Rorate Caeli

"I am personally pleased to restore Father Pfleger to his sacramental and pastoral ministry at St. Sabina and in the Archdiocese of Chicago"

From the website of the Archdiocese of Chicago:

Statement of Francis Cardinal George, OMI
May 20, 2011

After the remarks Father Pfleger made on National Public Radio, which seemed to place himself outside the Church and constitute a threat to leave the Catholic priesthood, I asked Father Pfleger to take time to pray about his personal faith and his commitment to the Catholic priesthood. In the past month, Father Pfleger and I have discussed how the Church has been wounded and how necessary it is to find a way to heal the hurt and confusion.

Father Pfleger’s statement, which he discussed with me, is a genuine step toward healing the hurt and clarifying the confusion.

Many people have been personally affected by these events, including the people of St. Sabina Parish, and I hope that our statements now will bring the peace necessary to strengthen the mission of the Church. I am personally pleased to restore Father Pfleger to his sacramental and pastoral ministry at St. Sabina and in the Archdiocese of Chicago. With him, I ask the Lord to bless him and the people he loves.

As Archbishop of this local Church, the Archdiocese of Chicago, I share with the auxiliary bishops and priests a particular responsibility for our unity in Christ. We rely upon Christ to heal us now and to guide us in the future. I look forward to visiting St. Sabina Parish in the near future.

May 20, 2011

If my remarks in a radio interview seemed to be a threat to leave the priesthood, I am sorry. That was not my intention. I am committed to the priesthood and the Catholic Church. I believe all who know me know well that I want to be a Catholic priest. I have spent the last 36 years of my life trying my best to preach the Gospel, be a voice for justice and the poor, and build up the Church.

In our conversations, Cardinal George and I recognized that the Church has been hurt, and this concerns us both. For the people of St. Sabina and the Church as a whole, I will do all in my power to foster healing for all. We trust in the healing power of God.

Cardinal George has asked, and I agree, that we move toward creating a plan of transition for the future of St. Sabina. In conversation with the people of St. Sabina and our Episcopal Vicar, Bishop Joseph Perry, I will prepare a transition plan for St. Sabina to present to the Cardinal and the Priests’ Placement Board by December 1, 2011.

Cardinal George and I are committed to work together to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in his Body, the Church.


Anonymous said...

This is a welcome change of tone from this priest. I am also happy that he is still leaving.

David Werling said...

Transition to what? Catholicism?

Anonymous said...

Hasn't this man already been excommunicated latae sententiae long ago?

Anonymous said...

'Et dimitte nobis debita nostra'.

The Church is concerned with saving souls.

Fr. A.M.

Alvin said...

As much as I'd like to say what I feel is appropriate here, I must refrain. I trust in God and in Fr. Pfleger's commitment to the Church. I wish him well and pray for a conversion of heart to tradition and true catholicity.

Cruise the Groove. said...

....and the good priests of the FSSPX remain suspended after 35 years??!!!

John McFarland said...


I think that we should including Cardinal George in our prayer.

If this is a fair sample of how His Eminence pastures the flock entrusted to his care, the hireling is all that is needed to scatter and destroy the flock.


This sort of thing is why the SSPX exists. As long as this sort of thing continues, the Society (God willing)is not going to be interested in being unsuspended.

Jack B. said...

Father Pfleger will (supposedly) be presenting a transition plan in December. Cardinal George will turn 75 in January. His successor will likely have to deal with this situation.

Hopefully Bishop Joseph Perry will be George's successor.

Hope Springs Eternal said...

Jack B. - Bishop Joseph Perry would be an excellent choice!

scotju said...

Fr. Pfleger will never change, he's a hardened leftist. Cdl George is a wimp, he'll pass the Pfleger problem on to his successor. Pray that the next Abp. of Chicago will give this Marxist jerk the boot out of the priesthood, and give St. Sabina an orthodox pastor.

John McFarland said...

Would that Cardinal George were merely a wimp.

Take another look at His Eminence's statement. It doesn't exactly breathe the spirit of the gospels.

Anonymous said...

The liberals still rule the roost despite what we think.

I wonder if he had been teaching in his RCIA classes from the Catechism of the Council of Trent if Cardinal George would have so very conciliatory?