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The overseers - I

But we do have at least two other detailed motives for which to express to the Pope our gratitude: the first is related to the instruction Universae Ecclesiae, granted in order to give a correct interpretation of the «motu proprio» Summorum Pontificum, of July 7, 2007, and therefore, a more binding and harmonious recovery - within each diocese - of the entire liturgical patrimony of the universal Church. In effect, to avoid hurting anymore the concord of each particular Church with the universal Church, working particularly in order to unite every force and to give back to the liturgy its powerful wonder.
Cardinal Bagnasco (Genoa), President of the Italian Episcopal Conference
May 23, 2011

Archbishop Giacinto Berloco, Apostolic Nuncio to Belgium and Luxembourg, celebrates Pontifical Mass and confers confirmations - Convent of Saint Anne, Brussels Capital Region. 

(Source: Blog of the Rector; tip: Father Finigan.)


Anonymous said...

This is the future of The Holy Roman Church. Deo Gratias

Gratias said...

Well done Nuncio and Institute of Christ the King! The reform of the reform is on its extraordinary march through the Church.

Deo gratias.

Roman said...

Cardinal Bagnasco -- for some reason I have hope that he will become the next pope, or at least papablie

Jon said...

Does anyone know what Cardinal Scola's sentiments are toward SP and the reform of the reform?

Anonymous said...

@ Roman
Card. Bagnasco, card. Burke, card. Pell, card. Ranjith. Let's hope bp. Atanasius Schneider will be soon transferred from Kazakhstan to any of "cardinal" see in Germany (Berlin is now vacant, soon Koeln).
Any others proposals?


Anonymous said...

"...and therefore, a more binding and harmonious recovery - within each diocese - of the entire liturgical patrimony of the universal Church."

Would that mean the end to altar girls, Communion in the hand and Liturgy ad populum?

Would that mean, at least within the "Latin" Church, the inclusion of Latin and Gregorian Chant during Mass?

Ligusticus said...

" The usus antiquior continues to win over young hearts and minds just as the sometimes banal and showy performance of the ordinary form drives others to despair. We owe the best to Our Lord and also to His children within the Church, for the sake of the salvation of the world.


...wrote (in Aug 2010) Nuncio (then to the Antilles) Abp. Gullickson in his (old) blog.

He wrote also, two weeks ago:

"I too am looking forward to the publication of this coming Friday’s official refresher to Summorum Pontificum. The joyous and unhindered celebration of the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite is the welcome and needed challenge to caprice and improvisation (there is something of the two-edged sword in that statement). May we all be aided and encouraged in our quest to be nourished by God in and through the great mysteries the Only Begotten Son has entrusted to His Church! No longer church mice nor theater troupes, but heirs of the Kingdom!"

His future blog (still empty: he has not been installed yet in his new post of Apostolic Nuncio to Ukraine):

Ligusticus said...

[ See also: ]

Anonymous said...

With few exceptions, Roman Rite bishops refuse to enforce Vatican II's teachings in regard to the liturgical employment of Latin and Gregorian chant.

How can the Church, at least the Latin Church, recover her liturgical patrimony in light of the above?