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Priest beaten up in front of his mother for celebrating the Traditional Mass (updated)

Priest attacked, guilty of celebrating the Latin Mass
Tue, 26/07/2011 - 15:24

"You have been tough, but we will smash your head. Signed, Your friend Satan". That was one of several threatening messages sent to Father Hernán García Pardo, parish priest of San Michele, in Ronta [Mugello region of the Province of Florence, Tuscany]. His fault [was] that of celebrating the Latin Mass, liberalized by Benedict XVI in September 2007.

The warnings, which had been recurrent for some time, had not made the priest, who despite everything has continued to say Mass according to the ancient rite, give up. The last chapter [took place] last Wednesday, when he was beaten up by a 'faithful' in the town's rectory in the presence of his aged mother. The beating led to bruising on his back; having been sent to the emergency room of Borgo San Lorenzo, he was medicated.

The news item was published today in the Giornale della Toscana; the accusations made against Father Hernán are those of scattering the flock; above all, he is not forgiven for distributing communion in the mouth [to the] kneeling [faithful], instead of on the hand, in the same manner as Benedict XVI. For others, the Italian-Argentine priest has only brought back some sacred austerity to the parish, excluding guitars from the functions and bringing back to within the walls of the church the ancient Gregorian chant. ...
[Source: Il sito di Firenze]
[Other sources: Libero News, La Nazione; tip: Secretum meum mihi.]

UPDATE: full original article published in Il Giornale della Toscana, giving the detailed account of the event (in Italian: click for larger image).


  1. "Who can lay a hand on the LORD's anointed and be guiltless?" 1 Sam 26:9.

  2. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Is there still automatic excommunication for laying hands on a priest?

  3. WHAT, sure I know priests whose Mass's are so devoid of the sacred that you have offer your suffering up and choirs which make you want to throw a stun grenade into the choir loft but I would NEVER strike an Altar Christus.

    May God have mercy upon this man's soul.

  4. My boxing coach in college was a priest. This wouldn't have turned out so well for the attacker had it been him (not that the priest didn't also act courageously--especially for his willingness to say the TLM under such circumstances!)

    In his sixties at the time (with two heart attacks behind him) this holy, manly, good priest could have pulverized that cowardly attacker!

  5. This is a good sign. Sort of compliment. ie the Latin Mass being attacked so directly by satan. Is satan showing signs of "being on the ropes" (as in a boxing match)?

  6. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Can. 1370 ß1 A person who uses physical force against the Roman Pontiff incurs a latae sententiae excommunication reserved to the Apostolic See; if the offender is a cleric, another penalty, not excluding dismissal from the clerical state, may be added according to the gravity of the crime.

    ß2 One who does this against a Bishop incurs a latae sententiae interdict and, if a cleric, he incurs also a latae sententiae suspension.

    ß3 A person who uses physical force against a cleric or religious out of contempt for the faith, or the Church, or ecclesiastical authority or the ministry, is to be punished with a just penalty.

  7. Ignatius3:47 PM

    There is usually another side to every story. I do not condone an assault like this on anyone, but reading between the lines may it not be that the priest in question alienated his people by imposing his ways on them and ignoring their wishes arrogantly and high-handedly, thus creating hostility towards him? Priests are supposed to serve their people, not dictate to them and impose their own preferences. If most people do not want the TLM should a priest insist they have it?

  8. THE

    To be "Hanged in their habits"
    What a glorious thing,
    For their silence screamed,
    "Christ is the King!"

    And like the Innocents
    So Holy, that died,
    With sword-cut bodies
    Their mothers cried

    And wept like mothers
    Do today,
    Who send their sons
    Into the fray

    Like Innocent Carthusians,
    With staff and rod,
    Who continue the defence...
    The Priest-sons of God!

  9. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Given the fact that our Lord was beaten and crucified in front of his own mother for offering the ultimate, sublime sacrifice, we can not be too surprised to see such malice and hatred exhibited when a priest acting in-persona-Christe is beaten in front of his own mother for re-presenting the self same sacrifice. May this holy priest's suffering and persecution be united with that of our Lord’s on Calvary and may He have mercy on those persecuting him.


  10. With respect to Ignatius, every act has at least two sides: the human and God. And each side has their own story: flawed humanity and infallible truth.

    In this case, there are at least three major actors two of whom are flawed humans; however, the actions of one show that one is more wrong than the other. And though a priest is present to serve his parishioners, let us not forget that he serves God first and the best way to serve God is to serve his parishioners in a manner that edify them. And there is nothing more edifying than the TLM. Oh, and following the example of the Pope is not bad either.

    Keep in mind that the Church herself, or any diocese and or parish for that matter, is not run by popular vote - our leaders act as fathers to the faithful and as such they must make decisions based on what is best for us no matter how much we protest.

    Lord knows that if I allowed for everything my kids wanted I'd have over-sugared super heroes hanging from the ceiling fans...

  11. Anonymous4:13 PM

    "If most people do not want the TLM should a priest insist they have it?"

    You have the nerve! Where were you in 1965 and the subsequent years when from week to week we had some new idiocy, novelty and irreverence shoved down our throats at the insistence of the priests?

    You must be an escapee from CAF.


  12. may it not be that the priest in question alienated his people by imposing his ways on them and ignoring their wishes arrogantly and high-handedly, thus creating hostility towards him?

    Yes, that sounds like a perfect justification for attacking a holy priest.

    May it not be that a lot of the lay "faithful" in that parish have alienated themselves from God by attempting to impose their ways on God's priests and arrogantly and high-handedly ignoring the commandments of Jesus Christ and the laws of the Church?

  13. Ignatius said:

    "Priests are supposed to serve their people, not dictate to them and impose their own preferences"

    Oh, yeah, like that's not been happening since Vatican II


    Weary, weary,
    On this earth
    Shielding souls
    Beyond their worth.

    Few are grateful
    Some regress
    Others proud
    They won't confess

    When the waves
    Break on the shore
    Warning them
    What is before.

    You, stand on this rock,
    'Gainst the gales
    'Fore those who mock

    Facing squalls
    They cannot see
    But all behold
    Your bended knee.

    Few will follow
    Some deny
    They won't comply.

    Then a blue moon,
    Saffron sun,
    Come together
    As though they're one.

    Fingers blessed
    With Holy Oil
    You lift the Light…
    Sun moon recoil.

    Blinding many
    Opening eyes
    Most despise.

    But on this rock,
    You stand your ground
    Opposing strife.

    Between the storms
    And sheep you block
    The tempest winds
    That hurt the flock.

    With outstretched arms
    The daily crux,
    You nail the Truth
    So not in flux,

    Never will lie,
    Only can free,
    Upon this rock

  14. Anonymous4:37 PM

    All I can say is, while in tears, is that there is a priest whose reward will be great in heaven. Rejoice!

  15. Anonymous4:49 PM

    This is a good opportunity to talk about SECURITY or ways in which the faithful can help our priests when celebrating the Extraordinary form of the Mass and how we the faithful can help protect each other as well.

    My suggestions are that there should be at least one or two men at the entrance of the Church and one or two men close to the altar, in case someone decides to do something stupid to the priest,at least he could be helped or assisted.

    As for the faithful it would do us good to get to know the faces of people attending Mass or shake hands after Mass so to at least get somewhat familiar with each other.

    Now in reference to what happened to this priest I am praying for him and for his elderly mother.

    May the Good Lord protect them and may Our Blessed Lady covers them with her mantle.

    Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee, blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of the womb JESUS.

    Holy Mary mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, Amen.

  16. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Furthermore Ignatius, generally, unless it's FSSP or some other traditional group, there are still Pauline masses served alongside, and I didn't see any mention of "to the exclusion of the Novus Ordo". Still no justification for attacking an Altar Christus.

  17. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Wow! Skirts, two poems on one thread...this is some kind of a record I think.


  18. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Nothing justifies a physical or verbal, for that matter, attack. That said, don't people here think that Ignatius (@15.47) has a point? These peoples' grandparents had a change foisted on them that was largely unwanted, true. But what was easy to destroy is much harder to rebuild. Not saying I know the case, but if this priest just went ahead and went back to the TLM say, for example, the main Sunday mass wouldn't this merely bewilder, even anger, people? Lasting and authentic reform of the liturgy (i.e a restoration of tradition) will be founded as much on a catechised and receptive laity as by priests who go out on a limb for the old mass.


  19. Anonymous5:47 PM

    We see here wild reactions against Ignatius. His fault is really only that he engages in a speculation for which there is no grounding in fact or even in rumour: there is not even a report of a rumour that this priest imposed anything on anyone. The N.O.M. is everywhere and I find it hard to believe that the local parishioners were deprived of it because of him.

    As for the attack, it is only the externalisation of what the liberals have done every day, day in and day out, for the last forty years. They attack. They attack devotion and piety and tradition. Anyway, such an incident will only steel the resolve of traditionalist priests.


  20. Anonymous5:52 PM

    It seems to be a rule that some alwáys has the compulsion to try to "understand", "reading between the lines" while of course allegedly "not condoning" the impudent assault.

  21. I was in Florence two years ago with my wife and I sensed the presence of evil amidst the great beauty of that ancient city.

    Because we were scheduled to travel by rail on a Sunday, we went to a Saturday Vigil Mass at this tiny Church.

    We arrived quite early to say a few prayers and as we entered the Church, we discovered a few women, and one old man, praying the Rosary together in Italian.

    It was a lovely, unanticipated surprise. And then came the even lovelier, unanticipated blessing.

    A Priest suddenly appeared in the Sanctuary and he and the few parishioners began to sing Vespers. His was a great voice, rich in masculine tonality and my wife and I silently enjoyed this unexpected concert as we prayed the rosary.

    And then, just as Mass began, a loud commotion erupted in the small street in front of the Church. It was a gang of Hare Krishnas and they came roaring past the Church (the doors were open) banging on their tambourines and shrieking their chants.

    I understood immediately this was not a coincidence.

    This was evil celebrating Satan's Rite of disruption, dissonance, and depravity.

    About a year after we left Firenze, I read about a Muslim who entered the The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiori (The Duomo) with a Boom Box and loudly played a Michael Jackson Tape while he danced upon the Altar; and I watched the You Tube video in amasement as the people in the Cathedral just watched him.

    Were I there, I'd have grabbed the bastid and dragged his sorry ass out of the Cathedral, but, we Christian Catholic males have been feminised and so we sit and wait for the deputised to politely arrest some Mahometan who is, literally, dancing to a Michael Jackson tune on the Altar, a symbol of Christ.

    When a city/country loses the Faith Satan and his minions move-in and there is decadence and depravity and desecration of Holy Churches and the Ordained Clergy are subjected to violence and few, if any, are the young men moved to take defensive action against this evil.

    I sensed that things in Firenze/Florence was much worse than it was in either Rome or Venice.

    Pray, please, that the young men in Firenze are revivified by the Holy Ghost to act like men and begin to protect Clergy and Churches there, and everywhere else.

  22. Louis E.6:45 PM

    Did this church lack an altar rail that might have obstructed the attacker?

  23. It was not in the church during Mass, it was in the rectory.

  24. Anonymous6:49 PM

    God Bless Father. May Our Lord, all the angels and saints, and Father's guardian angel keep, shield and defend him from all adversity. May Our Blessed Mother place Father under her heavenly mantle, and defend him, as he upholds the Faith of the Church Her Son founded.

    Phillip Carrion

  25. Anonymous6:51 PM

    It would be interesting to hear the other side of the story -- not the one that Ignatius refers to but the one regarding the mental state of the attacker.

    Perhaps there are some disgruntled parishioners -- but I doubt that the attacker is the head of the parish council. Can you excommunicate someone who is possessed? Or, someone who is mentally unstable?

  26. Anonymous6:59 PM

    "two men close to the altar, in case someone decides to do something stupid to the priest,at least he could be helped or assisted."

    Altar Servers should be trained in the Martial Arts. East meets West -- it is ecumenical. Add Wing Chun to Seminary training -- seriously.

  27. Anonymous7:17 PM

    "Were I there, I'd have grabbed the bastid and dragged his sorry ass out of the Cathedral, but, we Christian Catholic males have been feminised and so we sit and wait for the deputised to politely arrest some Mahometan who is, literally, dancing to a Michael Jackson tune"

    First of all, Our Lord and Saviour died for the "sorry ass" that you would like to drag outside. Secondly, it is not effeminate to leave peacemaking to the peacekeeper. There are times when men should not draw their swords.

    You should pick you battles more carefully. Defend the priest, the Eucharist, the sacramentals, but if the dancer can be ignored until the authorities come ... So be it.

    Rambo is not the epitome of manliness. Are you sure that you are not Sparticus?

  28. M. A.7:38 PM

    I cast my lot with the holy priests who follow in the footsteps of our Crucified Savior. May His love cast out all our fears. Obviously, the devil's one great fear is the resurgence of the TLM.

    I, too, thought of this priest's dear mother. Being elderly, she must have felt as helpless as our Sorrowful Mother.

    I will be praying for Father and his mother. May he emerged stronger than ever.

  29. Anonymous8:07 PM

    I strongly believe Father Hernan needs now our prayers too... Ave Maria, gratia plena...

    Józef of Warsaw, Poland

  30. Anonymous8:07 PM

    To anon 19:17 I would submit that it is indeed, effeminate, for an able bodied man to just sit there and watch some goofball desecrate a Holy altar, and wait for the police to arrive. What else would you allow to occur by your inaction until the "peacekeepers" arrived? You, sir, are supposed to be a peacekeeper.

    I have sometimes considered such a situation. I don't suggest some mindless siege mentality but I believe it is essential for men of appropriate age to consider what they must do and how they must do it in the event of some such intrusion or assault.

    I know what I would do, and it wouldn't be to sit there watching the assault and "wait for the peacekeepers."


  31. Anonymous9:43 PM

    "What else would you allow to occur by your inaction until the "peacekeepers" arrived? You, sir, are supposed to be a peacekeeper."

    No, I am called to be a peacemaker (Matt. 5:9). A peacekeeper carries a weapon and is authorized by the state to use it.

    I would not allow anything to occur that God did not first allow to occur. After that, I would need to way the situation and make a prudent decision based on all the factors. Manliness is contained within that prudence.

  32. Everyone, let's drop the "manliness"/"peacekeepers" debate.

  33. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Satan loathes the Latin Mass

  34. Lee Terry Lovelock-Jemmott11:07 PM

    Satan can keep on despising the truth for the truth will defeat him for the truth is Jesus and Jesus is The LORD and there is none before The LORD and the Latin Mass was the a gracious work of Our LORD. Thus, we who stand by it and every other orthodox and Catholic Exposition of The Faith will not be defeated.

  35. My brother was at a Mass a while ago--NO--that was disrupted by a deranged man. No one moved in the pews. Then a man in a business suit took steps to bring the person out of the sanctuary; my brother helped him. Police quickly took over. Then next morning, the fellow in the suit thanked my brother. Turns out he was a detective.

    We should all pray for the courage to protect Our Lord, and his priests, at any cost.

  36. Anonymous11:39 PM

    No wonder Italians are begging for more exorcists. It has been reported now for some time that the satanic cults are overtaking things. What has been a strong hidden influence for decades is becoming more overt...without shame. "Nothing is sacred anymore"!


  37. Anonymous1:47 AM

    Security? Hmmmm. Guards? uh haa? Maybe we should have cameras installed in honer of St. Maxamillian Kolbi and read in the Devil's daily news or the satan chronicle that the Priest was a terrorist and provoked a well justified modernist. Maybe we could just stand and watch in amazement as the desecration is carried out before our very eyes just like Jesus did when the temple was turned into a market place --UHhh Oh thats right! He CRACKED THE WHIP AND IN AN ACT OF INDIGNANT ANGER HE PHYSICALLY CAST OUT THE EVIL !!! WAKE UP! the faithful remnant strive to take back the Church and drive the smoke of satan out as wax melts before the fire so shall the wicked parish in the presence of God. The one true enemy of our souls is none too happy. Let us call a spade a spade. This was nothing less than an attack of evil upon God's elect.

  38. Hope Springs Eternal1:58 AM

    Ignatius:"Priests are supposed to serve their people, not dictate to them and impose their own preferences"??

    I always thought that a priest's vocation was to save souls. Further more, I'm tired of hearing that we need to move slowly toward the TLM so as not to upset the people. In the meantime, we continue to have Polka Masses. Polka and Calvary??


  39. Anonymous2:26 AM

    The blood of how many martyrs has been spilled? While this story may seem shocking think of St Thomas Beckett having his brains flung about the altar by the king's men. Recall St Thomas More having his head chopped off or St Edmund Campion being hanged until nearly dead, drawn and quartered, and then having is intestines ripped out.

    As Catholics this is our lot. I pray to God not to cower should I be chosen to walk the path of the martyrs.

  40. Most seem to forget the fact that the attacker spoke in the person of Satan. Padre Pio was also beaten-up by the Devil for performing holy and saintly acts. Having lived through the liturgical revolution after Vatican II, I can safely say I have never heard that Satan ever attacked priests for saying his mass (Novus Ordo).

  41. Anonymous3:12 AM

    I'm disappointed I'm not local to this Church. I'd have no problem administering an traditional, pre 1962, Detroit style beat down upon this fool who messes with a priest.

  42. Anonymous3:30 AM

    At our parish we have one or two gentlemen sitting at the entrance of the church.

    One time that I know we got a guy wanting to disrupt the Mass and he was asked politely to be quiet or leave and the situation was soon resolved, the Mass continued and not too many people noticed the disruption except, for those in the back of the church, and the best part nobody got hurt.

    Nothing wrong with all of us protecting each other. We are the true Church and we are bound to encounter the enemy especially if the Traditional Mass is being offered, but if we help each other the good Lord will make sure to protect us even more.

  43. Anonymous4:04 AM

    I am humbled and strengthened by some of the posts I read here from Catholic men.

    May we all be bold in defense of the Faith in all that we do and may our defense never come to violence. But if it does, may we be like steel like so many holy Saints.

    The Church is under attack which is clear to anyone who is paying attention. Christians in the middle east are being killed. Holy Mother Church is even under relentless attack in the very civilization that She built.

    Be prudent and peaceful, relying on a properly formed conscience. But be men. The judgment of the secular world is so confused as to not mean anything.


  44. Annonymous,

    Is it right for an able bodied man to sit and wait for the police while a desecration of a sacred altar is taking place?

    I would call that what it is, COWARDICE!

    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher, Founder & Chairman
    Concerned Roman Catholics of America

  45. A desecration was taking place, only a COWARD would stay by and wait for the police to come!

    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher, Founder & Chairman
    Concerned Roman Catholics of America

  46. Anonymous5:19 AM


    Priests are obligated to serve God with the highest form of worship, not cater to the whims of the laity.


  47. Gratias6:36 AM

    Fr. Hernan: He is well pleased with you. Thank you. Communion on the tongue while kneeling is the way to bring some respect back to the New mass.

  48. Anonymous9:39 AM

    satan is shaking with fear he sees the end The True Church lives - Praise be to Jesus and His Holy Mother - Some of Our Priests may have fallen to his wiley ways but the Vast Majority of Our Priests are Heroes True to The Pope and the Church we live and are part of amazing times bend your knee and pray the Most Holy Rosary for all Priests

  49. Obviously Satan used this man to express his fear and displeasure of a return to the way Mass ought to be done..with all reverence.respect and focus on the worship and glory of God..keep at it father and never give in.

  50. Anonymous12:26 PM

    This is just one more reason why I believe the state of emergency has not ended. We have the preposterous claim that the laity are justified in taking out their frustrations by attacking a holy priest of God for celebrating Mass for heaven's sake.

    I truly believe this was written sarcastically but the fact that some did not take it that way, really disturbs me. Have we lost our collective minds? The laity do not decide what is best spiritual medicine - that is the role of the ordained among us.


  51. Antonio12:40 PM

    I live in Ronta and I know the people involved and what really happened. EVRYTHING that is written is false. If you want to know the truth read:!Mugello.+Informazione%2C+affari%2C+social)

  52. Dear Antonio, it seems then a he said-he said case, which reached the police (Carabinieri); therefore, not a simple affair... It is absolutely shameful that the priest is submitted to such kinds of pressure. Nevertheless, the post to which you link does not deny, indeed it affirms, the "irreconcilable" differences between Don Hernán and the parishioners - and, from the experience of almost all traditional-minded Catholics, it is pretty much impossible not to believe, when "irreconcilable" differences arise between parishioners and a traditional-minded priest, that they are completely unrelated to traditional matters.

  53. Anonymous1:00 PM

    God bless this Priest. He sure sounds like a saint.

  54. Sharon Miller1:21 PM

    We offer our prayers for this holy priest, his mother, and the assailant. The power and reverence of the Latin Mass, with all the kissing of the altar and the genuflections, as well as the reverence in receiving Jesus on the tongue while kneeling are made obvious because it has viiolently aroused the enemy of our souls so diabolically against it. Let us add to the list of prayers, a prayer for the return of deep reverence and respect in church at all times, especially during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Adoration- including both reverence in outward bodily gestures, inward recollection and in clothing.

  55. Antonio1:29 PM

    yes, there are "irreconcilable" differences between Don Hernán and the parishioners. I just wanted to specify that nobody beat father hernan and nobody sent him threatening messages. I just wanted to defend my parish that is always been peaceful.

  56. I guess we would have to hear from Don Hernán now... If anyone of our readers wish to contact him directly or lives near Florence and wishes to go to Ronta to find out what Don Hernán says regarding the events, we could perhaps try to find out more about what happened.

    In any event, Antonio, it is clear that the parishioners of Ronta are making the life of Father impossible - on top of the great hardships in the life of every priest. The fact that he seems to be a very serious priest only makes this worse. We will close this for comments for the moment.

    Thank you.

  57. It seems mostly clear from the very good account at Il Giornale della Toscana that the attack did take place - naturally, some in the community are feeling embarrassed by the affair that, besides its evil aspects, does reflect pretty badly on the community (as a kind of climax of ridiculousness). Therefore, I am opening this to comments once again.


  58. Anonymous8:47 PM

    The fewer guitars the better.

  59. so wrong to beat this priest wharever happened to negotiating opinions. using violence is horrible. i am very sorry to hear this happened.

  60. Wow...thank God the priest has not allowed himself to be intimidated. If the violence against him continues, and they bump him off then at least a glorious reward awaits him in Heaven, and a shining example is given to us on Earth. Don't they know they are just doing him a favor?

  61. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Okay so I put the Italian newspaper into google translate (a pretty decent tool btw) and it seems the priest is traditional, conservative and also likes to run things his way (gosh imagine that, the nerve of him). There is a bulletin board where people used to post things but the priest told them he must approve what is posted there. The priest's sister caught someone posting something and I guess attempted to stop them and the priest was there too, there was a scuffle and the priest might have taken a hit or two but this isn't clear.

    It sounds to me like you have a priest who offers the TLM and does things with a strong, determined leadership and this bothers a good portion of the Church attendees. These are likely the same rabble who would create a fuss at any V2 Church here in the US were a similar priest to come along.

    What a shame, back in the old days when the Church was strong and people believed, the priest ran things, not the laity. Nowadays, be it in the US or Italy apparently people think they should run the show.

  62. Anonymous3:37 AM

    Ignatious...Its not he priests will..THE POPE wished this sacred tradition be made known and aailable again, so people of my generation would have a living clue as to what traditional actually looks like! Not wailing guitar solos from super amphlified rafters! I want a sense of the holy..not the profane. I can get that at a rock concert. The genuine form of an ancient rite..our actual spiritual heritage, " liberalized" seems ironic to WAS THE GLOBAL FORMA! And someone experimented with it, and turned it into a circus..full of false teachings. Our young family has sought refuge into the reverant arms of priests humble enough, and willing, to provide this great gift of a mass to us. It is not his is a great sacrifice..for our spiritual benefit. Your logic train is flawed, and you need to read up on what The Pope is trying to do here. If it wasnt for the Latin Mass ..I doubt seriously Id be able to set foot into another church, with my children, given the rampant and perversive error weve been exposed to..parish after parish..state after state. The Latin mass has provided a sancturary where we can quietly approach our faith in a holy and profound way..appreciating a tradition as ancient as our faith, and as consistent as the biblical principles it was founded upon..I personally can no sooner lay my hands on the Eucharist than upon a priest in anger..these are the things of God..and they must be respected. It is not a single priests errant desire to force his will upon anyone..he humbly serves us, the believers, in a manner requested by The Pope, and it appears, perversely, at great peril to his personal safety? Who threw the first stone in this parish? Im betting someone who spoke exactly as you did in your comment..a word spoken in fear of " change" triggered an action in anger..when in fact..there was no change..its a living remembrance of our very faith, in a very holy and ancient, previously universal, ( Catholic) form.

  63. Anonymous4:45 AM


    Some sort of a scuffle took place, what was it for? Please detail why the members of the parish are at odds with this priest. The Italian newspaper translated by Google seems to indicate something about the priest's sister?

  64. Gratias6:44 AM

    We need thousands of Diocesan priests offering the Traditional Latin Mass. With just the FSSP and a few other traditional orders it will take centuries to restore the Faith to where it was before VC 2. Fr. Hernan is a hero, as are all Diocesan priests that offer TLM at great risk to their careers.

    My solution is simple: there should be absolutely no promotions for clerics that have not offered the forma extraordinaria in public. Since our Catholic Church has two masses, someone that does not offer the entire liturgical range is not suitable to be a prelate.

    The battle of the Latin Mass is the crux of the future of the Catholic Church. Every mass offered and every time one of us attends makes a difference, and counts.

  65. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Ignatius said...

    There is usually another side to every story. I do not condone an assault like this on anyone, but reading between the lines may it not be that the priest in question alienated his people by imposing his ways on them and ignoring their wishes arrogantly and high-handedly, thus creating hostility towards him? Priests are supposed to serve their people, not dictate to them and impose their own preferences. If most people do not want the TLM should a priest insist they have it?

    Priests should indeed serve their people. That is true but it is also true that priests have the duty to bring the Holy Sacrifice of the Holy Liturgy in the form they see most appropriate and most pleasing to God not to men. Lets not forget that the Holy Mass's intend is to bring a sacrifice to God and it is not a show for the pewsitters. I pray for Fr. Pardo that God may give him strength and faith.

  66. Anonymous8:42 AM

    I am speechless at this story. Not so at one comment about it, "if most people do not want the TLM should a priest insist they have it?"

    Priests are shepherds, the 'people' sheep. There would be other ways to express this, of course, but as I wrote to my own pastor years ago, the idea that a parish could arrive on its own at 'wanting' the EF was, 40 years after the NO, extremely unlikely. He did bring the EF back, Deo gratias, but through no urging of the majority of the 'people.'

    Priests: follow the Pope to lead your flock.

  67. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Satan is a sissy. Mess with God and he'll slap you silly.

  68. @Ignatius: The imposition of the Novus Ordo and the subsequent destruction of the Church's institutions were violent acts against the Mystical Body of Christ. "Forcing" the Latin Mass on the "faithful" is a senseless position. Any force would be a return to the truth. The alleged force would be to compel Catholics to be Catholics, which is the duty of both priests and laymen. To hold the position that Catholics can pick and choose which Mass they may attend is syncretism. There is only One Mass, One Faith, One Church. God be praised!

  69. Fr. Emilio Tundidor OSJV4:22 PM

    "Altar Servers should be trained in the Martial Arts. East meets West -- it is ecumenical. Add Wing Chun to Seminary training -- seriously."

    This made me laugh, I offer the TLM exclusively and used to teach Wing Chun and Escrima

  70. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Wonder why nobody would attack a priest like this if he were saying the novus ordo Mass??? Our Lord is beign crucified all over again thru idiots like this, and this guy accuses Father Hernan of "scattering the sheep" I wonder if he ever stopped to think how much these Vatican II popes have scattered the sheep!

  71. mehere5:36 PM

    i'm assuming the goofball that beat on this priest has been arrested for assault? i didn't see that mentioned in the article. or are people allowed to just beat on each other willy-nilly in italy and not get arrested?

    The Ship of Peter is torn apart
    Martyred in its Holy Teaching
    It sinks and sinks, no work of art
    The bottom though never reaching

    Dissidents are screaming loud
    Leaving behind an awful niff
    Pretending to be proudly stout
    Gearing the Ship into a cliff

    Jesus shows His wounded Heart
    Smitten with a deadly dart
    Peter the Rock in desolation
    Deploring severe desecration

    Wake up, you Christian Brother
    Show now your truthful face
    With Mary our Heavenly Mother
    We'll reach that Peaceful Place

    In allegiance to the Holy Father
    United in prayer and fasting
    No victory will claim, but rather
    Satan's defeat be everlasting.

    Rita Biesemans, 01-02-2011

  73. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Don't worry be happy.

    By my reckoning, most of humanity will soon be dead through a huge chastisement. Humanity's sins stink to high heaven. The abortionists, perverts, and mass murderers will soon be worm food. Only the remnant will survive. Just stay in a state of grace so you can make it to heaven.


  74. Anonymous3:14 AM

    So this is rich. "Antonio" shows up here, writes two posts about "no no, nobody touched the priest, we're not like tht" and disappears, answers no further questions or explanations.

    Hey Antonio, the Latin mass is the mass of all ages, if your people there don't like it they need to move on to another parish.

  75. During Mass, priests are supposed to serve the LORD, not the peoples. The Mass is an offering to GOD, not to the peoples. I'm tired of the "faithful" putting themselves before God. They love to demand that things be done according to their wishes. UGH!

  76. The man who turned violent against priest celebrating Traditional Mass should be seen and assessed by psychiatrist first while in custody.

  77. Rest assured, that apostate heretic, Benedict XVI, head of the schismatic Novus Ordo Sect, that accursed spawn of the invalid "Vatican II" Robber Council, won't be the among the "remnant", as he long ago abandoned the one true Catholic Faith, outside of which there is neither salvation nor the remission of sins (Unam Sanctum, Pope Boniface VIII).


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