Rorate Caeli

Scola back home

In the worst-kept Roman secret since Clodius's intrusion of Bona Dea's December rites, the Pope today named Cardinal Angelo Scola, up to now Patriarch of Venice, new Archbishop of Milan. Scola was born in the territory of the Ambrosian Metropolitan See, the largest in the Old World, 69 years ago. 

Over half the Popes in the past 100 years - Saint Sarto, Blessed Roncalli, Luciani (Venice); Ratti, Montini (Milan) - occupied one of both major Italian Sees in which Scola has served or is about to serve.

His latest interview, to The Universe (posted today at his personal website), is not very promising, unfortunately - nothing disturbing, it just seems to perpetuate the platitudes of the past five decades. May he be a good Pastor to his Ambrosian faithful, and generous and kind to those dedicated to the Traditional Rites of the Latin Church, as he was in Venice.