”

These are very far-reaching statements for a bishop. They signal a Catholic breaking of taboos. In canon law every ordained ministry is limited to men.


  1. B16 made him a bishop & he's only 61 years old so he's got a long way to retirement. Let's pray he'll gradually become outnumbered by the orthodox tradition friendly new bishops.

  2. Anonymous2:14 AM

    But Lefebvre was excommunicated...

  3. Büchel is 61. There's no need to wait another 14 years to inform him that his services are no longer required.

    However poor the talent pool of potential bishops has been in the U.S., it's especially dire in most of the German-speaking world. In some dioceses, there may not be anyone. And here we see more evidence of that: this was the best Pope Benedict could find?

  4. Loyolakiper3:21 AM

    Could someone direct me to the prayer that is mentioned in Saturday's post on "Two Blessed Popes and Holy Inquisitor" for St Peter Arbues by Blessed Pius IX. I do not know where to find it...

  5. Anonymous3:42 AM

    I am a nothing sinner who stumbles more than he strides. But on my worse day I try harder than many who are called bishops.

    I trust in our Lord.

    How long must we endure these modernists? How long did our Lord endure the lash? How long did He hang on the cross?

    I am nothing but a sinner and if I saw Buchel in person I would have a difficult time controlling my impulse to beat him to a pulp. God forgive me but I've had about enough of filthy priests and bishops and religious who wound the Church that I love.

    I was born in the midst of this modernist filth for a reason that I have yet to discern. I obviously have a long way to go.


  6. Anonymous4:26 AM


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  7. St. Gallen is possibly the only diocese left in the world where the pope has no say on who becomes bishop (although he has an after-election veto right, that BXVI obviously decided not to use). The bishop is freely elected by the cathedral chapter (this is the cathedral chapter).
    Additionally, in Switzerland financial assets are not controlled by the bishop but by an elected state-church institution (which is always in favor of the "reforms").
    If this bishop would be removed by the pope, they would simply ignore him. Any bishop sent in by the pope would have to start the Catholic Church anew, with no Church buildings, no money and no people except for a few Traditionalists.

    This just ass a background on why this bishop allows himself to be so outspoken.

  8. Lee Lovelock-Jemmott9:47 AM

    He needs to read the Papal Encyclical Mirari Vos and Syllabus of Errors. And then perhaps reflect on his heresy. Also a bit of St Athansius to see what a catholic mindful of the faith is supposed to do anywhere in any circumstance. Lastly he needs to be stripped of his faculties and then given one last chance as a layman.

  9. Pope Benedict just fired Austrian Bishop William Morris for calling for women's ordination. I doubt the Vatican will pussy-foot with this jackhole if he keeps this up!

  10. Brian9:54 AM

    How about this bishop?

    And how about the poor Catholics who, for the next fourteen years, will receive their Catholic formation under his leadership?

    To allow this stand, is unjust.

  11. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Support for the ordination of women was one of the main issues behind the forced resignation of the Bishop of Toowoomba Australia in the last few days. His statement about his removal can be found here:

    The Australian Bishops conference has B16's letter of acceptance of his resignation and a pastoral by the Apostolic Administrator.

    Bishop Morris claims he was only raising the issue for discussion in a pastoral he wrote on the shortage of priests in his diocese.

    Rome did a visitation on him and eventually came to the conclusion that he was no longer fit for the position.

    Mind you there are other issues as well to the story than mere discussion of the ordination of women, of course, as many of the more traditional locals made clear to the Visitor Abp Chaput of Denver.

    The report of that visitation has now become the focal point of bile and outright attacks on B16 and the faceless men of the Vatican. Morris claims he was not given a copy of the report so has been denied natural justice. Mind you it has taken 5 years for Rome to take this action against him, and it is even admitted by the Abp of Brisbane that it was hoped all the issues could have been worked out amicably, but such was not the case.

    What is somewhat disingenuous of Bp Morris is that he had read out in all parishes of the diocese his position even before he had received the official letter from B16 that his resignation had been accepted. The net effect of this action has been to cause uproar and manipulate opinion to his side of the case.

    When asked what his reaction to the whole chain of events was, he 'was very sad about it all'. His public statements to date show no sign of accepting that the judgement of HH are from the Lord or regret or sorrow that he has caused grief to our Lord for the scandal that it is to have to be removed from his high office. It is reasonable to assume that he thinks he is entitled to raise the issue for discussion when Rome has made it clear that it is not.

    In many ways whoever takes over the 'see' in Toowoomba has a significant very angry and surly group of priests to deal with who are in full support of the views of Morris. There are also a large number of ordinary faithful who love and believe in the bishop very much.

    Some have noted that Rome can get rid of bishops quite easily over doctrinal matters, so why the recalcitrance over pedophile bishops and priests? Good point. They should act swiftly in both situations. However, one issue is doctrinal and the other moral.

    The issue of doctrine is the more serious in that no bishop should be insinuating to his faithful flock that dissent from infallible teaching is comportable with one's journey of salvation.

    Lots of people disagree with this view, but one can see the point in Rome acting against Bishops who challenge the status of OS. Such dissent attacks the heart of the sacraments and as such Bishops who insinuate dissent under the guise of 'discussion' have to be removed ASAP. An erroneous idea under the guise of being a correct and salvific idea is more deadly than any virus.

    Ideas have no boundaries and infect everything mentally and eventually morally and religiously. Such ideas eat at the very foundation of the faith of an individual and leads them inevitably to 'non serviam'. Rejecting and overcoming an erroneous idea which one holds dear is extremely difficult to achieve. One not only has to be convinced by an array of superior arguments but then one has to have the courage to admit openly that one has been wrong and apologise to all those harmed. Clearly 5 years was not enough for Bp Morris and hence he is now left to his own devices to repent of his views and his actions before he meets his maker as we all do.

    Even if chaps like Buchel keep rising up, Rome has to act no matter how futile it may seem to some. There can be no compromise on this.

  12. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Throw him out, like the Pope did to the like minded bishop in Australia yesterday.

  13. So remind me again why Archbishop Lefebvre was excommunicated? I seem to have forgotten.

  14. Fr William R. Young12:05 PM

    A bishop in Australia has been removed from office for saying similar things, it seems. A sign of things to come? I think we must hope so. But it may take a little while.

  15. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Let pray these wolfs will all take their sheep clothing off and we can see all of these nuts cases thaT THE CHURCH OF VAC II HAS PRODUCED!

  16. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Does the woman in the pic wear a stole? It looks to me more than a simply altar-girl... and is kind of older, good-looking type... I wonder what is the real purpose of having such person in front of everyone's eyes??

  17. Anonymous12:49 PM

    @ P.K.T.P.

    As much as I can't stand the biases of the CBC, I will say this, my family lives off of it. The CBC is not bad in itself, nor is the idea of a public broadcaster. It is many of its higher-ups who need to be sacked.


  18. Henry2:57 PM

    "Does the woman in the pic wear a stole? It looks to me more than a simply altar-girl."

    Perhaps the bishop has already ordained her--as deaconess or some such--in which she needs to be defrocked when (or before) the bishop himself is degraded.

  19. And as of now this bishop is regularised and the FSSPX is not?

    It becomes more ridiculous by the moment, and this day and age in the Church is unique.

    Very confusing

  20. So tired of articles using the word "taboo" about Church teaching. The connotation is that the belief so labeled is irrational. Pagans have taboo; Catholics have dogma.

  21. Anonymous4:28 PM

    How about the new appointed bishops in France ?

    Bp elect Fonlupt, a happy clappy litnik sitting on many N.O. "rubrics" and he is on youtube who is providing blessings to divorced couples and generously collective absolutions that are strictly ... forbidden.

    Not forgetting Bp Azema who presided the funerals of a pro-Mao Ze Dong and Stalin admirer, by the way known racist and outward anti-Benedict XVI mayor ?

    And the "great" Bp Nourrichard of Évreux who is methodically eradicating anything Catholic from his diocese ? You may have heard about the poor Ratzingerian and brilliant pastor Fr Michel who was ousted from his parish and who is now threatenend with an (illegal) excommunication ...

    There are so many Büchel and Morris in Western Europe !
    So far nothing has been seriously done to change this desastrous situation of European bishops. Alas.

    Though in 1998 a cardinal Ratzinger said in a conference that changing the college of bishops is the KEY to rejuvenate the Church. This cardinal was entirely right.

    May the Morris case be an inspiration for Europe though I'm skeptical.


  22. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Why should he have to wait? The Anglicans would love to have him!

  23. Anonymous5:46 PM

    If he was imposing the Catechism of the Council of Trent upon his flock, he'd be gone in so fast he wouldn't know what hit him.


  24. Tom the Milkman6:45 PM

    Will someone please put that young lady at the altar in touch with Norma Jean Coon? ..

  25. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Another sign that an open schism is in the making. This reveals an actual, irreconciable split in understanding of the Church between SUPERNATURAL BELIEF and NATURAL REASON ON A SUPERFICIAL LEVEL, which has gotten to the point that some of the latter can no longer "tolerate" the Divinely ordained symbolism of the Sacraments.

  26. Anonymous7:30 PM

    The Pope needs to make another example of this Bishop. Maybe we'll get on a roll and really clean house of all the bishops and priests who do not believe what the Catholic Church teaches! We would be SO much stronger then! At least eventually. We have a problem with generational ignorance with regards to what the Church teaches in much of the laity. Maybe if they got the Church's teaching straight up, they'd start attending Mass and the Sacraments regularly.

  27. This bishop will be rewarded with a sinecure somewhere in Rome with diplomatic immunity.

  28. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Trow da bum out!

  29. Anonymous8:19 PM

    LeonG, Wasn't Wuerl just given something in Rome?

  30. Yeah...well, 80% of Catholic clergy in the 300's and 400's A.D. thought that Arianism was really the right course to chart. Embraced it with all their heart, they did. It may not go away, but it will never be Catholic doctrine. This man is a willful heretic, and should be condemned. Vandal.

  31. Cruise the Groove. said...

    And as of now this bishop is regularised and the FSSPX is not?

    It becomes more ridiculous by the moment, and this day and age in the Church is unique.

    Very confusing

    Ridiculous is not the word for it IMO...UNJUST! would be the more accurate word to use but I share your frustration, Cruise.

    Everyday we see bloggers write their hateful expressions against the FSSPX and Rome refuses the one thing that could change the situation in a heartbeat, a Worldwide Apostolic Administration with the SSPX bishops in the lead for traditional Catholics of every land, territory or possession. It could include all existing traditional Catholic Communities/Enclaves no matter where they exist and jurisdiction could be by papal decree. But, with the Modernists in charge this is becoming more and more unlikely, I fear to say.

    Still, we are reminded by Our Lord's statement to his disciples that whatever you ask of the Father in my name shall be granted unto you. We must trust that it is the Father's Will for this to happen. If it's not, perhaps He has another road for us to follow, another trial, another crucifixion. In the end, however, He shall reward us for our faith and our willingness to carry whatever crosses He deems to place in our path.

  32. Louis E.3:39 AM

    I believe that the Swiss dioceses (all of them immediately subject to the holy see,there are no metropolitans) are subject to a concordat that effectively prohibits orthodox incumbents.


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