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You report: Traditional Mass returns to Sudbury, Ontario

Good Catholics in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, now have a regular Traditional Latin Mass (except in Winter months). About 40 people were in attendance at this first Mass. The priest celebrant is Fr. Neil Campbell of the Peterborough Diocese. Let's all pray for these Catholic that, even when it's cold, they can find the Traditional Mass.

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Hope Springs Eternal said...

A seasonal Latin Mass? Now that's a new one . . . but something is better than nothing!

Deo Gratias!

Anonymous said...

No, nothing at all is better than one Sunday per month. With nothing, you are at least not constantly reminded of what you do not have.


Neal said...

The seasonality probably has something to do with driving conditions. In that part of the world, it's easy to imagine.

Gratias said...

Something is better than nothing. Every person that can witness a Latin Mass is a gained opportunity for the Church. Of course, every-Sunday masses are better, but we must work the best results possible with the crumbs the Bishops throw at Traditional Catholics. I too would prefer that The Vatican would do for the Latin Mas of the ages what Paul VI did to impose Novus missae on us. We propose, but God disposes.

Anonymous said...


Sorry but I cannot agree. For one a month, I would not attend to be wrenched from one Mass to its opposite. If the Church is willing to reduce the obligation to one Sunday per month then one Sunday Latin Mass per month would do, barely. As long as they tell us that we must go to the New Mass--ever--there is a problem.


Mr. Ortiz said...

It is a good thing to strive to overcome--rather, balance out-- one's temperment. For instance, if one is given to melancholic tendencies, one should foster the virtue of hope in a special way. Simimarly, if one is a sanguine personality, the virtue of sobriety should be cultivated with care and perseverence.

I don't think this is off-topic.

Paul L said...

Fr. Campbell drives over an hour (it might be closer to 2 hours) each way to get to this mass, which is not his regular parish and mission masses, which he also says every sunday.

As someone suggested, and as Father has told me, he does not do it in the winter for the driving, it can be terrible this far north in Ontario.
I am very happy we have at least this (and i drive 2 hours to get to it). Its hardly enough to encourage growth, but it is enough to get me through my weekly N.O.
And it took some effort, i understand, to get the bishop, good man that he is, to agree to any.

Anonymous said...

Paul L.:

I wonder if you would drop me a line about the situation in the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if someone could quietly remove the flags from the sanctuary and, yes, I know about the indult allowing national flags--an unforunate allowance for an innovation. Not everything that is allowed is good. They should not be there and I could write rather extensively to explain why. Ideally, they should not be in the church at all. If they are, they belong in the nave, not the sanctuary.

Of course, it is appropriate to allow regimental banners in military chapels, in which case they are disposed from horizontal poles extending from the tops of the nave walls. A flag is the outdoors symbol of state authority and ideally should not be used indoors, where the national coat-of-arms fulfils that function.

The sanctuary represents Heaven and is not the place for symbols of earthly nations or corporations or human organisations. The vexilloid of Holy Church is the processional cross, not the Vatican City State flag, which is the flag of a foreign country and should only be displayed by the Pope and his delegates and nuncios. It is absolutely wrong to display the Vatican City State flag in a church except in the Vatican City State or the chapel of a nunciature. The symbolism there is very rich, as the vexilloid is different in form than a flag, wondrously figuring the difference in kind (and not only degree) of Church authority (and with interesting historical foundation, as flags are a development of the Roman vexilloids, but that is a story for another day).

I advice removing the flags and replacing them with the processional cross with the corpus facing the people. The processional cross alone is the 'flag' of Holy Mother Church. If we must place our national banners in the sanctuary, that would require consistency: the hammer and sickle in the Soviet Union churches; the swastika in Germany churches in the 1940s. I see a problem with the idea but that's just me.


Anonymous said...

Dear Paul L.:

Sorry, my e-mail address did not come out in the last post. It is


Adfero said...

While not perfect, if this is all I had, I would certainly want to worship God properly once a month than never at all.

Anonymous said...

This Mass is normally offered monthly at Sveti Marko Catholic Church in Sudbury, Ontario (again, except for the Winter months because of driving conditions). The Church is a Croatian parish near downtown.

The sanctuary is not normally arranged this way, and it can take over an hour to set up everything.

Although I cannot speak for everyone who comes to the Mass, I certainly value the "dose" of reverence and piety we get once a month...Deo gratias!

Dr. Peter Adamic,
President of Una Voce Sudbury