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Happy Anniversary - Remember to update WIKKIMISSA!

It’s hard to believe that four years have passed since Pope Benedict XVI blessed the Church with Summorum Pontificum. What is not hard to believe is that no one I know took that opportunity to rest on his laurels believing that things would take care of themselves as far as the Mass was concerned. I don’t think that anyone who reads these pages deceived himself into thinking that there would not be resistance and that it would be left largely to the laity to make sure that the Motu proprio was enforced. In his wisdom and generosity, His Holiness has recently given us Universae Ecclesiae, the instruction on the document which is already proving to be an invaluable tool for prying Summorum Pontificum into place. As a result, there has been activity lately in places where the Traditional Mass had been locked out by the local ordinary as well as places where independent minded priests, in union with their communities, have been working to bring regular Masses into their schedules.

I can think of few things that have been more instrumental in bringing people together with the Mass on a worldwide scale than Wikkimissa – the definitive international directory of the Traditional Latin Mass. As I do every year on this occasion, I am asking everyone to peruse their local listings in Wikkimissa to see that information is accurate and up to date. If you travel, you know how difficult it can be to connect with a Mass when and where you need one. The only thing more frustrating than finding one, may be showing up for it only to learn that it has been cancelled, moved, or rescheduled for a different time. Please double check any new information you may have and edit the listings a needed. If nothing else, be sure you list accurate phone numbers.


Hope Springs Eternal said...

I didn't even know about Wikkimissa! I guess I don't get out much.

Great listing!

New Catholic said...

Come on!... :) Check our links to the right and you will find Wikkimissa, this great tool!


Gratias said...

Verbum sapientae (wise words). Wikimissa is a fabulous resource. Thanks to its link on the right side of Rorate Caeli, we have been able to attend forma extraordinaria masses in our travels to Seattle (FSSP), Our-Lady-the-Sea in Huntington Beach CA (Norbertine priests/monks), and Saint Germain d'Auxerrois, Paris France (diocesan priests who also offer a really interesting NO Gregorian Mass). We donated commensurably to our gratitude for the opportunity to worship. We usually attend San Juan Buenaventura CA (1:30 every-Sunday; one of only two diocesan Latin indult masses available to the 5,000,000 babtized Catholics in LA) even though it is one and a half hours drive from our Los Angeles Catholic devastation caused by Roger Cardinal Mahoney and VC2.

Allison said...

If you ever travel to Delaware...

In celebration of today's anniversary, a blog post and video of scenes from our Latin Mass...

grotto said...

i recently attended 3 mass s at dear st. agnes in st. paul. i had not been to st. agnes in 34 years but felt i was approaching the throne of god with the traditional extraordinary mass and the 13 altar boys from very little thru 12th grade were excellent in devotion and so well trained. what wonderful gift we have in st. agnes church in st. paul, minnesota

jasoncpetty said...

A quick note on WikiMissa. Masses in Spain need especial attention. Just checking up on a couple of the locations that had external websites/links, it appears those Masses have been cancelled (at least temporarily for the summer/foreseeable future).

Pilgrims, travelers, World Youth Day attendees that leave Madrid, etc., need to have a source that's reliable.

Anonymous said...

We had better pray hard that U.E. has some effect because, lately, on the whole, we are now GOING BACKWARDS in dioceses providing Latin Masses:

Germany: D. Würzburg no longer has our Mass every Sunday.

Belgium: We've lost the one in D. Antwerp owing to the death of the celebrant.

France: We've lost the one in Angoulême since the I.C.R. has pulled out there.

U.S.A.: The every-Sunday mass in D. Sioux City has been rolled back to one Sunday per month.

Australia: Mass in D. of Wollongong is gone.

Canada: Mass in A. Winnipeg rolled back to one Sunday per month; Mass in D. Antigonish abolished.

I am beginning to think that U.E. was needed not to advance our cause but merely to prevent its reversal.

Meanwhile, in France, the resisting bishops have so far not yielded one centimetre. In the north-east, centred at Rheims, there is a whole area of the country covering six dioceses and it has not even one every-Su. T.L.M. The region includes the very populous Diocese of Cambrai, which ranks eighth in the country (of 93).

In the U.S.A., Bishop Pepe of Las Vegas continues to thumb his nose at the Pope, offering New Masses in Latin to keep traditionalists away from the real thing. The populous D. of Laredo, in Texas, is also without the T.L.M.

There is not one T.L.M. on any basis whatever in the Republic of Venezuela. There is not even one in all of Central America or the Caribbean (with one perhaps starting soon in Costa Rica). There is almost nothing--very little--in Mexico. Same for the entire continents of Africa and Asia. I see little progress in the Philippines and we are losing what we have in Australia. Nothing for Malta, next to nothing for Portugal, almost no progress in Ireland, apparently the loss of our only Mass in Lithuania and Slovakia.

If this is improvement, I'd hate to see what disater looks like.


Hope Springs Eternal said...

Oh, oh! I got busted! : )

Toma Blizanac said...

I wrote a notice at WikkiMissa there will be no Mass in Zagreb (Croatia) next Sunday 10 July 2011 and probably also the Sunday after that since the priest who celebrates it is away on travel. Now, I see they reverted the page back to no notice.
The page says "You can modify, correct or add the addresses of this page. Make a double click on the page and make the modifications. Do not hesitate!"

Do I need to send info like this to some email address for verification?

New Catholic said...

Mr. Blizanac,

As far as I recall, you have to confirm the modification a second time, writing in one of those random words or codes present in most comment boxes or wikis.