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On the day the Pope was born, she entered the convent

From Spanish daily ABC:
Sr. Teresita has spent 84 of her 103 years within the walls of the cloistered convent [monastery] of Buenafuente del Sistal (Guadalajara) [Castille-La Mancha, Spain], which gives her the right to be considered as one of unbreakable faith. A member of the Cistercian order, and a superior for over 20 years, Sr. Teresita will break her record of permanence inside an enclosed monastery to be received by Pope Benedict XVI for World Youth Day.

This religious woman, a native of Foronda (Álava) [Basque Contry], received her habit on the same day on which Benedict XVI was born. She did not have an early vocation, but her father convinced her to be a nun, and her prayers to the Virgen Blanca [the White Virgin], the patron saint of Vitoria, gave her the strength to continue. "In order to please my father, I prayed to the Patron saint of Vitoria, and asked her to grant me vocation... And she surely gave it to me!", she declares in her book, "What does a girl like you do in a place like this?", in which she describes the lives of nine other cloistered religious women.

Her given name was Valeria, but she decided to change it for that of the saint who most helped her begin her life in the convent. "I was afraid to come in. But the Lord helped me. He, and Santa Teresita [Saint Therèse of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face]."


  1. Great story! Thank you!

  2. An admirable life! Her passion for her vocation is truly commendable.

  3. She looks beautiful in her habit.

    I am sure that her life as a Cistercian has not been a life of ease.

  4. Please no Sister! Don't leave your holy cloister(except for an emergency), not for even a Pope, especially not for World Youth Day!

    I am shocked the Holy Father or any one else would encourage such a thing! And you think your Tradionalists!

  5. Dear Sister!

    God bless you! What a wonderful example for all of us. May God grant you many more years!

  6. God bless Dame Teresita!

    BTW--I thought Cistercians wore a white habit. Am I mistaken?

  7. By the grace of God that portion of Spain was not in the Communists's hands for very long during the Civil War. Praise God for this witness!

    J. Luke

  8. If only all the others who went bad had been as loyal to JESUS as his beautiful bride here!

  9. World Youth Day?

    To be exposed to that vulgar spectacle?

    To that ungodly sight?

    Mother please stay at home in you convent in humble obscurity which is infintely pleasing to the Lord God.

  10. God Bless her!!!

    I hope she reads this and pray for all of us who are in the outside world.

  11. Thank you for reminder us this. God bless you!

  12. This is a remarkable story.
    Praised be the Lord.

  13. Deo Gratias. Mulier magna est. I shall pray on this special day for More Religious like she who are completely orientated towards Our Lord. Please go WYD and cathecise all that can be (Some clergy and religious included)

  14. I envy her. She chose the better part.


  15. "World Youth Day?

    To be exposed to that vulgar spectacle?"

    A similar thought occurred to me. But then, perhaps that event would be cause for increased prayers on her part. Perhaps she might even offer her death for our Catholic youth exposed to so many dangers to their souls.

  16. Once she sees WYD, she'll really see the wisdom of remaining cloistered.

  17. Delphina - is it too late to take it up? You cannot do what a one hundred and three year old woman is? You cannot do better? Ora soror. Pray.

    For the event - I too cannot see why she wishes to come out for World Youth Day. And I have seen even Cistercians doing some strange things (Yoga; inviting pagans into the monastery to give conferences to the monks). It is an unhappy fact - that we must suspect in these days.

    The Spanish/Portuguese-speaking seem to be very firmly for these World Youth Days.

  18. Johannes,

    "Delphina - is it too late to take it up?"

    Only if they take married women.


  19. "To be exposed to that vulgar spectacle?"

    I agree, Anon!

    No amount of backstopping can stop the handing-out of hosts like crackers!

    The more "relevant" prelates pretend to me, the less relevant they become, to youth. Steely balls, and a return to tradition are the only things that will catch the eye of this ultra-hubris generation. Even if these youth (and, I guess, I'm still a "youth" in a sense, at 38) may happy-clap at that stupid monstrosity, "World Youth Day" YAY!!!! They will still fall from the faith. The only glue holding the Church together is Tradition. Let's make that clear. It's the only thing that yanked me from my intellectual pride, from my atheism.

    Happy-clappy may win a soul for a day, a week, a year, or even a few years. But Tradition will win a soul for life, and will see that soul into an eternal happiness.

  20. Sister don't leave your convent for World Youth Day 2011, it is not worth it, the youth there are all so confused by the liberalism in the Church, it is a tragedy.

    Your prayers inside your convent will be better hear by God for all these poor young souls.

    Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, Amen.

    Querida hermana reze por nosotros y rezare por usted y su comunidad.

    Que Dios la bendiga y gracias por ser fiel a su vocacion por todos estos años.

  21. An interesting coincidence!
    The late Francesco Minerva (1904-2004),who retired as Archbishop of Lecce in 1981,was ordained a priest the day Pope Benedict XVI was born.He was consecrator of one Cardinal as a bishop who he had also ordained as a priest,and co-consecrator of another Cardinal.

  22. Knight of Malta - ". . .Happy-clappy may win a soul for a day, a week, a year, or even a few years..."

    It is interesting that you note this. I, too, am, I suppose, a youth (twenty) - and I have marked the failure of such tactics at my Grammar school (Anglican); I was a catechumen (from sixteen to eighteen).

    One young man I knew, an acquaintance, was (likely - is) a grotesque, loud drunkard. To my surprise - he had, he alleged, become a "believer" after some Protestant youth camp several years ago. For an entire year on the strength of that field trip he kept up an empty nominal commitment (which basically meant no liquor, no pornography and no pre-marital sex) - until one day it occurred to him, he really did not believe; he had no faith. He did - he had had faith, some faith, but it had no substance (like, perhaps, direct apostolic succession, two thousand years of unbroken tradition - evangelists, apostles, fathers, saints - an ancient and grave and profound liturgy and more than a reasonable bracketed digression allows) and no form (no rule or symbol of faith - doctrine; just the rote learned phrase "I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior"). "Christian" rock-n-roll and some everyday vaguer memory of camp could only drive even the least thoughtful young man so long. He became as I knew him, as I have described him - all of a sudden, one day.

    Make them dance, dress like them, talk like them, give them electrical toys (digital prayer walls, as an example) and Coca Cola, convince them to call themselves Christians - it does not make them so. Protestants have an excuse. They have no true knowledge of the Gospel. They reduce religion to sentiment (it is not faith) without any need for change (conversio) or amendment of life or serious commitment - i.e. baptismal vows and the life-long duty - in all it involves - to do, to live, to be as you vowed. A commitment which I took too seriously to quickly or to easily go to the door of the church. The very day I was so anxious I nearly went home to hide and make excuses tomorrow and arrangements for next year. That is an aside.

    But bishops of the Catholic Church? What excuse do they have for trying to trick youths into becoming, on the model of my aquaintance, Christian? Is this then the "new evangelism"?

  23. You know, this is an uplifting post followed by largely uncharitable, derogatory comments. With friends like this, the Catholic Church doesn't need enemies. "Father, forgive them, they don't know what they're doing."

  24. I completely agree with you, last anon., which is why this post is being closed for further comments.