Rorate Caeli

Kingdoms and empires have passed away - the Rock of Peter stands

William Byrd
Tu es Petrus (Grad., Missa in Festo SS. Ap. Petri et Pauli)
Kingdoms and empires have passed away; peoples once renowned for their history and civilization have disappeared; time and again the nations, as though overwhelmed by the weight of years, have fallen asunder; while the Church, indefectible in her essence, united by ties indissoluble with her heavenly Spouse, is here today radiant with eternal youth, strong with the same primitive vigor with which she came from the Heart of Christ dead upon the Cross. Men powerful in the world have risen up against her. They have disappeared, and she remains. Philosophical systems without number, of every form and every kind, rose up against her, arrogantly vaunting themselves her masters, as though they had at last destroyed the doctrine of the Church, refuted the dogmas of her faith, proved the absurdity of her teachings. But those systems, one after another, have passed into books of history, forgotten, bankrupt; while from the Rock of Peter the light of truth shines forth as brilliantly as on the day when Jesus first kindled it on His appearance in the world, and fed it with His Divine words: "Heaven and earth shall pass, but my words shall not pass" (Matth. xxiv. 35).
We, strengthened by this faith, firmly established on this rock, realizing to the full all the heavy duties that the Primacy imposes on Us - but also all the vigor that comes to Us from the Divine Will - calmly wait until all the voices be scattered to the winds that now shout around Us proclaiming that the Church has gone beyond her time, that her doctrines are passed away for ever, that the day is at hand when she will be condemned either to accept the tenets of a godless science and civilization or to disappear from human society. Yet at the same time We cannot but remind all, great and small, as Pope St. Gregory did, of the absolute necessity of having recourse to this Church in order to have eternal salvation, to follow the right road of reason, to feed on the truth, to obtain peace and even happiness in this life.
Pope Saint Pius X


Anonymous said...

Logmion says Bring Back Petrus Romanus

Gratias said...

When one looks at St. Peter's cupola it is amazing to realize that the apostle's relics rest exactly under its center. Credo in Sancta Ecclesia Catolicam. Per Secula seculorum.

Anonymous said...

If only Pope St. Pius X could stop dancing around the truth and exhibit just a little clarity of thought.

What a fabulous Pope, shepherd, father, and example to us all.

Pope St. Pius X, ora pro nobis.


Anonymous said...

If only we could have another St. Pius X. His clarify, candor, fervor and devotion are exactly what the church needs now.

No more mincing words and apologizing, just devotion to the truth, fervor for tradition and clarity of reason.

We need an encyclical on the Rights of God in Society, enough with the Rights of Man.

St Pius X, ora pro nobis.

Anonymous said...

Please pardon my sarcasm, but if the past 45 years exemplify the Rock of Peter standing, I'd hate to see what it crumbling would look like.

New Catholic said...

It would look like and it would be the end of days.

Anonymous said...

Poor sarcastic anonymous. He does not see the Church through the eyes of a believer.

M. A. said...

With the eyes of faith we see our Lord dead in the arms of his mother, while at the same time, knowing that God never dies!

So, the Church like her Spouse must also undergo some kind of death, while not dying. A paradox of our Faith!

Anonymous said...

"Please pardon my sarcasm, but if the past 45 years exemplify the Rock of Peter standing, I'd hate to see what it crumbling would look like."

I used to think like that too, but no more since I read about the Church during the time just before St. Dominic and St. Francis. If you think today is bad, guess again.

There is no doubt in my mind that Pope St. Pius X would be the first one to tell you to continue being loyal to Holy Mother Church and whomever is sitting in the Chair of Peter, whether he meets with our "approval" or not.


Anonymous said...


That is very good. I have a small Pieta statue. I'm going to go take it out of the box it is in so that I can be reminded of your words when the going gets tough.


M. A. said...

" that I can be reminded of your words when the going gets tough."

Delphina, the thought came from listening to one of Bishop Fellay's talks. It was an amazing insight, and it came from him. I just put it into a digestible kernel - something to chew on. :-)