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Timothy Mulligan said...

Our Lady of Lourdes Church in the Overbrook neighborhood of Philadelphia (just down the street from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary) will be having High Mass every Sunday, after years of offering Low Mass early on Sunday mornings. This will give us two beautiful High Masses in Philadelphia, one at St. Paul's in the Italian Market neighborhood of South Philly, and Our Lady of Lourdes. I hope that many seminarians from St. Charles Borromeo will sneak away on Sundays to attend the Mass of the Ages, celebrated in its fulness. Deo gratias!

Gratias said...

This summer the Latin Mass in San Buenaventura Mission in Ventura, California is having Missa Cantata every-Sunday at 1:30 pm. This is a treat because we normally have two high and two low Latin Masses per month. If you are in California do come. It is a great treat for the mission is over 200 years old. The paintings of the stations of the cross and the redredos are by Mexican artists and have been in place since 1805. There is huge beautiful crucifix from the Phillipines that is 400 years old. Low or high, masses are always beautiful. This is a great grass-roots effort by Una Voce Ventura (see photos in their excellent webpage). It is one of only two Diocesan Latin masses in the huge Archdioceses of Los Angeles. Treat yourself and visit us, it seems half-way to heaven.

Gratias said...

The Latin Mass magazine is holding its annual conference in Monterey, California, on Sat. and Sun. December 3 and 4, 2011. For more information visit We attended once and it takes place in a nice hotel right on the beach. This year Fr. James Buckley, FSSP, will be one of the main speakers, so we will be there.

I returned to the TLM by reading the Latin Mass magazine 8 years ago. I hope Rorate Caeli does the same for many other Catholics that only know the various ordinary forms of the mass.

Anonymous said...

Battle of Lepanto Mass & Dinner, Friday, 7 October 2011, Saint Titus Church, Aliquippa

A priest of the
Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest

Sponsored by:
Knights of Columbus Woodlawn Council 2161
Traditional Latin Mass Guild

Anonymous said...

Faith and Family Conference
“Restoring Sanity in Church, Home and School”

Join us for a day of riveting conferences and Catholic camaraderie at St. Michael the Archangel Church, 900 Horseblock Road, Farmingville, New York 11738.

The cost of this event is $50.00 per person, and will cover all five (5) speakers’ presentations as well as breakfast, lunch and a BBQ dinner following the last conference.

Five of the traditional Catholic movement’s most prominent speakers are featured during
this one day event. The conferences will be held on Saturday, July 30th and will include the following speakers:

Mr. John Vennari
“Stalking the Land: The Ascendancy of Masonic Thought in Church and State”.

Dr. Andrew Childs
"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: The role of music in the death and restoration of Catholic

Dr. Matthew Childs
"The Dangers and Remedies of the Internet and Social Media."

Mrs. Colleen Hammond
"Love, Honor and Obey" Is there one head of the family? Or is it mutual submission. An
analysis of what the Church says about wives being subject to their husbands.

Fr. Nicholas Gruner - The FATIMA priest
"On the need for the obedience to the Queen of Heaven." A special command to Traditional
Catholic faithful and clergy to save our country and the world. The significance of the Third

There are only 400 seats available, so please reserve yours as soon as possible.

Traditional Latin Mass and Holy Rosary starts the day off at
8:00 AM.

If you have any questions, please forward them, by e-mail, to: or call 631-

We will have the itinerary, directions and a list of local Hotels and Motels available for those who request them. You can make your reservations by mailing your check or money order, made payable to
OLGSA, 900 Horseblock Road Farmingville, New York 11738

Anonymous said...

OLGSA = Our Lady of Good Success Academy

Anonymous said...

I hope that it is proper to post the following update:

St. Mark's (Plano, Texas, Dallas Diocese) offers an "experimental" Novus Ordo Latin Mass Mondays at 7:00 P.M.

The initial Mass a few weeks ago had attracted 120 worshipers.

I would say that 70 worshipers assisted at last week's Mass.

-- At least 80 (perhaps 90) people assisted at last night's Mass.

-- The schola (three men), absent a week ago, returned last night (Gregorian Chant).

-- Mass was versus populum.

-- As was the case last week, to force people to receive Sacred Hosts from lay people, three women served as EMs (they distributed the Sacred Hosts) and Father administered the Sacred Chalice.

-- The Sacred Hosts were received by the Faithful on the tongue and in the hand.

-- The majority of worshipers were younger Catholics (40 years old and younger...that's "younger" to me).

-- There were several childen in attendance.

-- It appeared that each girl in attendance wore a head covering.

-- The readings were in English.

Thank you to Rorate Caeli.


Jack said...

In addition to the Divine Liturgy being sung throughout, with incense, my Melkite Catholic parish--we are traditional, too--will be having the Paraklesis to the Most Holy Theotokos on August 5 and 12.

This office, basically an abbreviated votive Matins, is traditionally chanted during the first 14 days of August, which is a fast day in preparation for the feast of her Dormition.

Jim O'Conner said...

We are currently trying to have a TLM offered in liberal southern Oregon, USA. I believe it would be the first regularly scheduled TLM since the Council, in this area of the USA. We are at the petition stage, so bumpy roads, no doubt, still await us. Please offer a prayer for our efforts.

Anonymous said...

NC, I hope you are through with your vacations for a while - you leave us hard working posters to keep Rorate going for you and work poor Jordanes to the bone!!


M. A. said...

You have my prayers, Jim O'Connor.

Anonymous said...

Some good neew from Poland:
- In Bytom since September TLM will be celebrated everyday (now every Sunday and days of obligance)
- In Opole since September TLM will be celebrated every Sunday (now every 1st Sunday)
- In Gliwice since September TLM will be celebrated every Sunday (now 2 Sundays in the month)
- In Brwinów (outskirts of Warsaw) since September TLM will be celebrated every Sunday (now 2 Sundays in the month and every Tuesday an Thursday)
- I start to collect signatures under petition for regular TLM in Katowice
-In Cracrow TLM is no celebrated everyday twice (at 8:00 am in cathedral and - a new one - at 19:00 in St. Peter and Paul Church) - since ordination of fr. Marek Grabowski FSSP in the beginning of June.

shane said...

There is a very useful summary of the Cloyne Report here:

HSE said...


St. John Fischer Academy Catholic High School will open its doors this fall to incoming Freshman!

St. John Fischer Academy
740 College Avenue
Racine, WI

This classical & rigorous education includes literature, theology, and Latin. Uniforms will be required. It will be an intense college prep-oriented school.

We are desperately in need of a school that will feed and challenge our Catholic youth! St. John, pray for us!

Contact Dave Tomasiewicz for more information at 262-422-9322.

Anonymous said...

I thank the Anonymous poster from Poland. It is interesting that Opole & Gliwice will get the T.L.M. every Sunday. This is important news.


Linda said...

Everybody's favorite traditional Catholic Church has great news! The Student Schola of St. Mary in Norwalk, CT has been invited to sing with the Sisters of Life Schola at World Youth Day! All Porpers and Ordinaries and polyphony! Imagine that at World youth Day!
They have recorded a CD and recently held a concert to raise funds.
Visit the links above to read and hear more.
To buy a CD:

Linda said...

Sorry- that would be "propers"! Oops!

Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M. said...

2011 Brings Surprising Changes
to the 16th annual Pilgrimage for Restoration...

The one-of-a-kind spiritual exercise from the Lake of the Blessed Sacrament (Lake George, NY) to Our Lady’s Martyrs Shrine in Auriesville is scheduled now over a ‘long weekend’, Friday through Sunday, September 23-25, and shaves almost 13 miles from its original course, making it even more accessible to students, homeschoolers, and working families.

Inquiries may be directed to Pilgrimage Director, Gregory Lloyd, at, by phone to 610/435-2634 or by mail to NCCL-Pilgrimage for Restoration, 621 Jordan Circle, Whitehall PA 18052-7119 USA.

Gratias said...

To celebrate the feast of the assumption of the Virgin Mary:

Traditional Latin Mass
Monday, August 15th
7:30 P.M.
San Conrado Mission
1820 Bouett St.,
Los Angeles, CA 90012

To be offered by Fr. Robert Bishop, a most Holy Priest.

For more information:


HSE said...

My apologies for the typo: It is St. John FISHER Academy in Racine, WI.