Rorate Caeli

"Thanks to the Holy Father for Summorum Pontificum"

And, as it can be seen, the Apostolicus Dominus sure saw the sign!

Congratulations to those Catholics from the land of the dalmatic and of the necktie who held steady in the rain in order to thank Peter. 


  1. Gratias6:20 AM

    Heilige Vater, vielen Dank fur Summorum Pontificum. (I was privileged enough to say those exact words face to face to the Pope in a Solemn Audience last November).

    Long live Benedict XVI, a blessing to the Church.

  2. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Heartwarming! God bless Pope Benedict XVI!


  3. Anonymous1:42 PM

    As I wait this morning until it's time to head off to Tridentine Mass, this was a lovely post to see. I shall be extra thankful this morning.

    Thank you, Holy Father!

  4. rodrigo1:47 PM

    Great idea, and I'm sure the Holy Father liked it! Well done!

  5. Great photo! And, indeed, thank you Holy Father! Let's also thank the FSSPX, without whom, of course, Summorum Pontificum would have been inconceivable! (every time I hear or say that word I think of this scene from The Princess Bride!)

  6. Rather thanks to Pope St Gregory The GReat and POpe St Pius V whose work on the liturgy have given us the TLM in a codified, doctrinally infallibly guaranteed rite "in perpetuum". No pope, bishop or priest can ever take our right to this Holy Mass away from we Roman Catholics whatever our status as Catholics in The Church. This is where the gratitude eternally belongs. This is why those who have suffered greatly over the centuries to protect this right have immense merit and deserve our praise and thanks. From 1969 to 1984 (at least) our leaders tried to leave us with the belief that it was abrogted for good. Those who knew better resited this false idea. Deo Gratias.

  7. As the Holy Father said in his Primum Nuntium, the youth are the future of the Church. What a great witness these two young men! My compliments to them.

  8. Gratias10:27 PM

    Credit is due to Bendict XVI too. Were it not for him, they might have extinguished the Mass forever. We know they tried.

    Still, it is frustrating how slowly the restoration is progressing. We need to get supportive bishops appointed. A good litmus test would be that to get appointed one should have offered a Latin Mass, and be trained in Latin. Very quickly the traditional Mass would proliferate, and Rosetta Stone Latin courses would become bestsellers. While the FSSP is doing great works, we need to expand the use of TLM exponentially while Benedict XVI is leading us. There are lots of priests, just give them the incentives and the diocesans can rebuild the Church. We faithful must attend as many Latin Masses as possible, in as many places (religious tourism) as we can. Invite your Catholic friends, most will not come but they are not offended by the invitation.

    The Pope was very happy with this sign of gratitude in Croatia, I am sure.

  9. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Yes there seems to be a great group of traditional Catholics trying to restore TRADITION and the Latin Mass to Croatia. God Bless their Efforts!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Joe B2:55 AM

    But Pope Benedict XVI isn't going in the direction of the TLM, and neither is the rest of the church's hierarchy or the average Catholic. They are all still firmly committed to the Novus Ordo type of mass. At some point that basic commitment must change because otherwise we are merely being miraculously tolerated.

    And since the mass is directly linked to our theology, and the progress of the TLM appears to have raced ahead of theological reform, we're already overdue for a counter-reaction from our theological enemies.

    It even seems related to the political forces at play in the West. Turning around the powerful and addictive "anything goes" mentality of the Novus Ordo is something like trying to turn a socialist nation away from the entitlement mentality - sooner or later it has to be done, but don't think that just winning an election or two will turn the masses away from it.

    OK, forget that stretch. It's late. When I read this in the morning I'll probably spew my coffee all over the computer, too. And it's all P.K.T.P.'s fault.

  11. "..they might have extinguished the Mass forever..."

    No, they would not have done so as The Confraternity came into being along with many independent Roman Catholic clergy to prevent this from happening. Allow for more than a million faithful laity and there was absolutely no possibility of extinction. Moreover, there are many of us now willing to give our lives for it, literally.

  12. Anonymous1:30 PM

    If the Pope would personally validate Summorum Pontificum by celebrating Mass in the traditional rite in St. Peter's it would bring immense relief and succour to priests and laypeople stiil oppressed by misfeasant bishops who will not apply that motu proprio and act against priests and laypeople who want the traditional rite of Mass.


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