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Who exactly is the "institutional" Church?...

We have no idea, but why are two supposedly Catholic (all right, Jesuit: Fordham and Fairfield) "institutions" criticizing the "institutional Church"? Is it self-hate?

More Than a Monologue: Sexual Diversity and the Catholic Church is an unprecedented collaboration — 2 Roman Catholic universities and 2 non-denominational divinity schools are coming together to change the conversation about sexual diversity and the Catholic Church.

For too long, the conversation on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues in the Roman Catholic Church has been only a monologue — the sole voice being heard is that of the institutional Catholic Church. [Source]

Meanwhile, in the Southern Hemisphere, the Pontifical (you read that right) Catholic University of Paraná, in Brazil, a Marist university, promotes the X Theology Conference of the Pontifical Catholic University ("Theology, Gender, and Expressions: Where are we going?"), taking place from October 3-5The conferences in this congress make the ones above seem tame and mild - one is magically transported back to the sauvage days of the 1970s. These are some of the conferences of this absolutely institutional university:

Panel: Gender and Education
- Sexuality and Religion
- Myth and space in the representation of gender.
- Masculinities and Femininities: Contemporary representations of Gender in the educational context.

Panel: Ethics and Gender relations
– Gender and diversities
[Prof. Dr. Glauco Soares de Lima. Primate Bishop (Presidente of the Anglican Church of Sao Paulo)] - Questions related to Hetero- and Homoaffective (?) relations.
- Genderification (?), science, and ethics in contexts of the reproductive experience today.

Panel: Pastoral and Spirituality
- Pastoral and Spirituality, and gender issues in the perspective of Jürgen Moltmann.
– Liturgy and spirituality: gender relations and social commitment.

Panel: Gender and Family
- Family, gender, and the difficult comprehension of the transvestite.

Panel: Gender and subjectivity
– Bioidentities, gender, and theology.
– Transexuality and the social construction of gender identity. [Fratres in Unum was our source for this.]

Still in the Southern Hemisphere, but across the world, in Eureka Street, the very institutional media website of the Society of Jesus in Victoria, Australia, the main feature is:

Why I support gay marriage

So, let us be clear: THEY, the "dissenters", they are the institutional power. From America to Brazil to Australia, they are the parasites living off the sweat and sacrifices of the Catholics of old. Those  promoting the monologue of immorality, they are the ones with symbols bearing the tiara and the keys, with banners bearing the institutional IHS monogram. The very least they could do is stop with this sickening self-victimization, since they, like Judas (see St. John xii, 6), carry the purse, and since "they seize upon chairs in the seminaries and universities, and gradually make of them chairs of pestilence" (Pascendi, 43). We have got free forums and blogs...


Fr. Sanchez said...

The "institutional" Church vs. the Church that Christ founded is just as silly as the notion of "etern-al" Rome vs. the visible society with Pope Benedict XVI as Christ's Vicar. These are false dichotomies that depart from the true doctrine of the one subject Church that is the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

mundabor said...

"Is it self-hate?"

Homosexuality, more like.


Anonymous said...

Trouble is that the 'institutional' church tolerates this rubbish, since V.II that is. Good that you report it: in the future, it will help to explain why the life of the 'institutional' church in our age is a byword for sexual perversion and abuse.

Ferraiuolo said...

We need another council to openly condemn the errors which are entrenched inside the Church today.

I think only such authoratative measures will truly make a change in the attitude in the Church. Otherwise things will go for worse to the pit hole.

Anonymous said...

I think that maybe if the Church were to start calling the homosexual act exactly what it is, sodomy, maybe that would begin to make an impact.
As long as the Church and society soft-shoe's around, avoiding calling sin, sin, etc., Catholics will continue to suffer an identity crisis.... IF Catholics suffer an identity crisis, what can be expected of society as a whole.

just sayin'.

Long-Skirts said...

Fr. Sanchez said:

"... the notion of "etern-al" Rome vs. the visible society..."


Stripped of His clothes
Beaten and scourged
Crowned and nailed
Humanity purged

Made to thirst
Starve and suffer
Later two thousand
The road gets rougher

It's not disbelief
Or how they do hate
All but Him
They'll tolerate

Meditations from
mother earth's cultures
But the Word made Flesh
Their on like vultures

Ripping tearing
Digesting to degrade
Then eliminating

Words of His Flesh
Dictionaries won't spell
But will gnash in their teeth
In their Word e-rased Hell

Matthew said...

When is enough enough? Sometimes I sympathize with the argument(s) of using gentle encouragement by example, etc. etc. But how else to stop this sort of garbage, these sorts of people and ideas, but with condemnations, excommunications, backed by the force of law and carrying actual consequences?

How many souls must be lost before our shepherds wake up to the fact that, yes, souls are at stake and this garbage doesn't help.

Fratres in Unum said...

Dear NC, reading your post, we went againt to the conferences schedule and... Ivone Gebara is not there anymore!

New Templar said...

I'm sorry Fr. Sanchez but you are quite wrong. This is, in my opinion, the best post I have seen on Rorate Caeli. The "institutional Church" is almost wholly rotten and there most cetainly is a distinction to be made between it and the Church Christ founded. Having a child concentrates the mind and in my girls 14 years I have had to remove her from a Catholic school run by the "Institutional Church" in order to protect her Faith and attend a chuch staffed by exemplary priests who are tarnished with the label 'schismatic' because they refuse to compromise the Faith or abandon those who have been abandoned by their shepherds. There is indeed a difference between prelates who will allow their priests to rebel aginst the Church or so called Catholic institutions which foster dissent from Church teaching while using Church property and those who, at the risk of their reputations, persevere in bringing Christ to those who desire Him. There is a difference between priests who travel hundreds of miles to bring the sacraments to those in need and those who attempt to pervert the Faith of the Children in their care. It is time to recognise that there is indeed a de facto schism in the Church and it is not those dedicated to the pursuit of holiness in both themselves and those they care for who are separated from Christ's Church. I am having a priest to dinner soon whose very presence in my house is a benediction. He has influenced my convert wife profoundly for the good and has sacrificed himself for us and those who profess the Catholic Faith whole and entire. Yet he would be considered by those academics reported on in this article as a usurper and beyond the pale. It seems to me from where I stand that the time has long passed for brutal honesty with regard to who is on the side of Christ and who is doing the work of belial.

Adfero said...

Has anyone read the link to the homo marriage story?

How in the world haven't the Jesuits been suppressed yet?

Long-Skirts said...

New Templar said:

"It seems to me from where I stand that the time has long passed for brutal honesty with regard to who is on the side of Christ and who is doing the work of belial."

May Our Lord bless you abundantly for your magnificent words and on speaking the absolute truth!! Oremus!

Anonymous said...

They're obviously infested with sodomites and sodomite sympathizers. Very common today.

Google this:

Tactics of the Homosexual Movement Vennari

Anonymous said...

New Templar, I salute you!

gratias said...

The very worst thing that could happen to the Catholic Church is a new Vatican Council. The V2 Devil is still strong among the Bishops.

gratias said...

The very worst thing that could happen to the Catholic Church is a new Vatican Council. The V2 Devil is still strong among the Bishops.

gratias said...

Homosexuals are one more avenue to attack the Church (and therefore Civilized morals). This perversion is destructive to Western Civilization, that is why it is promoted.

If someone could relate here the story of how the Jesuits became this way, it would be interesting to learn what went wrong.

Anonymous said...

I would hope that Bishop Fellay knows what the Vatican is doing about this before discussing the preamble with the SSPX District Superiors.

A.M. La Pietra

New Catholic said...

Father Sanchez,

With greatest respect, you are missing our point here. We have naturally no disagreement with Catholic ecclesiology. We profess the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church as she has always defined herself.

Those people are the ones that view it as a materialistic reality made up of structures and power, as an "institutional" power. They are wrong, but the irony is that, if their view were right, they would be the "institution" of which they complain. Using the recurring words of our reigning Pope, it is up to them to understand that the Church, while certainly maintaining a specific shape (her divine constitution), is a Church of service (serving Tradition and all peoples of all times and places) and not of 'power'. If they wish to keep the language of 'power', then they should certainly be confronted with what they are: they are not the Apostles and their successors, servants and guarantors of what was delivered, but they certainly are "institutional", in the very way they decry.


RobertK said...

Gratius, perhaps if you read Fr. Malachi Martin's book "The Jesuits" you would have a good idea of how things went wrong. Twenty one years ago I picked up a very new copy at a Church garage sale and after reading it realised that the Catholic Church was in serious trouble. This woke me out of my slumber and started me on a wonderful journey of rediscovering the faith and led me into the the arms of the Society (SSPX). I am very grateful to Father Martin for writing this book.

I am not Spartacus said...

This wicked serpent, like an unclean torrent, pours into men of depraved minds and corrupt hearts the poison of his malice, the spirt of lying, impiety and blasphemy, and the deadly breath of impurity and every form of vice and iniquity. These crafty enemies of mankind have filled to overflowing with gall and wormwood the Church, which is the Bride of the Lamb without spot; they have laid profane hands upon her most sacred treasures.

Dear NC. I LOVE reading posts like this one that you wrote. And the fact you wrote it on the eve of the Feast Day of Saint Jerome is, to me at least, telling.

Saint Jerome was not one to mince words or one who soft-pedaled truth.

Your post , and the mostly positive response to it, signals to me that the tide is turning and that more and more men are becoming willing to stand and forthrightly denounce the filth, the gall, the wormwood, that Satan has cultivated within the Institutional Church and all of its parts which are in Full Communion with it.

Stand fast. Stand tall. And may God Bless and keep you, Sir.

David said...

Curse you, Rorate. I had been having a great morning up till now. Started with the Sorrowful Mysteries, followed by preparing for classes, and now... this. I can feel my face twisting into a grimace more awful than Medusa's.

Perhaps a bout of vomiting will help me feel better.

(OK, so it's not fair to blame the messenger, but I'm utterly disgusted after reading this.)

Anonymous said...

Gratias, it's true, you can do no better than to read Malachi Martin's "The Jesuits." Devastating.

Anonymous said...

What the hell does "myth and space in the representation of gender" mean?


Gratias said...

Thanks. Will read "The Jesuits".

Fr. Sanchez said...

It has been three days and my last response has not yet been posted. Justice would require as much.

Anonymous said...

IMO the "institutional church" is that composed of those who have faculties and canonical jurisdiction as opposed to those elements of the church working in the Lord's Vineyard who do not enjoy such approbation. Whether some persons enjoying such approbation should themselves be in an "institution" is another matter entirely. But, what we see here I think is just more of what Sr. Lucy described as "diabolical disorientations."


New Catholic said...

Rev. Father, you are welcome to post it again, it's been lost somewhere. But, please, I ask you respectfully to take my comment to you in consideration.