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Date and names - and a prayer request

The Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX), Bishop Bernard Fellay, had already announced in June, "that Cardinal Levada has called me to Rome and it appears that it will be around the middle of September". 

We now have, provided by an official source of the Fraternity (the website of its German district, in an item posted yesterday), the information that the date of the meeting is September 14 (Exaltation of the Holy Cross and fourth anniversary of the entry into force of Summorum Pontificum) and that, besides the Superior General himself, his two assistants will also be present in the meeting: Fr. Niklaus Pfluger and Fr. Alain-Marc Nély.

Father F. Schmidberger, former Superior General and current head of the German district, is responsible for this piece of information, which also includes the following: "it is understood that the meeting will dwell on the canonical situation of the Fraternity".

And the item ends with this request: "All Catholics who receive the Sacraments in the churches and chapels of the Society of Saint Pius X in Germany are asked to include this meeting on the Feast of Exaltation of the Cross in their prayers."

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  1. i hope with all my heart that the Society is canonically regularised in September!

  2. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Let's pray!


  3. Anonymous12:42 PM

    This sounds VERY promising. All the symbols are in place. I suspect it will work. The arrangement will be very generous to the Fraternity. But we must really pray very hard; not for this or that, but just that God's holy will be accepted and done.

  4. Hope Springs Eternal12:56 PM

    Come Holy Ghost, fill the hearts of Thy faithful!

  5. Anonymous12:59 PM

    I'm hoping the fact they are meeting on the 4th anniversary of Summorum Pontificumn means something big is in store such as regularization of the Society.


  6. Brian2:09 PM

    I agree that the selection of Sept 14, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and fourth anniversary of the entry into force of Summorum Pontificum, suggests a very substantive meeting. Time for deep prayer.

  7. Anonymous2:11 PM

    One of my little pleasure is visiting Rorate. Should I give this up until the 14th as a great sacrifice for a happy outcome?


    Just kidding. I will offer up all my little crosses from now until the 14th. May God deign to accept all our prayers and sacrifices for a canonical resolution without compromise.

  8. LD Schmidt2:40 PM

    I concur with you 'Cruise the Groove" Because of this request of meeting on Rome's behalf? suggests thier desire to accomplish something. "Come Holy Ghost.."

  9. What about an interim regularization with an expiry date of, say, three years, in the model of ?

    This would give both sides a chance to see if the model works, and if so make it permanent. If not, back to the drawing board.

    The SSPX must, of course, be very careful when dealing with the many collared modernists who dwell in the Vatican.

  10. "A Sinner", those are interesting matters, but... too speculative, and could be excessively controversial now.

  11. Anonymous3:44 PM

    I just read on a Traditional Catholic blog a warning to the Society to beware of tricky Romans who plan to dupe the Society with a "Trojan horse" offer.

    The warning stated that Rome may demand that the Society accept Rome's Trojan horse offer or face "excommunication for the SSPX, once and for all."

    The Society as a whole has never faced excommunication.

    The excommunications against the Society's current bishops were lifted by the Pope.

    Therefore, how could the Pope possibly excommunicate the Society "once and for all" when the Society hasn't done anything to warrant an excommunication from the Pope?

    Why do some Traditional Catholics traffic in such nonsense?


  12. Fr Zuhlsdorf has posted the following.
    It might have to do with this posting.
    Good advice if it is:

    "Prayers for a personal and a larger, ecclesial intention
    Posted on 20 August 2011 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
    I have in the past asked you for the support of prayers for personal intentions. I still have a couple very heavy intentions for which I would still ask your prayers.

    However, I also suggest that you spend some time both praying and fasting if possible for another, important intention – call it intention X – which could have an impact on the larger Church. Perhaps we might all keep this going until, say, the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 14 September (which is coincidentally the anniversary of Summorum Pontificum going into force, a happy day). You might has the help of the guardian angels of everyone involved.

    I am sorry about not being forthcoming with lots of details, but I think it is better to reduce discussion to how we can support intention X with lots of prayers. God will know what intention X is in this instance.

    In your charity."

  13. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Knight of Malta let's just deal with what we have now.

  14. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Count on prayers!


  15. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Prayer and fasting could prove most useful right now!

  16. Let us accept, for the sake of argument, the Trojan War metaphor. Considering the circumstances, who are the small band of men inside the wooden horse, ready to open the gates of Troy, and who are the numerous Trojan citizens in their own city?

    Honestly, this does not seem the time for games and pseudo-jeremiads.

  17. Anonymous4:29 PM

    "I am sorry about not being forthcoming with lots of details, but I think it is better to reduce discussion to how we can support intention X with lots of prayers."

    Okay. That's his opinion.

    He wishes to suppress bits of information in the above case.

    Conversely, there have been countless times that he has fueled discussions on this, that and the other thing.

    Fine. Let him do as he pleases.

  18. Anonymous4:31 PM

    The warning stated that Rome may demand that the Society accept Rome's Trojan horse offer or face "excommunication for the SSPX, once and for all."

    I read that web site. Their speculation is silly.

  19. "Okay. That's his opinion."


    From the saound of FR's post he does not know anymore details than NC has already posted.

  20. Anonymous4:57 PM

    "I read that web site. Their speculation is silly."

    What else would you expect from silly people saturated in drama and suspicion?


  21. Henry5:08 PM

    Loose lips still sink ships?

  22. This ship is unsinkable.

  23. LD Schmidt5:16 PM

    Most of us know that Bp.Fellay has begun at the end of last Pentecost to the beginning of the next, a Rosary Crusade. Which is hoped to accumulate 12 million Rosaries, to then be presented to the Pope. Intentions are obvious. May all of us who are participating in this daily Crusade, keep Sept. 14th in our hearts during our rosary! Other's please pray for this most worthwhile intention. In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Larry

  24. Anon @16:12. I agree; I was only speculating on whether an interim arrangement might be made, to bring Rome and SSPX closer together. Well, actually, even Rome acknowledges that the SSPX is still very much a part of the Church. St. Athanasius, when he consecrated without mandate while "excommunicated", was more a part of the Church than the Arians who had the backing of the Pope, by way of comparison.

  25. The source of the above-cited report and its "Trojan Horse" metaphor, might be HE Bishop Williamson's Dinoscopus column which showed up on my email this morning.

    At least it contains the same metaphor in similar context.

    Will pray for the happy outcome of the meeting and the canonical regularization of the SSPX.

  26. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Let's face it...unfortunately, a certain, hopefully small, percentage of SSPX followers oppose any sort of regularization and will spread lies and malign all parties involved in order to stop it from happening. We all need to pray that this happens now.

  27. Louis E.5:57 PM

    So when will the F.SS.R be regularized?

  28. Bernard6:11 PM

    "When Archbishop Lefebvre was threatened for the first time with "excommunication" from the Newchurch, we remember his reply: "How can I be put out of a 'church' to which I have never belonged ?" - Bsp Williamson

    Response: Precisely the strength of constitution that comes from certitude of possessing the true Faith. At the same time, precisely the weakness of the indultarians which comes from doubts about who possesses the true Faith (or even more amazingly, about whether one could be damned by fidelity to the ones who possess the true Faith for want of ordinary jurisdiction).

    Jurisdiction was made for souls, not souls for jurisdiction.

    When one understands this, the soul is strengthened, and the desperation of the indulters to have their coveted jurisdiction vanishes.

    The revolution against God which culminated at Vatican II by treasonous shepherds took 175 years to realize. It will not be undone in a mere 50, with all the momentum on their side. It will not be undone until momentum first returns to God's side, and there is no sign of that yet.

    For that reason, a canonical regularization would cause the SSPX to cease being a sign of contradiction which could be a spark in beginning that reversal of momentum so needed.

    To be but yet another stripe of Catholicism within the pantheon of the great pluralistic whore is to castrate all hope.

    Bishop Fellay knows this, and there will be no deal unless doctrinal agreement is first reached (which will not happen).

    The only reason Bishop Williamson is ringing the alarm is to condition the faithful to prepare for this.

    Indulters will be disappointed and stay away. SSPXers will be strengthened and continue the Faith.

    Things will go on as they have for the last 23 years.

    When the Pope sees that Bishop Fellay will not take the carrot all the other groups took, perhaps there will be some movement of Rome toward Catholic doctrine, and at that point the momentum will start to change.

    But unless the regularization is rejected without doctrinal unity, the momentum will never change.

    - posted on AngelQueen by DevotedServant

  29. This efervescence and this speculation are not good - I approved the last comment, but I ask you, please, not to post any other items from other forums and boards - share with us your own opinions and thoughts, calmly and wisely - and in not many words.


  30. Gratias6:26 PM

    What a happy anniversary it would be for Summorum Pontificum it would be if SSPX could be accommodated. We are blessed with a Holy Father with a long-range plan. Long live our Benedict XVI.

    SSPX has 500 dedicated priests that have EF missions in countries where the Catholics are (e.g., Argentina, Africa). They are sorely needed. Summorum Pontificum has slowly but surely revived the Traditional Latin Mass in some dioceses in the USA, France and other developed countries. We need to build EF missions throughout the world now, in particular Latin America and Philippines, where so many Catholics live.

  31. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Let us pray and fast fervently for a miracle. That is precisely what is required, I am afraid. There is a significant element in the SSPX - in control where I am - which desires no reconciliation or regularisation at all. How can entity such as the SSPX be regularised, which tells its faithful rather to miss Sunday Mass than attend a non-SSPX Traditional Mass? Let's not be starry-eyed here. I know the grassroots SSPX well - I attend their chapel as its the only reliable source of the TLM where I am. The SSPX isn't just a society of pious, orthodox priests in cassocks offering the TLM, fighting error and so on - my experience is that they see everyone else as non-Catholics or at least as fatally compromised and tell their people to shun all association with non-SSPX Catholics.

  32. While I am skeptical that SSPX would abandon its extremely successful triangulation strategy ("recognize the pope, disobey the pope, negotiate with the pope") their official absorption into the post-Vatican II Church would bring a far greater clarity to the traditionalist scene.

    So on that count I'm inclined to say, "Bon voyage!"

  33. Fr. Anthony Cekada said:

    "So on that count I'm inclined to say, "Bon voyage!"


    She is the ship
    That I must sail
    Past rainbow sunsets
    Washed-out pale.

    She is the house
    Where I must dwell
    Before the final
    Tolling bell.

    She is the ark
    I must maintain
    'Gainst forty years
    Of modern reign.

    She is the Mother
    I the child
    Wild and weak
    She so mild.

    She is the bride
    Apostolic one
    Holy Catholic
    Wed to Son.

    She is the virgin
    Ever womb
    Imparting Life
    That we consume.

    Her pulsing cord
    Of anchored might
    Preserves His Blood
    To bleed us white.

    She is the ship
    Who stays the course
    Toward purple sunset’s
    Majestic Force!

    Merci Marcel!

  34. Anonymous8:53 PM

    I am very doubtful that any regularisation of the juridical situation of the FSSPX will be least while Dinoscopus roams the wilds.

    Reality is that any accomodation with Rome will result in a fissure among the clergy of the Society and, moreso, the lay followers. I do not believe that Fellay is willing to take upon himself the identity in history as the one who split the Society.

  35. Anonymous8:56 PM

    In contrast to the majority of bishops outside the SSPX, Society bishops have held steadfast to Catholic traditions which, in turn, have imparted to the Faithful a strong sense of Catholic identity.

    Archbishop Dolan of The New York Archdiocese published recently a wishy-washy column in which he discussed the tremendous importance of "external markers" to religions.

    In particular, he noted that the Church had discarded several external markers such as Friday abstinence during the past few decades.

    His Excellency noted the "bishops of England reintroduced the discipline of abstinence from meat on Fridays.

    After having established the vital importance of external markers to religion, he then stated the following:

    "I’m not saying we should re-introduce any or all of these markers. The toothpaste is probably out of the tube."

    Why is it that unlike scores of bishops, the Society's bishops refuse to act in wishy-washy fashion in regard to Catholic external markers?

    SSPX bishops hold to and promote without hesitation Catholic traditions.

    SSPX bishops do not hesitate to impart to the Faithful a strong Catholic identity.

    When it comes to SSPX bishops, the toothpaste isn't "probably out of tube."

    Again, why are the Society's Bishop able and willing to hold fast to an promote vital Catholic external markers when scores of Catholic bishops are hesitant to follow suit?


  36. Anonymous9:53 PM

    May God's Will be done! That is the only thing, I believe, that we can pray for and I will do so daily as I have done in the past. IMO it is absolutely counter-productive to pray for anything else.


  37. A canonical agreement without a resolution to the doctrinal problem could spell disaster for the SSPX.

  38. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Charity. Let us all pray for a happy outcome which will benefit the Church, for God's greater glory. And pray for the pope, the sweet Christ on earth.

    Fr. A.M.

  39. Reopening.

    Please, tone things down.

    Thank you,


  40. Anonymous11:18 AM

    just a simple catholic........said..
    Pray for the Holy Father, pray for the Church, pray for the FSSPX which was and is part of the church.
    FSSPX can and will play a major Role in renewing the church.
    Holy father knows it.
    May the Enemies of the Church and the main ENEMY -SATAN- not destroy this noble efforts of Holy Father and FSSPX leaders.

  41. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Br. Anthony, T.O.S.F. said...
    A canonical agreement without a resolution to the doctrinal problem could spell disaster for the SSPX.

    If you re-read the statements from Bishop Fellay fromt he beginning, you will see that he never said there must be resolution to the doctrinal problems. He called for discussion of the problems, which there has been. Truth is, all that he has requested has been fulfilled. Whether or not some wish to admit it doesn't make a difference, what was requested has been done.

    My family and I have a lot of priest friends in the SSPX that we have known for a long time and they span many countries. We have quietly been checking with them as the rumors arise. Most of the priests all say that this is coming. Yes, there will likely be a small split when it does. They acknowledge that, too, but think that will be good. For the record, it does not seem that the split will be as big as many think. Many are eager, you could say most are eager, for a formal status because the SSPX has it's own problems that need to be ironed out and a formal status will put some of those problems in check. This would be organizational issues and issues of how power is used, not doctrinal issues. There are a few who will not follow, but again not as many as all the SSPX lay experts online would like to make everyone think.

    My advice is to avoid the annoying, know it all lay experts online and watch and pray. Time will tell how this will work out. God knows best and this should be in his hands, not the hands of outside people who really have no idea of all that is going on with both sides.

  42. The war is not ending but just starting.the battle is deadlier within than without. remember freemasons had to get into the heart of the Church so that they can raze the bastions.
    Lets pray above all that the disciples may watch with Christ for at least one hour, that Rome may gradually realize the satanic revolution within the church and reverse it and by then SSPX will be irrelevant.

  43. Jurisdiction is an urgent matter for the salvation of souls because the validity of confessions and marriages must be clarified.

    If Rome has shown herself willing to listen to the SSPX's arguments without issuing what some commenters have distressingly called "a smackdown," then perhaps waiting for a time when Rome will accept those arguments in toto is simply unjustified.

  44. """Jurisdiction is an urgent matter for the salvation of souls because the validity of confessions and marriages must be clarified.
    If Rome has shown herself willing to listen to the SSPX's arguments without issuing what some commenters have distressingly called "a smackdown," then perhaps waiting for a time when Rome will accept those arguments in toto is simply unjustified."""

    so sspx have to become part of the roman curian so that the crises ca be uprooted

  45. I agree with PEH. In this matter, as in all matters, I will continue to pray that "God's Will Be Done."

  46. Anonymous3:15 AM

    Today I let myself fantasize about a independent and canonically recognized SSPX coming to this V2 wasteland of central Florida. Maybe even with a SSPX parochial school where I could send my young children for traditional Catholic education. Please Lord let it be so.

  47. Anonymous2:02 PM

    It seems from these comments that almost noone writing understands what the Society of Pius X is all about. What it actually stands for, the reason for its existence. That is too bad. Maybe if more people did understand, the "official" Church wouldn't be such a mess.


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