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A Vatican II Moment
Shameless: El Dominico Fabuloso - The Fabulous Dominican

Every day human interdependence grows more tightly drawn and spreads by degrees over the whole world. As a result the common good, that is, the sum of those conditions of social life which allow social groups and their individual members relatively thorough and ready access to their own fulfillment, today takes on an increasingly universal complexion and consequently involves rights and duties with respect to the whole human race. Every social group must take account of the needs and legitimate aspirations of other groups, and even of the general welfare of the entire human family. 


This comes to us from the fine northern Mexican city of Saltillo, Coahuila (CNA; image: Vanguardia):

Saltillo, Mexico, Jun 23, 2011 / 05:48 pm (CNA).- The San Elredo Community, which is backed by Bishop Raul Vera of Saltillo, Mexico, plans to request that civil unions between same-sex couples from now on be referred to as “marriage."
Noe Ruiz, the coordinator of the community, said they would call on the new congress and governor of the State of Coahuila to establish policies that “respect” homosexuals, according to the June 16 edition of the Mexican newspaper Vanguardia. The community is backed by Saltillo's bishop despite its open opposition to Catholic teachings on homosexuality. ...
Bishop Raul Vera Lopez of the Diocese of Saltillo has repeatedly expressed support for same-sex unions.

In March of this year, Bishop Vera Lopez published a statement on the diocesan website expressing support for the “sexual, family and religious diversity forum.” The event was aimed at “eradicating what some sectors of the Church believe about homosexuality” — especially the belief “that homosexual acts are contrary to God.” 
Fr. Robert Coogan, the American priest [what a shock!] who founded San Elredo, told CNA, “The only answer the Catechism gives is to tell (homosexual persons) to be celibate, and that is not enough.” He voiced his own support for the legalization of same-sex unions and adoptions and said the community “has the strong support of the bishop.”
We are pretty confident that the Dominican Bishop and his glittering American priest can quote Gaudium et Spes to defend all of their actions...


David Werling said...

Don't worry. The Vatican will soon issue a clarification, and this will be turned into one of those enlightening "Hermeneutic of Reform" teaching moments.

His brother Dominican, Fr. Cavalcoli, is probably watching this one very closely, and he and his fellow theologians will soon provide the proper interpretation in continuity with Tradition, thus dispelling the confusion and at the same time legitimizing the confusion, all in one fell swoop. Oh, glorious analogy!

(Maybe I've been thinking too much about that particular subject.)

New Catholic said...

Sorry, Ortiz, I was editing the post while you were writing your comment; it did not make sense after editing.

Timothy Mulligan said...

Dissolve the community.

Depose the bishop.


Jitpring said...

The epitaph of this base age:

O age, thou art shamed.
O shame, where is thy blush?

-Shakespeare, Julius Caesar,* Hamlet**

Jordanes551 said...

It seems unlikely that proponents of sodomitic imitation of marriage (which obviously is neither a need nor a legitimate aspiration, not a right nor a duty) will find any support for it in G&S, which stresses at great length the dignity of marriage in Part II Chapter I, clearly upholding procreation and the sexual complementarity of marriage and condemning contraception, abortion, and infanticide. G&S can be misquoted and misapplied, of course, but then that is true of any and every text.

Mr. Mulligan is right on target. This unworthy bishop and this subverted religious community must be dealt with, immediately.

Alan Aversa said...

Compare to Fr. Rodriguez.

rodrigo said...

Meanwhile, Archbishop Vincent Nichols responds to journalists asking whether homosexual relationships should be recognised with an "I don't know."

It seems clear to me that on this issue and women priests we are seeing a concerted push by those who hate the Holy Father and the Church. In the name of "discussion" and "dialogue" on these topics, doors are being opened to Hell.

Anonymous said...

If I were Pope Benedict XVI, I would want to watch very carefully who, exactly, was in the Sacred College of Cardinals now. I would want to stack the College with a few Catholic prelates, if he can find any. Some say that this pontificate was merely a continuation of the last one (with considerably more class, of course), a sort of hold-out pontificate before the dam must break.


Anonymous said...


I know four good candidates.


Gratias said...


In which direction is the dam supposed to break?

Benedict XVI should nominate only Bishops and Cardinals who have themselves offered T L M. Otherwise, the chosen ones would be incomplete priests familiar with only part of the recognized Catholic liturgy.

LeonG said...

How many times have we read and heard it from those who defend conciliar line that its foundational documents are not subversive? Every paragraph contains enough philosophical space to drive through the then hidden liberal agenda. There can only be one accurate accusation levelled at this anti-Catholic approach to liturgy and pastoral care - freemasonry at the very heart of the church itself.

Anonymous said...

The more progressive and modernist Priests, Bishops, and Cardinals hold out against reform of the Pauline Missal the more its' apparent flaws become obvious. Inherent is the opinion that the Pauline Missal can not resemble the 62 Missal, and in the end may be what brings down this Missal. The Missal itself having integrity but the way it is celebrated way too often does not and those who abuse it are so resistant to reform and allow it to be celebrated as written and in a Traditional manner which would keep it in line with Continuity for Continuity's sake. Those responsible for its' celebration may be the very people who bring it crashing to the floor, while there are many of us who simply attend the 62 Mass with no agenda or any bias against the NO Missal at all.

Louis E. said...

After two transfers and a carve-out of part of his former territory,this bishop is running a smaller diocese than he was twenty years ago.I suppose he will say he's not a careerist.