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Following Juventutem - 2 [updated]
Les activités de Juventutem - 2 [post actualisé]

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A Pontifical High Mass has just been celebrated by the Ordinary of Fréjus-Toulon, Bishop Dominique Rey, at the main church of Traditional activities in Madrid, the parish church of Saint Francis de Sales (San Francisco de Sales). 

The Juventutem Twitter feed continues as the first item in our sidebar (refresh page for updates).

And, remember, wherever you are in the world, pray for the young men and women in Juventutem activities: partial indulgences can be gained for prayers for the young faithful in Madrid from yesterday until next Sunday, "if, at least with a contrite spirit, [the faithful around the world] will raise their prayer to God the Holy Spirit, so that young people are drawn to charity and given the strength to proclaim the Gospel with their life." [Image updated.]

À nos amis francophones: une Messe Pontificale vient d'être célébrée par Mgr. Rey (Fréjus-Toulon) dans l'église paroissiale de Saint François de Sales de Madrid.

N'oubliez pas les indulgences partielles pour ceux qui ne sont pas à Madrid: décret de la Pénitencerie apostolique (en français). [Photo actualisée.]


Anonymous said...

Why are you posting in French ? Is Juventutem a francophone group ? I thought it was more Latin than French.

New Catholic said...

"I thought it was more Latin than French."

I really do not know how to respond to this affirmation...

Anyway, we have received many visits of French readers interested in Juventutem news, it seemed appropriate to have some words en français.

Anonymous said...

Is there any American Bishops helping these young trads?

Paul S. said...

New Catholic - thank you for calling the twitter feed of Juventutem_USA to the attention of the French and others. Thank you for your prayers. If we can find wifi tonight, watch for some lo-res videos of today's Mass and Sung Benediction to be tweeted.

Anonymous - Juventutem is, of course, open to speakers of each language. Nonetheless, one is behooved to recognize and thank the French (and the French-speaking Swiss and one Basque gentleman) for doing all of the pre-planning and organization for Juventutem2011. As far as the "Days in the Diocese" week of Juventutem, there were more than 100 French(/ French-speaking Swiss), 22 Britons, 6 Americans, 4 Nigerians, 3 Dutch, 3 Canadians, 2 Slovaks, 2 Brazilians, 1 Singapore, 1 Spaniard - apologies to anyone forgotten, all figures are approximate ;)

As indicated in a previous Rorate Caeli comment, we're already taking names, if you'd like to help organize JuventutemRio2013.

~Paul, chief twit, Juventutem_USA

Gratias said...

Thank you Bishop Dominique Rey for standing up to be counted as obedient to the Pope.

New Catholic said...

Dear Mr. Schultz,

It is a great honor to be of any help to all those in Juventutem. You can always count on us - including for whatever we can do to help you in Juventutem-Rio-2013.

Please, send the best and most sincere regards of Rorate contributors and readers to all priests, especially the Chaplain, Fr. de Malleray, and to M. Bonnet.


Rafael Cresci said...

Count on the Rio native here to help you on Juventutem_Rio_2013...

Anonymous said...

"Is there any American Bishops helping these young trads?"

My laugh for the day!!


Louis E. said...

Do they continue to spell their name with the anachronistic J?

Rick said...

Now that is one beautiful photograph.

Juventutem London said...

Please check out our blog for London-based events!