Rorate Caeli

At the end of August

At the end of the first month of the Great War:

August 29, 1914: an agonizing French Catholic soldier, in an infirmary bombarded by the Germans in the war front, asks a military chaplain, whom he believes to be a priest in a cassock, for a Crucifix. The chaplain was Chief Rabbi Abraham Bloch, who brings and presents to him the image of the Crucified Lord: moments later, both would be killed by an exploding shell. [For those who asked... the main eye-witness of the incident was Father Jamin, S.J., in whose arms Bloch finally expired. See, for instance, Maurice Barrès, Les diverses familles spirituelles de la France - published in English as The faith of France.]


  1. Anonymous2:33 AM

    I really enjoy this kind of stories!

  2. Anonymous4:31 AM

    "God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform."

    Me too, I love these stories! Our Lord is always a surprise, we can never take Him for granted.

    Off to Holy Mass now - prayers for everyone!


  3. DefensorFidei6:55 AM

    It is my hope that in that mysterious twilight moment between life and death, the Grand Rabbi finally saw in the Lord Jesus the Messiah whom he certainly longed for during his life.

  4. Defensor Fidei

    Doubtless this is so. It demonstrates how the mercy of Almghty God may work so near to the point of death. While there is life in us His pardon is never very far away. It is truly marvellous.

  5. What a beautiful story! I think all people where much more civil then, even in a war. I heard a story that on Christmas day both sides stopped fighting and enjoyed Christmas together. I am not sure if this really happened but it is a nice story.

  6. Thank you for sharing!