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Plenary indulgence reminder

For tomorow, Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: public recitation of Iesu dulcissime (Act of Reparation) - Ench. Indulg., al. conc., 3.


New Catholic said...

This is just because it is better if as many are aware of it as possible -there are Plenary Indulgences attached to the Feast of SS. Peter and Paul, for example, which many Catholics ignore.

Anonymous said...

Can a family recite the prayer, would that be considered public?

Cruise the Groove. said...

What is public recitation?
I cannot go to Mass tommorow.

Could I go into a private oratory or chapel and recite this prayer?

Alex said...

Hi. Thank you for posting this reminder. I agree that it would be good if more people could be informed about the chances we have to get an indulgence, specially a plenary one, during the course of the year. By the way, as you cite the Enchiridion (if I'm not mistaken), is it in conformity with the current regulation regarding indulgences (as of Pope Paul VI, I suppose) or is it pre-Vatican II?
Also, as a suggestion, it would be nice and useful if we could have a reminder for indulgences more often. Thanks.:-)

Alex said...

By the way, congratulations for the banner on top of the blog. The recently shown pictures are beautiful. The "Latest" feature is also nice. I like the current latin text as well, "Roma [...] facta est discipula Veritatis."
In Christo,

New Catholic said...

Thanks for the kind words, Alex.

The Enchiridion is the current edition, aliae concessiones, conc. n. 3.

And, for Cruise, a partial indulgence is still available if public recitation is not possible.

Anonymous said...

Dear NC,

Thanks a heap for the reminder! I completely agree with all the compliments you guys get for the site! It's awesome ^^

Maybe you can make some kind of "gadget" thingy in the sidebar in which Indulgences are announced, as well as the conditions? Ha, maybe even a countdown until the next one? ;-)

Keep up the good work and may our Mother in Heaven recompense you all for your work!


Cruise the Groove. said...

Thank you New Catholic, but what is the nature of public recitation?

Could I go into a parish Church and read the prayer silently?
This is a public place.
I want the plenary indulgence not the partial.

Anonymous said...

N.C. et al,
What exactly is "public recitation?" Can I go to a nearby church and recite it there?

Phillip Carrion

Anonymous said...

Stop complimenting NC so much...he'll get a big head.


New Catholic said...

Cruise, I have so far been unable to find a specific definition - since it does not include the word 'solemn' (as some other kinds of public recitation in liturgical or quasi-liturgical circumstances), it seems to require only a public setting and vocal recitation (at least by one of the members of the group involved). Traditionally, however, it has been done after the Exposition and, in most circumstances, the recitation of the Litany of the Sacred Heart, and, of course, led by the Priest who celebrates the Exposition and imparts the Benediction - as it is not unusually done in all First Fridays, which, in a happy coincidence, is also today.

Adfero said...

Thanks Alex! Glad you like the new look.