Rorate Caeli

You report: Confirmations in Dayton; Mass in Kenosha.

1. More Traditional Confirmations: Pictures of the Sacrament of Confirmation according to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, administered to 16 confirmandi by Cincinnati Archbishop Emeritus Daniel Pilarczyk on Trinity Sunday (19 June 2011) at Holy Family Church, Dayton, Ohio, the home parish of His Excellency's childhood.

2. Those who attended the Mass announced here in Kenosha, Wisconsin, send us the following report:
Mass on Pentecost Sunday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was particularly memorable thanks to the presence of the Oriana Singers under the direction of Mr. Bill Chin. They sang the Gregorian propers as well as a beautifully executed Mass setting, namely Viadana's Missa "L'hora passata," along with motets at the Offertory and Communion by Palestrina and Gabrieli. A sung Mass is offered on the second Sunday of each month at St. Peter's in Kenosha thanks to the generous commitment and dedication of the Institute of Christ the King (in particular Canon Olivier Meney of St. Stanislaus Catholic Church, Milwaukee) and the Kenosha Latin Mass Society.


Matthew M said...

Blessings! I grew up in Akron. It is so wonderful to see this happening in so many places.

Anonymous said...

The Mass in Kenosha was absolutely beautiful. Thank you Father Johnson and the Oriana Singers!

MCITL said...

More photos of Pentecost Mass in Kenosha available at

Andrea G said...

Reverence, beauty, sacrifice and mystery in action.

Gratias said...

Thank you for your chronicle of the advances of the Latin liturgy. The more our progress is diffused and recorded, the more difficult it will be for the enemies of the Church to disobey the orders of the Holy Father.

With some sense of justice from our Bishops, we might soon be able to receive communion kneeling and in the tongue in novus masses before we know it. Just keep attending as many Latin Masses as humanly possible. Every time you are in attendance it makes a difference, like these confirmands.

Dan said...

The Mass in Kenosha was, indeed, something quite lovely.

A special mention of praise to Mr Chin and his brilliant singers. The hand of a true master is clearly evident. I wish we could have him and his group at our Milwaukee mass instead of the (forgive me) rather dreadful choir and choir director that now graces our celebration.

Thanks to the organizers in Kenosha who got this going along with my hopes that they will tap into the other priests in the area who would with only a little prodding be induced to come and celebrate the immemorial Mass.