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On the 4th anniversary of Summorum Pontificum
A church closed for the funeral Mass

"Behold, I stand 
at the gate, and knock"
[Or... why an Ordinariate or a similar structure is needed.]

Funeral in Latin / The Church refuses her a last Mass

[L'Union] - SISSONNE (Aisne) [Picardy, France] - The parish priest of Liesse refused to open the doors of the Church of Sissone to receive the funeral of an 80-year-old. The deceased desired a Latin Mass. Impossible, according to the bishopric and to Father Kerjean. The service took place - on the sidewalk and led by a priest considered a renegade.

At 3:20 AM, the telephone rang. Noël Grégoire was awaken in the middle of the night by a voice from the hospital that announced to him the decease of his mother and, undoubtedly, that arrangements had now to be made. It was a Friday, last week. Until that moment, sad, but commonplace. "We called each other. My brother, near Tarbes, my sister here, the other one near vendôme. ..."

The Bishopric, absent

Jeanne Grégoire had left a note, placed in a drawer of a chest in her house, near that of her son Noël. Written carefully, in capital letters. A "THIS IS MY WILL", marked by a discreet signature, dated from three years earlier, "March 20, 2007, at Sissone". A few lines asking for "religious rites according to the rites of the Roman Missal of Saint Pius V". Jeanne wished that her body be present inside the Church, and that "the Mass be followed by absolution and burial, according the custom."

It did not happen thus. "My brother from Tarbes found a priest of the priory of Prunay [of the Society of Saint Pius X - FSSPX /SSPX ]. We asked Father Kerjean to open the Church, but he refused it. Then, we contacted the mayor to ask him if it would not be too much trouble if the service took place outdoors. He gave us his permission."

On that day, it rained. Around twenty members of the family and thirty of the city were present at the Mass celebrated by Father Girod. The same surname of the Bishop of Soissons [Bishop Hervé Giraud], but not the same spelling. The celebration was made in Latin and in French, "so that the people would understand. This took about one hour and a half". Noël was flabbergasted. He had written a sign with an explanatory letter taped on the sides, hanging leaves, as a petition. Rozelyne Rouzé, Monique Lobjeois, the Tatin family, Micheline Berthe, and some others wrote [on it] that it was disgraceful, unchristian, to leave outside a soul that desired to be in the church. "When he called us, we immediately contacted the diocese and the chancery," says Father Girod. "I left them a message on Sunday. On Monday, I heard from someone, who did not know what to say... but we were never called. The chancery remained unavailable."(*)

In 2007, Benedict XVI promulgated a text, the motu proprio. Latin became possible once again. The bishops should make sure to find solutions. Four years later, and what? If this is the god that called Jeanne from on high, he should have known it was still too soon.


(*) The secretary and the assistant of Bishop Giraud, bishop of the diocese, considered that the parish priest of Liesse was "perfectly capable of responding to [our] questions".


  1. Anonymous2:59 PM


  2. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I will only say to that priest who refuse to open the church for the funeral mass of this person.



  3. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I wonder if the Holy Father ever receives word of such things or hears such stories.

    Not simply the stories about the motu proprio, etc, being ignored or obstructed, or stories of people's liturgical preferences not being respected, but more importantly,

    stories of the obstinate stupidity and intractableness of the clergy and of the unchristian and evil attitudes of many of his priests.

    I do not know why such people enter religious life. Surely their souls are better suited to the world, not the church.

  4. Anonymous5:04 PM

    We had a similar situation several months ago in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. An individual was dying of cancer and asked the diocesan Latin Mass chaplain to offer his Requiem Mass at his home parish when the time came. The chaplain refused informing him that all such Masses must take place at the sole diocesan church approved for such Masses. The individual then sought the permission of the pastor of his home parish to have a priest from a traditional order come in and offer a Requiem Mass when the time came. The pastor readily agreed and all was set. Then some months before his death a chancery official called the pastor to inform him such a Requiem Mass was forbidden. It took direct appeal of intervention to the bishop to overcome the chancery officials' and the Latin Mass chaplain's desire to restrict the faithful's access to the traditional Requiem Mass. The Requiem Mass took place in the home parish but it took much effort to overcome chancery and Latin Mass chaplain opposition and in the process the traditional order priest was shut out.

  5. Anonymous5:12 PM

    And no doubt the lefebvrites would gladly open their doors to anyone who wanted a funeral mass celebrated in the ordinary form . . . oh, wait . . . .

  6. Tradical6:11 PM

    anon 17:12
    You really do seem to have missed the point...

    Anyone can get a Novus Ordo funeral. Getting a Tridentine Funeral is very difficult - in spite of SP etc.

  7. It is a mortal sin to deny a dying woman’s last lawful request.

    This is not unique; it has happened before:

    Click ‘ENTER’

    Click ‘Sermons and Conferences’

    Click ‘Requiem Masses’

    Right Click ‘2) Funeral Mass for Mrs. Mary Santorem- Father Pfeiffer’

    Click ‘Save Target As’, then listen to rhe sermon.

    I was an eye witness to the goings on.

    When I went to her Rosary, the only ones responding were the traditionals on one side (loud and clear), crickets chirping on the Modernists side.

    Pray for the Holy Father and all his Priests, Nuns, and Religious.

    I entrust this whole matter in the hands of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, “Mother of the Priest par excellence, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and through Him, of all priests in whom she forms her Son”.

    Santa María de Guadalupe Esperanza nuestra, salva nuestra patria y conserva nuestra Fe.


  8. My mom was dying as I began making arrangements for her funeral mass I went to my parish which my mom and myself lived in for 27 years and requested to have her funeral mass in the Extraordinary Form ,the pastor refused,his answer was " that mass would not be a good thing to have". So I ended going to a parish church 10 miles away where the pastor was most welcoming.

  9. Anonymous10:59 PM

    THey would have open theirs doors to any nonbeliver because they are SO charitable to others and not their own.

  10. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Shocking? No not at all, this is what the Novus Ordo is all about, if this was a Protestant, Muslim, Buddist, Hindu or any other pagan then SURE come on in and use our church for whatever desire you need. So shocking? no not at all. And so it goes on and on.

  11. I just dont understand this cruelty.

  12. One never knows what to expect from an Parish in Full Communion with Rome whereas one always knows what to expect from the SSPX who, I guess, are not in full communion with Rome.


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