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More on the new SSPX seminary

During the toast after the June 17 ordinations in Winona, the Superior General of the SSPX "officially announced the launching of the new seminary in Virginia for lack of space at the present Winona facility to meet the demands of the expanding numbers knocking at the seminary’s door." For those curious about this future seminary, (which will be located on a 700-acre site near Charlottesville, VA) the website of the St. Thomas Aquinas seminary has an FAQ.


  1. Anonymous11:29 AM

    What is going to happen to the old seminary ?

    God bless.

  2. I was there and I don't remember him saying any such thing.

  3. It is not said that it was in an official pronouncement... I was just announced - anyway, please complain to the SSPX website, which reported it.

  4. Bishop Fellay announced it - "officially", speaking as General Superior - during the banquet that followed the ordinations.
    The Winona Seminary will remain in the hands of the SSPX, perhaps as retreat house or boarding school...

  5. The location is in Cumberland county, a very rural are south of Charlottesville and about 60 miles west of Richmond.

    They will have to build from scratch, as there is not much out there by way of facilities.

    It will be very interesting to see how this plays with our bishop, DiLorenzo, who has tangled before the the Society when he was ordinary of Honolulu.

    Poor guy probably thinks they're chasing him!

    FSSP also is present in the Diocese, with a chapel in Tidewater and about to take over at St. Josephs in Richmond, the very first indult "parish" in the US.

    I hope for a speedy regularization, which would make my part of the world quite a hive of traditional Catholicism.

  6. Anonymous3:14 PM

    How is it that the SSPX, which has rejected female ordinations is closed to any openness to married clergy and is the antithesis of new ways of being Church, reaping so many vocations to the priesthood?


  7. Hopefully the SSPX are given an ordinariate by the time that that the seminary in Charlottsville is functioning.
    The Ordinary of the Diocese of Richmond, Bishop DiLorenzo, will be "thrilled" to have a major SSPX presence in his diocese.

  8. "How is it that the SSPX, which has rejected female ordinations is closed to any openness to married clergy and is the antithesis of new ways of being Church, reaping so many vocations to the priesthood?"

    Mysterium Fidei:

    Because they are faithful to the Church.
    [I understand you tongue in cheek comment though]

  9. Anonymous4:53 PM

    I wonder if this significant growth in a traditional seminary gives any clue to bishops out there still stuck in the kumbaya/progressive/modernist mentality with zero vocations....

  10. Anonymous5:17 PM

    The SSPX already has a Benedictine Monestery: Syon Abbey in the Richmond dioscese (see at Bp. DiLorenzo will just have to learn to live with the poor relations.

  11. Anonymous 17:17,

    That Abbey is in no way affiliated with the SSPX. They are sedevecantist, if I am not mistaken.

  12. The Benedictine Monastary in Virginia,Syon Abbey, is not associated with the SSPX in fact I think they are sedes.
    The American Benedictine Monastary associated with the SSPX is in New Mexico.

  13. Syon Abbey is NOT affiliated in any way with the SSPX.
    It belongs to a "sedevacantist" group.


    Up the raging Mississip
    And at the St. Paul’s source,
    South below the ragged cliffs
    There is a fiercer force.

    A force which surges
    Human blood between her banks each June,
    Then tears and rents herself for all
    She is Winona’s womb!

    And like the raging Mississip
    Her channels open wide,
    And birth the men who are the priests
    The source of Mother’s pride.

    And from that raging Mississip
    And at that St. Paul’s source,
    South below the ragged cliffs
    Push priests from land of Norse.

    Who ride the river far and wide
    For souls from shore to shore,
    And bring them home to Mother’s side
    To leave Her never more.

    And up where current’s all the rage
    And sin is sorrow’s source,
    Still south below the ragged cliffs
    Winona stays the course!

    ...and they'll do the same in Virginia for the greater glory of God and for the good of the WHOLE Church!!

    Viva Cristo Rey!!

  15. "how this plays with our bishop.."

    This is inconsequnetial to The Confraternity when all is said and done - they do Almighty God's work with or without such support. And well they do it too.

  16. Gratias6:30 AM

    Brava Long-Skirts, our resident poet!

  17. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Romanus! +*+****+ [kiss] Welconme back! Have you seen Bishop Williamson's comments? It is NOT to be a personal prelature. Just as I insisted. Personal prelatures are not flexible enough. Read Canons 295 ff.


  18. Dear PKTP,
    Hi!... but, what are you talking about? I don't remember saying anything about personal prelatures...
    Or are you confusing me with somebody else...?

  19. Anonymous3:58 AM

    It is actually going to be located in Buckingham County just West of State Highway 20 on Route 659.


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