Rorate Caeli

New design

Congratulations to Mr. Donald Taylor for winning our "Virtual Kermesse" with the new template you are now able to enjoy. It provides the exact amount of continuity and conservative and minor alterations we were looking for: that is "organic development" for you... If you have any suggestions to improve the new design, please, post them in our comment box or send them to us and we will ask Mr. Taylor to verify if any of them can be satisfactorily implemented.

We thank the best overall Catholic bookseller in the English-speaking world, Angelus Press, for their generous support of our contest - overall, because, from children's classics (Know your Mass) to what is considered by most to be the most complete laity Missal, from official doctrinal masterpieces (Catechismus ad parochos) to the official books of the Traditional Roman Liturgy (including the Breviarium Romanum or the Rituale), Angelus Press consistently prints and/or offers excellent publications. Visit their website frequently and watch out for their latest announcements. (This is certainly not an ad, but a sincere acknowledgment of the gift that Angelus Press is to the world.)

A very happy Whitsuntide to all!