Rorate Caeli

Juventutem, taking WYD to a different level:


Pontifical High Mass (celebrated by Bishop D. Rey, of Fréjus-Toulon, France)
Parroquia San Francisco de Sales, Madrid, Aug. 18, 2011


Knight of Malta said...

Sans FSSPX, you wouldn't be seeing this!

A friend of Michael Davies, our Pope is re-integrating Tradition, but slowly, wanting to avoid chaos (unlike the shock upheaval Paul IV created by his "banal on the spot" Nervous Disorder mass.)

Eriugena said...

Could they not have organised an altar rail?

New Catholic said...

I am letting these first two comments stand so that you, dear readers, may have a clue of what your moderating team deals with. (Would a couple of words of appreciation and/or encouragement for these young people, the seminarians, the priests, the bishop be so hard?)

Good night, and good luck!


Patricius said...

This is wonderful stuff! Thank you for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Bravo and Amen, New Catholic! Thank you for your picture AND your response! Good night.

V. Double

Paul S. said...

Dear Eriugena,

If you would take the time to review the pictures presented in the Juventutem_USA twitter feed, you would have discovered that a communion rail was organized for each Juventutem TLM in Madrid - by means of reappropriating the kneelers of the first row (of a packed church) at the time for receiving Holy Communion. In addition, many communicants knelt on the floor to receive Our Lord.

Ora pro nobis.

New Catholic said...

Hi, Mr. Schultz!

Thank you for your content - please, send our best regards to everyone, especially the priests, in particular the Chaplain, Fr. de Malleray.

And, if anyone in Juventutem has additional material, they can send it to us: newcatholic AT gmail DOT com.

May the next couple of days be wonderful (and a little less hot) for you all,


Anonymous said...

Actually I am of the opinion that only a shock upheaval ala Paul VI will ever really set matters straight. After all, his worked. As it is, the coma that has been with us since VII will only continue with these fringe movements orbiting the vast mess that drags itself along. Bravo! I loudly applaud such efforts as this but at best they only seem tolerated. Out of all the thousands at the WYD extravaganza how many were interested enough to show up here (and that includes clergy)? His Holiness remains conspicuous by his consistent absences. That sends a clear message.

Anonymous said...

I found a video from the procession of the same mass:

Anonymous said...

It was unfortunate that the Juventutem liturgical programme was not more widely and more clearly advertised. I could find little information while in Madrid on the internet and so missed out on all of the traditional Masses, unfortunately, and I am a priest who frequently celebrates the Traditional Mass

New Catholic said...

Father, you really should have come to Rorate - you wouldn't have missed anything! :)

Pray for us,


Paul S. said...

Jeremy Chau, Juventutem pilgrim from Singapore, has made available these galleries of pictures of Juventutem's 2011 liturgies:

10 Aug - Solemn Mass - Amorebieta -
11 Aug - Sung Mass - Amorebieta -
12 Aug - Sung Mass - Bilbao -
12 Aug - Pontifical Vespers (+Iceta) - Bilbao -
13 Aug - Dominican Rite Sung Mass - Amorebieta -
14 Aug - Low Mass - Amorebieta -
15 Aug - Sung Mass and Procession - Amorebieta -
17 Aug - Pontifical Low Mass (+Aillet) - Madrid -
18 Aug - Pontifical Mass at the Faldstool (+Rey) - Madrid -
19 Aug - Pontifical Mass at the Faldstool (+Le Gall) - Madrid -
20 Aug - Sung Mass - Madrid -

Father - we tried to advertise all liturgies on the Juventutem_USA twitter feed - sorry you missed out. Is there any chance you'll be in Rio in 2013?