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Codex Rubricarum - translations

The Codex Rubricarum, as promulgated by the motu proprio Rubricarum Instructum (1960), of Pope John XXIII, that approved the respective decree of the Sacred Congregation of Rites, is the code of rubrics setting the general liturgical norms in force (cf. Summorum PontificumUniversae Ecclesiae, 24/28) for the Traditional Roman Rite (the "Ancient Use" - usus antiquior - or "Extraordinary Form" of the Roman Rite). Besides general rubrics, the Codex includes specific rubrics for the Breviarium Romanum and the Missale Romanum (editions of "1961" or "1962").

While the Latin typical text of the Codex is sufficient for most of those making use of it, vernacular translations of the same can be quite useful; there are, unfortunately, not many translations of this very relevant document available online. The available translations include the following:

-A translation in English of the entire code, with commentary (PDF), is provided by the Sydney Latin Mass community [Code of Rubrics (1960) of the Roman Breviary and Missal]; a translation of the rubrics for the Breviary only is provided by;

-A handy complete bilingual Latin-French version has long been available at Cérémoniaire [Code des Rubriques (1960) du Bréviaire romain et du Missel romain];

-A Spanish translation of the entire Codex (PDF) is provided by Una Voce Seville [Código de Rúbricas del Breviario y del Misal Romanos (1960)];

- a new translation in Polish of the general rubrics [Rubryki ogólne] and of the general rubrics of the Roman Missal [Rubryki ogólne Mszału Rzymskiego], has just been made by the Pastoral office for the faithful of Latin Tradition of the Archdiocese of Warsaw.

The accompanying instruction on Sacred Music and the participation of the faithful in Sacred Liturgy (that is, the 1958 Instruction De musica sacra et sacra liturgia, approved by Pope Pius XII and which integrates the norms of the rite, as referenced by the Codex, 272) is available in English, as well as in French.

If you are aware of other translations of these documents, please share them here or send them to us, so that this may become a single reference post. Thank you.

[Tip for the Polish translation: Nowy Ruch Liturgiczny]