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For the record of events

Absolutely no consistent news or even solidly believable rumors on the matter: notions of a concrete and specific standing offer by the Holy See were denied by the Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X in his visit to his congregation's seminary in the United States, where the June Ordinations took place - specifically as a sidenote in his sermon. They have also been mostly denied by our sources.


  1. Sorry, I had to close comments for the first few hours.

  2. Anonymous10:04 PM

    The source said that the offer would come "in this month of June". 29th June, the Feast of SS. Peter & Paul, symbolises the Pope's primacy and authority. That day or its vigil would be a good time to sign something ....

    Keep praying. According to Bishop Fellay, a "phase' of "continuing contacts" has ended. So what comes next?


  3. I hate to be 'that guy'... But someone's got to say it.... Even if the sspx gets regularized, they are gonna have to consecrate more bishops soon enough... Then we are back to square 1...

  4. Gratias12:17 AM

    As explained in the Gregorianmass link (P.K.T.P. no less!), perhaps the Holy Father might first put in place an international diocese for the forma extraordinaria and then invite the FSSPX. The prayers led by Messa in Latino and Rorate Caeli cannot hurt.

  5. According to Bishop Fellay the SSPX will not regularize with Rome:

    "He also shared some Roman news, basically to dismiss the rumors that something was being underway between the SSPX and Rome. More on this to come from"

    I went to confession to an SSPX priest today.
    Guess I will have to go again.


  6. Joe B1:20 AM

    I went to confession last week. First I went to a Diocesan Novus Ordo parish, but the priest didn't show for his weekly 30-minute advertised session right before the Saturday evening mass. He was there, he just didn't make it into the confessional. I left when the time period was over and the shorts-clad, chattering crowd started converging on the place.

    So I went to mass the next morning at an SSPX chapel where a visiting priest, not even the normal one, was hearing confessions for over an hour before the 9AM mass, which is the norm there, but I still didn't make it into the confessional. No problem. The priest said during the homily in a most beautiful sung mass that he noticed there were still people waiting for confession when he had to break for mass, so he would hear them after mass as well, and he did. For another hour.

    The crisis exists. God is just. Church supplied jurisdiction.

  7. Anonymous1:26 AM

    But there are many "regularized" priests who conduct themselves in the following manner:

    1988, Cardinal Ratzinger (His Holiness) declared that ...

    "After the Council there were many priests who deliberately raised ‘desacralization’ to the level of a program...they put aside the sacred vestments; they have despoiled the churches as much as they could of that splendor which brings to mind the sacred; and they have reduced
    the liturgy to the language and the gestures of ordinary life, by means of greetings, common signs of friendship, and such things."


  8. The SSPX is going to build a $25,000,000.00 Seminary in Virginia.

    On the cheap, Rome has 'sold' former Seminaries, and Convents to Satan Devil Worshippers, Yoga People, and Culinary Schools, and so on.

    If the SSPX was anywhere near in good graces with Rome, the SSPX could be given Mary Immaculate in Philadelphia, in example, or any other U.S. Seminary or Convent.

    I wonder whose backyard this is to be built in?


  9. Anonymous3:12 AM

    An earlier comment touched upon something I've often hoped for but is rarely discussed: an Ordinariate for the communities already in good standing with Rome that exclusively offer the Traditional Mass. At some level, I wonder such an offer will never be made because there would be a stampede of good priests and seminarians towards such a structure, further weakening the already crumbling Novus Ordo.

  10. John McFarland4:32 AM

    I was at the ordination Mass. Bishop Fellay's ipsissima verba will probably be published pretty quickly, but let me offer my best recollection of his remarks.

    Bishop Fellay's first point was: don't believe the rumors.

    I'm not sure whether he said that the discussions are over, but he did say that a copy of the proceedings of the discussions would go to each of him and the Holy Father. He's supposed to go to Rome for a meeting, but the time is not settled. He did not seem to know the agenda either.

    His second point was what he styled the "contradictions" in the Vatican.

    He offered three examples.

    The first was the non-delivery of the approval of a return of a German Trappist monastery to its pre-Vatican II liturgy. Somebody just put it in a drawer, like the Vatican II petition for the condemnation of Communism.

    The second was a pronouncement by the dicastery for religious relating to a religious who had affiliated with the SSPX. The pronouncement dismissed him from his order and excommunicated him. When questioned about it, Msgr. Pozzo said they had no jurisdiction and pantomimed tearing the document in two.

    The third was the contradiction between the basic spirit of the 2007 MP -- that those who wanted the Old Mass could have it -- and Article 19 of the recent instruction. As he noted, perhaps 90% if not 95% of those who wish to attend the Old Mass deny the validity and/or the legitimacy of the New Mass.

    This led him to wonder out loud whether the Holy Father could be said to be in control of the Vatican.

    So: if there is a deal in works, Bishop Fellay doesn't know anything about it; and dealing with the Vatican is in his eyes a very problematic exercise.

    The Vatican, of course, leaks like a sieve, and the SSPX has its friends there. So if Bishop Fellay knows of nothing afoot, and enjoins his faithful not to give credence to rumors, it seems highly likely that there is nothing afoot.

  11. Bill M5:18 AM

    My prayers will continue until the "just" reconciliation is accomplished.

  12. Mr. McFarland, your depiction is correct (there is an audio of the speech uploaded by DICI, it is one of the links of this post). Your conclusion (following "so"...), not necessarily.

    Thanks for your comment.

  13. Anonymous8:33 AM

    It is obvious to all of us here that there is a crisis in the Church and many souls are on their way to hell.

    We True Catholics need Benedict XVI to give us an Ordinariate for all communities in good standing as Anonymous 20 June, 2011 03:12 said.

    There is too many priests whom I personally don't trust in imparting the sacraments.

    Why? They don't seem to hold to the teaching of the Church and neither do I see evidence that they lead holy lives of prayer, fasting, abtenance, humility and service. Although many of them do claimed to do all of the above, I don't see it.

    Reading their breviary daily like they should and used to, not very many if hardly a few.

    Benedict XVI doesn't have much time in his hands.
    If this Pope is going to make his mark in the History of the Church in the 21 century and for all time to come this is his opportunity.

    The Church of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has fallen again into ruins and he, the present Pope is the only one with authority after Our Lord to help save many souls, by providing some needed piety, respect for the sacred, etc,and just bringing back the HOLINESS to the Church and all that was beautiful in it before the tragedy of Vatican II and the Mass of Paul VI 1969.

    Since then darkness entered the Church, and we are now in danger of loosing our souls due to the confusion and lack of proper worship to the LORD.

    Your Holiness I don't know if you ever read comments on blogs or on this blog but if you happen to read them please listen to what some of us concern Catholics are asking of you.

    There is not much time left it seems Apostasy is running rampant starting with the shepherds, and the sheep are falling into the cliffs.
    The wolves are running rampart and you must do something.


  14. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I thought, according to Bishop Fellay, that something was going to happen in September - i.e. documents sent 'to a higher authority' ? I take this to be the pope ?

    I also think that we should be careful when describing 'Rome' (the use of the word is sometimes used as to indicate disrespect,which I do not approve of)in purely negative terms, as if everybody is 'out to get' the Holy Father. He also has opponents elsewhere in the Church.

    Let us keep praying for the Holy See and for SSPX's reconciliation. I hope I live to see that day.

    Fr. A.M.

  15. Anonymous1:19 PM

    If there was anything afoot with regards to regularization or a juridical structure for Traditional Orders including the FSSPX, I would imagine it would be kept strictly under wraps until all the "i's" were dotted and the "t's" were crossed.

    There are many who would like to see such endeavors scuttled, some of whom are in very high places in the Vatican, and it behooves us to stay out of the rumor mill until the Holy Father sees fit to make things public if, in fact, there is anything to make public. This is also the recommendation of Bishop Fellay and I heartily concur. Prayers are the only solution.

    LtCol Paul E. Haley, USAF(Ret)


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