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You report: first diocesan Solemn High Mass in Charlotte since the liturgical revolution

Reader Chris Lauer of the Diocese of Charlotte, North Carolina, sends us the following report:

I am overjoyed to report that yesterday evening (July 26th) the Most Reverend Peter Jugis of the Diocese of Charlotte graced with his presence in Choir, a Solemn High Mass at the Parish of Saint Ann's in honor of the Feast of Saint Anne.

The Solemn High Mass was celebrated according to the 1962 Missale Romanum and was celebrated by Father Timothy Reid, pastor of St. Ann’s. Father Matthew Kauth served as deacon; and Jason Christian, Seminarian of the Diocese of Charlotte, served as sub-deacon. Jason Barone, also a Seminarian of the Diocese of Charlotte, served as Master of Ceremonies; and the schola was directed by Terese Rowe.

This was the first Diocesan Solemn High Mass in Charlotte since the introduction of the new Mass.

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  1. Anonymous9:12 PM

    We at Mater Dei, the FSSP apostolate in Harrisburg, know Jason Barone to be a friend. As a seminarian he's acted as MC and served as subdeacon many times at our Masses.

    Jason is a beacon of hope for the future Church. Charlotte is getting a treasure of a vocation in him.

  2. FYI: the SSPX has had several Solemn Masses in the Charlotte, NC diocese over its years of servicing its chapel of St. Anthony of Padua in the suburb of Mt. Holly:

    This chapel also just made the headlines at today:

  3. The reader clearly said "diocesan Solemn High Mass"... I have now added the word to the title, just in case someone else feels the itch of contradictoriness.

  4. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Hopefully this great Mass is the beginning of an every Sunday diocesan TLM in the greater Charlotte area, for there is none now.
    Wonderful to see Bishop Jugis taking part in the TLM!


  5. I'm impressed St. Ann's held this mass with the Bishop in attendance!

    However, as it is, there is only a 6:30 pm latin mass on Saturday ONCE A MONTH! The Charlotte diocese, if you include the Charleston diocese just south, has well over a million souls in it. Yet, no regular TLM.

    But, good news nonetheless!

    As for the Chapel of Saint Anthony of Padua, it has one of the best choirs I've ever heard; effervescent! They take the Sacrifice of the Mass seriously.

  6. One of the most sinister men to ever walk the earth, Cardinal Villot, was the chief enmity against +Lefebvre. Food for thought!

  7. Sid Cundiff11:59 PM

    Thanks, Chris and NC, for this fine report and for the publicity. The bishop's presence was a milestone for us.

    Our hard work over the last 4 years in the Diocese of Charlotte -- by our patience, by our supporting our priests, by our winning friends among our clergy, and by opening our wallets -- is paying off! Thanks again, Chris!

  8. Glad to see this milestone finally reached. Long time coming. Considerable resistance in some quarters in NC, chiefly from some of the priests but also by the compliant passivity of at least one earlier bishop. Glad to read that Fr. Matthew Kauth served as deacon. I know that he has been a supporter and promoter of the usus antiquior for some time -- bless him!

  9. Anonymous2:40 AM

    Well, this should be still the first Solemn High Mass within the city of Charlotte in 40 years. Mt Holly is outside Charlotte.

  10. Thank you Sid for all you have done over the years for this cause.

  11. Anonymous5:04 AM

    I attended, and I thought it was magnificent. There is another bloggers point of view here as well... they sounded emotionally moved as well.

  12. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Knight of Malta is wrong about one thing and needs to add some info on another. He is wrong in saying there is no "regular" EF Mass in the Charlotte Diocese. There is one in Mount Airy every Sunday. I think there's one every Sunday in the SC diocese as well. Malta should have added that the Mass at St. Anthony's is FSSPX. We're concerned here with diocesan EFs

  13. What's most significant about this "first" solemn high Mass in Charlotte is that it's celebrant and ministers were diocesan priests. As strongly as I support the FSSP--and agree that the TLM survived forty years in the desert largely because of the SSPX--I realize that the growth and future of the traditional Latin Mass lies in its support by "ordinary" diocesan priests, rather than with the FSSP, SSPX, etc.

  14. Sid Cundiff1:06 PM

    Thanks, Chris, for your kind words.

    On my Facebook Page this morning, in my FB Notes, I put a reflection on a simple fact from last Tuesday night's Solemn High Mass at St. Ann, Charlotte: that except for this bishop (born 1958), all the men and boys around the altar, all on the far side of the altar rail, and all in choro, and even all in the the schola behind us -- all were born after 1970, the majority after 1980, and many even after 1990. And those in the congregation born between 1927 and 1945 -- too young for service in World War II and too old for Vietnam--, and those born in the Destructive Generation (1945-1965), probably all revolted against the Zeitgeist of their youth.

  15. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Brick-by-brick the Church is being re-established and we need to congratulate the diocese and its bishop for doing so. Yes, the FSSPX has been in the battle all along but we need to recognize those who have joined the battle even if just recently.


  16. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Does anyone know if there are plans for an every Sunday TLM anywhere in the city of Charoltte?


  17. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Thats the city of, Charlotte.


  18. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Is there any photos or videos of the mass?

  19. Anonymous9:39 PM

    There was a Solemn High Mass a few years ago at Our Lady of Grace CC also in the diocese of Charlotte celebrated by an FSSP priest.

  20. Here is a YouTube video with a collection of photos from the Mass.

    Additionally, I wanted to report that the church was completely full, which I would guess was about 700 people (Does that count as a stable group?).

    The homily was given by Father Reid, the Pastor. One of the primary points of the homily was about how Saints Anne and Joachim were unable to bear a child for many long years. In that age they would have probably even suffered public scorn for being unable to conceive. They suffered and prayed and never lost faith or hope. In the end, they were not just given a child... but they were given an immaculate child. Father Reid made the point that we need to turn to Saint Anne as our intercessor for long suffering, and that prayers do not always get answered in the manor or the time of our choosing.

    I should also note that Father Reid has been making several positive changes over the last few months, such as, Holy Communion is only at the rail, and precious blood is no longer distributed; and an increase in silence during Mass. Considering that he was assigned all alone to what I understand was a fairly liberal parish ... his changes are enormous. I get the sense that he is unfolding changes as fast as he thinks he can, with a vision to something far greater.

    Please pray for the Charlotte Diocese and for Saint Ann’s parish.

  21. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Hi Chris, it looks like they are reporting about 440+ over at the St. Ann Schola blog:

    My guess is that each half of St. Ann's holds 200 people then the overflow.. it was a terrific turnout, and I love your "stable community" comment.

    Your right about Fr. Reid... he is slowly but surely "boiling the frog" to getting back to authentic Catholic liturgy.

    There is also a very nice description of the Mass over at the "Recovering Our Catholic Identity" blog as well:


  22. Anonymous4:08 PM

    As much as I believe in the importance of reverence at Holy Mass and am edified by the advent of diocesan TLM's I am disturbed by a couple of comments that give a nod to the disobedient FSSPX! We must aid our fellow Catholics (and others!) in getting to heaven from within not from without. Offer up your disturbances of lack of reverence for the FSSPX that they will see the light of their actions.

    Veil Wearer

  23. Anonymous8:38 PM

    What wonderful news! Bishops who support the growth of tradition are strongly rewarded with a rich harvest of vocations and the gratitude of the parishioners who are able to appreciate the gift.

    Somehow nobody has mentioned that St. Ann's is the Jesuit parish in town, and that this Mass was for the patronal feast of the parish.

    Just a short distance north of where I live (on the left coast) His Excellency Salvatore Cordelione has given instructions that his seminarians are to receive training in the usus antiquior.

    Thanksgiving prayers for the actions of Bishop Jugis.

    God bless us, everyone.


  24. Well, the fact that it was the patronal feast was somewhat obvious. Other than that, thank you for your comment.


  25. St Peter's on Tryon St is the Jesuit-staffed parish in Charlotte.


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